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You pick up the scroll labeled “Terrafreaky,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ixz48Ixz FreakyHatchling (F)2,4615545
6uxliSpongebob FreakyAdult4,48983119
B1lAIAP Surprise FreakyAdult8,0831,2522
KqwfYPledge FreakyAdult5,8781,2183
Nl6I3Big Brave FreakyAdult4,7591,0888
vss8HLellow FreakyAdult5,5581,1149
Cub4iLemonade FreakyAdult6,3691,0643
2eo1HJello FreakyAdult5,8151,4832
SV9CSpring FreakyAdult6,4011,3126
j20bLemon FreakyAdult1,9655017
mgfRBanana FreakyAdult2,8941,53513
rfGvTRadish FreakyAdult4,6997195
AwHtoWiggly FreakyAdult8,0081,17618
MWHcfRed Oak FreakyAdult7,8171,0554
lCvTBJubilee FreakyAdult4,3218127
zABwRRed Red Wine FreakyAdult7,2391,3135
vRP5jRed Red FreakyAdult8,1041,1233
Rgl5UDepp FreakyAdult4,6351,2643
XiiHCherry FreakyAdult6,3141,3805
FF3nRutabaga FreakyAdult8,3901,52123
QEYwYJam FreakyHatchling (F)2,9722065
7onhkPurp-a-trader FreakyHatchling (F)4,17052810
MuGz8Beagle FreakyAdult7,7961,25412
plXpdGrape Ape FreakyAdult4,7756662
vhoEdFreaky Rrattts BootsAdult5,3331,12225
jhUmqRouter FreakyAdult4,1801,08611
zkrmiWine FreakyAdult5,8051,20211
vIvWOPurpose FreakyAdult7,1271,3788
7AhEdPlumbert FreakyAdult5,7741,3585
DEg4bCabbage FreakyAdult5,3891,4031
m4jTGrape FreakyAdult6,3581,3398
CU2qPlum FreakyAdult2,5738196
vJih4Pop FreakyHatchling (F)7,88095714
HiVC1Lewin FreakyHatchling (F)1,2811183
SvGWzOutfield FreakyAdult6,6781,3126
ATQDAFreshly Mown FreakyAdult6,2691,3227
Yv50nGreenpeace FreakyAdult6,7158575
DEeZ7Greenspace FreakyAdult7,1411,2116
W3pOOLean Green FreakyAdult6,4271,3872
FmX6MSmaragdine FreakyAdult5,7481,2683
KompTGuh Reen FreakyAdult4,0951,1631
hglf1Mildred FreakyAdult5,5541,1214
plQDStomp FreakyAdult5,4881,0926
M35RGreeno Dino FreakyAdult2,41146129
8G5CkCreature FreakyAdult5,5891,09415
u7JbATenn FreakyAdult4,6397235
JMk3fTriFecta FreakyAdult3,6891,0048
Enk6yBig Blue FreakyAdult6,8271,2928
VSGwwDeano FreakyAdult7,2011,1065
Fj7rXNed Yost FreakyAdult6,3629253
B26a4Mr Super Loved BluemanAdult6,9591,34810
opSHqBlue Man Soup FreakyAdult4,9947807
AKV98Two Blue FreakyAdult5,7251,2414
SsSqVFirst blue in 6 years FreakyAdult5,3901,2215
lqnxmThumper FreakyHatchling (F)2,6194989
NhTCDFireplace FreakyHatchling (F)3,6392645
Q7Gc7Wart FreakyHatchling (F)3,7573311
kckcsMoss FreakyHatchling (F)3,5265244
LDbVdLD FreakyHatchling (F)2,6412722
E6R7STale FreakyHatchling (F)2,5582853
XIV3jMr Bangkok II FreakyAdult (m)7,0151,14915
9KykhMrs Salinity II FreakyAdult (f)9,3171,40921
FJ6T8Mr Mox FreakyAdult (m)9,1741,41617
SGRUzMrs Control II FreakyAdult (f)8,8311,27619
FOiGMMrs Hermes II FreakyAdult (f)11,2471,35814
879BhMr Pyromind III FreakyAdult (m)8,9991,1719
