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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sofya,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4kZK(4kZK)Adult (m)1,48044713
BCNFg(BCNFg)Adult (m)2,1314511
4FB6(4FB6)Adult (f)2,3904603
7SmM(7SmM)Adult (f)2,0594412
Yjd6(Yjd6)Adult (m)3,0253623
QnX8(QnX8)Adult (f)3,2554067
lPWb(lPWb)Adult (m)2,91140013
oPbs(oPbs)Adult (m)2,9514766
DCJK(DCJK)Adult (f)2,9043685
Qhds(Qhds)Adult (m)4,1174622
vOSR(vOSR)Adult (m)3,5944275
Ic8l(Ic8l)Adult (m)3,0263435
97po(97po)Adult (f)2,8713804
kHSe(kHSe)Adult (m)2,12039111
5iT5Q(5iT5Q)Adult (m)4,0341,2246
EmPD4(EmPD4)Adult (f)2,0134242
98sp(98sp)Adult (m)3,7985064
J21tV(J21tV)Adult (m)2,3475423
lejM(lejM)Adult (f)1,6324285
pdf9(pdf9)Adult (m)4,5034622
bKmR(bKmR)Adult (f)2,60341310
ACmY(ACmY)Adult (f)2,05839816
13nm(13nm)Adult (f)6,3419374
pTV5(pTV5)Adult (m)3,7744737
3v0Ca(3v0Ca)Adult (m)2,3574991
a4CT(a4CT)Adult (f)2,81739112
VvBF(VvBF)Adult (f)3,4214155
7j9W(7j9W)Adult (f)2,97539317
i4eU(i4eU)Adult (f)3,14444410
n9IK(n9IK)Adult (m)2,99469013
vYgU(vYgU)Adult (m)2,10037216
SqoU(SqoU)Adult (f)3,2514314
TZqfJ(TZqfJ)Adult (f)1,4004803
LQDrc(LQDrc)Adult (f)1,8643981
LEi7(LEi7)Adult (m)1,9414692
4bXQH(4bXQH)Adult (m)1,9754451
m7vY(m7vY)Adult (f)1,8154552
0uf3Y(0uf3Y)Adult (m)2,0856134
EAZq(EAZq)Adult (f)1,8894392
h3BQ(h3BQ)Adult (m)3,0733864
sr2R(sr2R)Adult (m)3,2284413
ZRcH(ZRcH)Adult (f)3,8823815
qc80(qc80)Adult (f)3,1265264
51VI(51VI)Adult (m)2,9979651
b7dU(b7dU)Adult (f)1,39238415
jlC0(jlC0)Adult (m)2,74938211
8kBm(8kBm)Adult (m)2,7533972
kBEU(kBEU)Adult (m)1,9734847
Xqtm(Xqtm)Adult (m)2,6624418
1uYV(1uYV)Adult (f)3,5296847
Sn0I(Sn0I)Adult (m)4,1337115
nRWk(nRWk)Adult (m)3,8643864
gqpG(gqpG)Adult (f)4,0954108
f7tFF(f7tFF)Adult (m)2,2324802
Tbla(Tbla)Adult (f)2,1065343
XIev(XIev)Adult (f)3,2143918
OvVK(OvVK)Adult (f)3,52745210
mWWc(mWWc)Adult (f)3,7763495
8Vut(8Vut)Adult (m)3,8165194
5plD(5plD)Adult (f)3,7174181
H4BD(H4BD)Adult (m)1,9964218
41TG(41TG)Adult (f)1,7053048
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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