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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sky-Kimimota,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qWQDw(qWQDw)Adult (m)4,9319154
ZCO1o(ZCO1o)Adult (m)6,1961,1324
NLSFK(NLSFK)Adult (f)5,7871,0241
WesWf(WesWf)Adult (m)3,75596530
A7nkg(A7nkg)Adult (f)5,8181,0714
IHFXY(IHFXY)Adult (f)1,8176372
wfrov(wfrov)Adult (f)8,0401,5262
HSJkb(HSJkb)Adult (f)5,4841,0253
dbdU1(dbdU1)Adult (f)5,6749682
fLtmS(fLtmS)Adult (f)4,7241,1183
loJ1L(loJ1L)Adult (f)5,4331,1732
SohDL(SohDL)Adult (f)5,2941,1001
dkuGr(dkuGr)Adult (f)4,8431,0581
9mTOs(9mTOs)Adult (f)5,2829952
QW07lZarkaniaAdult (f)9,6481,7706
KeNI1SpinyinAdult (m)5,1299933
1rem9(1rem9)Adult (m)4,6051,4682
NyJqy(NyJqy)Adult (f)5,4661,0973
HQsGA(HQsGA)Adult (f)5,8771,0162
HCkhlShaikuoAdult (m)9,6301,8258
SiQlAYulaaroAdult (m)7,2791,0202
IPcva(IPcva)Adult (f)5,9631,3371
C8S3p(C8S3p)Adult (m)2,3456023
f86ob(f86ob)Adult (f)5,8431,0911
dXoVU(dXoVU)Adult (f)5,1221,0524
qyN7T(qyN7T)Adult (f)4,1209854
kbHYH(kbHYH)Adult (m)4,5018792
spqq7(spqq7)Adult (f)4,4378880
I6imt(I6imt)Adult (f)4,4078520
sHHrv(sHHrv)Adult (f)5,4898773
UOxbg(UOxbg)Adult (m)4,2508141
XzWDC(XzWDC)Adult (m)5,7501,0212
togog(togog)Adult (m)7,2521,0904
vC39ORiver WandererAdult (f)6,2181,0660
vCkSp(vCkSp)Adult (m)2,2876461
Reo3D(Reo3D)Adult (m)5,4791,0392
OD5ZE(OD5ZE)Adult (f)5,5671,0481
N4X7p(N4X7p)Adult (m)5,7061,0200
BTg7JCrubeAdult (m)5,0319106
bGXQ5(bGXQ5)Adult (m)2,2226383
uZVGD(uZVGD)Adult (f)4,9401,2251
CYtTq(CYtTq)Adult (f)6,2761,1326
lGXRpAratenAdult (f)6,1171,0360
UHgrC(UHgrC)Adult (m)2,1266172
l5GOyA Little Discolored SeasonAdult (m)5,8001,2614
efpu4(efpu4)Adult (m)5,9691,0671
nnZTIPure WaveAdult (f)7,5641,5773
802XoCsitahnAdult (m)5,7531,3046
uaAJTUajtAdult (f)3,6651,2261
471cH(471cH)Adult (f)4,4951,2680
NsEdL(NsEdL)Adult (f)5,9341,1653
LHcEz(LHcEz)Adult (m)5,9801,1871
np08b(np08b)Adult (f)4,2221,2100
zmWAf(zmWAf)Adult (m)5,8311,1023
2oNcc(2oNcc)Adult (f)6,4189912
Z51Kv(Z51Kv)Adult (m)9,0911,1292
5cVdG(5cVdG)Adult (f)5,1449771
HnFdO(HnFdO)Adult (f)5,9759600
zw9xB(zw9xB)Adult (f)4,4198321
ZI4Wn(ZI4Wn)Adult (m)7,9151,7411
lg3UE(lg3UE)Adult (f)7,6141,7342
LJwjC(LJwjC)Adult (m)3,2049433
6jucE(6jucE)Adult (f)2,6378271
addyH(addyH)Adult (m)9,2391,1124
bREI7(bREI7)Adult (m)5,6871,0381
swVEI(swVEI)Adult (f)5,3098683
NDkFp(NDkFp)Adult (f)8,7681,0523
zs9vT(zs9vT)Adult (f)5,9711,0260
xy0ea(xy0ea)Adult (m)7,7641,8355
j5eTL(j5eTL)Adult (f)6,4939791
KaArT(KaArT)Adult (f)5,5228762
g2WHU(g2WHU)Adult (m)4,1871,3420
lLPrK(lLPrK)Adult (f)4,4361,3842
rU2YU(rU2YU)Adult (f)5,4321,0831
I4VYi(I4VYi)Adult (f)9,1181,0441
WEXk1(WEXk1)Adult (m)6,2781,0353
2QkjG(2QkjG)Adult (f)8,8041,0335
tIfxA(tIfxA)Adult (m)5,9431,2952
mRWCi(mRWCi)Adult (f)6,3201,0720
wQz9D(wQz9D)Adult (m)6,3441,0283
FpDOk(FpDOk)Adult (m)8,8791,5264
pae98(pae98)Adult (f)6,4741,2610
0wSPl(0wSPl)Adult (f)9,9101,2224
TtPLl(TtPLl)Adult (m)7,2471,1094
IHfQjI'm a Little CluckersAdult (f)5,4068984
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