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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Snow_blade,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    d03R(d03R)Adult (m)2,1111,31217
    gPIw(gPIw)Adult (f)1,8381,29218
    6qzz(6qzz)Adult (m)2,0211,22320
    uHtL(uHtL)Adult (m)1,4101,04217
    zMf8(zMf8)Adult (m)2,5131,59020
    v31F(v31F)Adult (f)2,0321,26811
    j1qa(j1qa)Adult (m)1,6741,22110
    DiM8(DiM8)Adult (m)3,8181,80729
    S4EA(S4EA)Adult (m)2,2221,38513
    16dh(16dh)Adult (m)3,8291,81634
    vuvm(vuvm)Adult (m)1,12577213
    Arlx(Arlx)Adult (m)1,15383015
    Wh9q(Wh9q)Adult (f)1,12777211
    JVvQ(JVvQ)Adult (f)2,0941,31115
    rYG2(rYG2)Adult (m)3,8131,82030
    b9gO(b9gO)Adult (m)1,9611,39710
    madX(madX)Adult (m)2,2971,47820
    TqJI(TqJI)Adult (m)2,9421,83317
    ejqE(ejqE)Adult (f)94267913
    JLhY(JLhY)Adult (f)1,9921,20916
    R0JA(R0JA)Adult (f)1,12677312
    NzPI(NzPI)Adult (m)3,7651,77732
    xdM7(xdM7)Adult (m)2,5081,58620
    IkVU(IkVU)Adult (m)96569314
    G5CB(G5CB)Adult (m)1,31385120
    v5r8(v5r8)Adult (f)2,9281,81616
    2Nha(2Nha)Adult (m)1,9921,25916
    c7qk(c7qk)Adult (f)3,2712,07415
    If3T(If3T)Adult (m)1,12475711
    f2E6(f2E6)Adult (f)3,0281,88216
    yQHc(yQHc)Adult (f)2,0731,29712
    VZj4(VZj4)Adult (f)59443522
    hUUS(hUUS)Adult (f)1,12381211
    5GNb(5GNb)Adult (f)2,9841,82514
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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