kkZEHMr Calcu II FreakyAdult (m)8,04882312
4xMoXMrs Mox FreakyAdult (f)11,4591,20621
UzCozMr Manar II FreakyAdult (m)6,51695224
LM3DHMr Zwcia II FreakyAdult (m)6,6671,00112
O1MeDMr Kirkton II FreakyAdult (m)7,79488510
Yi6I0Mr Sienna II FreakyAdult (m)6,0541,05514
GV8opMrs Baragon II FreakyAdult (f)6,9861,2259
TTf0LMr Europe FreakyAdult (m)6,6201,3547
fz11mMr Baragon II FreakyAdult (m)6,5741,2336
ct1RrMrs Europe FreakyAdult (f)7,1161,3486
X54lgMrs Sienna II FreakyAdult (f)7,9531,1816
HNgyAMrs Triscuit II FreakyAdult (f)7,6711,5016
RQKo4Mr Triscuit II FreakyAdult (m)6,9841,2244
YExOEMr Magmus FreakyAdult (m)7,7821,0923
xUftpMrs Magmus FreakyAdult (f)6,3661,3051
gcACPGAAP FreakyHatchling (F)2,2447398
pj2JrAstrapi FreakyHatchling (F)3,3803153
bsMR3Stunn FreakyHatchling (F)2,54535415
tkAxYSure FreakyHatchling (F)3,7882673
2ue2bElvie FreakyHatchling (F)3,2732741
mIrmgNar FreakyHatchling (F)2,8232451
R3qN5Tenuous FreakyHatchling (F)3,6482885
3nogqWilona FreakyHatchling (F)3,0503633
7Oc5sTrappy FreakyHatchling (F)3,5993237
C7vuJKneph FreakyHatchling (F)2,5133462
B6QYnMrs Southpaw II FreakyAdult (f)6,6291,24023
K7BWTMr Hem II FreakyAdult (m)4,64390329
OUEihMr Serpent II FreakyAdult (m)10,5811,32320
zOwchMrs Zowch II FreakyAdult (f)8,9901,08013
iiOb1Mr Luff II FreakyAdult (m)7,7911,22725
xhk4SMr Adventure FreakyAdult (m)4,9691,1205
cjb46Mrs Strappy FreakyAdult (f)6,0271,0481
OsiJ5Mr Strappy FreakyAdult (m)8,6261,2607
QrHA1Mrs Socio III FreakyAdult (f)6,6398576
42t6PMrs Old Navy II FreakyAdult (f)6,1591,3529
MOxL2Mr Socio III FreakyAdult (m)7,4101,3028
JeYzfMr Old Navy II FreakyAdult (m)6,5051,2903
QP7gBMrs Adventure FreakyAdult (f)6,5171,2832
Epg0TEpgot FreakyHatchling (F)3,7344639
RWTSpThal FreakyHatchling (F)3,9834729
q0b25Blitz FreakyHatchling (F)2,9873715
wdb8lCobweb FreakyHatchling (F)2,2782674
JdpkwZenya FreakyHatchling (F)3,0173643
fHAkefHake FreakyHatchling (F)3,8663345
E6vxKHonker FreakyHatchling (F)4,0783905
XbM74Bottoms FreakyHatchling (F)3,4322655
46z4dMarauder FreakyHatchling (F)2,7392431
0xtkdBiome FreakyHatchling (F)2,7692642
3xb9dMr Kittens II FreakyAdult (m)4,60686733
nO4EJMr Rotwyrm II FreakyAdult (m)4,61367216
d5dGOOWE Mr Gallo II FreakyAdult (m)3,51954516
B87hgMrs Haricot II FreakyAdult (f)7,0341,17621
l8Y39Mr Pod FreakyAdult (m)6,2451,14127
8zsXoMrs Rom II FreakyAdult (f)10,3311,09513
GtYydMrs Leaf III FreakyAdult (f)11,2041,28921
8Z9SzMrs Vulcan II FreakyAdult (f)8,7231,17919
w3AZPMrs Gildor II FreakyAdult (f)8,3441,24212
RGcxWMr Wither III FreakyAdult (m)6,7859489
BW68XMrs Pod FreakyAdult (f)11,5831,31320
NdpGTMr Gildor II FreakyAdult (m)11,0151,12224
PdrdRMrs Pardner II FreakyAdult (f)9,5541,24316
oykY5Mr Berrigan II FreakyAdult (m)6,3031,07814
p8HP2Mr Matrix III FreakyAdult (m)7,7981,23920
Mi6odMrs Geyer II FreakyAdult (f)6,63597210
BultuMrs Kale FreakyAdult (f)6,1711,0292
EZYSfMr Rhosh II FreakyAdult (m)7,4651,2943
h82BlMrs Sync III FreakyAdult (f)7,3291,3368
A9sesMr Lettuce II FreakyAdult (m)5,0579053
CWNkjMr Kale FreakyAdult (m)1,9193755
N8oTYMrs Lettuce II FreakyAdult (f)7,1871,2927
CbaejMr Sync III FreakyAdult (m)5,5541,1393
ZRCV3Mrs Garden II FreakyAdult (f)5,9191,3295
mJjxsMr Automaton FreakyAdult (m)7,8681,1448
0uSatMr Garden II FreakyAdult (m)6,6061,4184
8CuCsMrs Automaton FreakyAdult (f)6,3361,3112
63uZsInstrument FreakyHatchling (F)3,47547411
laqfZComeback FreakyHatchling (F)2,8802352
F10A5Cable FreakyHatchling (F)3,9427478
XrefrAnalysis FreakyHatchling (F)1,0901375
d4jrQFlorble FreakyHatchling (F)2,1613743
LGcGiCalory FreakyHatchling (F)3,8402563
KKQYOLinus FreakyHatchling (F)3,2532486
l257DMoney FreakyHatchling (F)3,6723435
zWPWpZip Pip FreakyHatchling (F)3,4522425
QDpacQ Pac FreakyHatchling (F)3,8384134
iVTtFMrs Nooth II FreakyAdult (f)7,4831,22827
7E516Mrs Maube II FreakyAdult (f)4,28164216
3xhG8Mrs Tiggles FreakyAdult (f)8,2021,09024
HyfevMr Quills III FreakyAdult (m)9,4051,37813
TGgniMr Tiggles FreakyAdult (m)7,3579646
u2FBXMrs Cabe FreakyAdult (f)10,5571,30810
lt9sRMr Cabe FreakyAdult (m)8,4571,11318
PbpQLMr Pazak II FreakyAdult (m)8,4771,09622
9Cf3xMr Sageborn II FreakyAdult (m)8,0251,14635
1M77tMrs Noodlebeast II FreakyAdult (f)8,5621,09018
4Qz29Mr Skytime II FreakyAdult (m)7,4981,10726
0fv9lMr Time Fyre III FreakyAdult (m)7,03185018
H9qGcMr Charm II FreakyAdult (m)5,9691,1889
oR1GMMr Gir II FreakyAdult (m)8,6521,20713
NkoE1Mrs Walnut II FreakyAdult (f)7,7531,35714
pxoAMMrs Time II FreakyAdult (f)4,4817816
EBoK2Mr Nalve II FreakyAdult (m)8,3041,2848
tXTaXMr Walnut II FreakyAdult (m)8,2591,2376
ICEbbMrs Kronos II FreakyAdult (f)7,4651,2835
KGyy3Mrs Giggles FreakyAdult (f)8,1701,1404
67rUJMrs Nalve II FreakyAdult (f)7,2771,1345
Qm5DBMr Kronos II FreakyAdult (m)5,5759097
qzFHsMr Giggles FreakyAdult (m)6,1231,3521
H0oKuHooku FreakyHatchling (F)2,9982542
O3U8BMondain FreakyHatchling (F)4,1214493
h8gc8Weiss FreakyHatchling (F)3,80568912
Aw9LtPorky FreakyHatchling (F)5,3745268
mkJDiLevel FreakyHatchling (F)4,1402903
JbTZaButtercup FreakyHatchling (F)3,4712323
CHeIUMut FreakyHatchling (F)3,2652192
LZBBYLzbby FreakyHatchling (F)4,1514154
fFgR2Flor FreakyHatchling (F)3,1123735
ZMPNBXenonado FreakyHatchling (F)3,7782854
XRvQIMrs Limbate II FreakyAdult (f)5,60299922
4zKfVMr Vial II FreakyAdult (m)4,95396824
EAdKWMr Lyhro FreakyAdult (m)6,9471,24616
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