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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Sillynder,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    SGun(SGun)Adult (f)1,7362906
    26Y9(26Y9)Adult (m)2,03135117
    2eXF(2eXF)Adult (f)1,82528212
    GHbf(GHbf)Adult (m)2,48435520
    Q285(Q285)Adult (f)1,95838312
    rQPb(rQPb)Adult (f)1,5233726
    9aGq(9aGq)Adult (f)2,00832511
    s7cg(s7cg)Adult (f)1,89034611
    ClvU(ClvU)Adult (m)2,49335420
    5DTS(5DTS)Adult (m)1,85634517
    QNtf(QNtf)Adult (m)1,78030710
    Ifgr(Ifgr)Adult (m)1,3343497
    VFlB(VFlB)Adult (f)2,66849815
    DuZj(DuZj)Adult (f)4,18572613
    W8p9(W8p9)Adult (f)1,9293289
    XflG(XflG)Hatchling (F)1,1482185
    7M8r(7M8r)Adult (f)1,80437911
    58kT(58kT)Adult (f)1,2673289
    p15F(p15F)Adult (f)1,2893456
    GJYo(GJYo)Adult (f)2,03942812
    BFQr(BFQr)Adult (f)1,8572878
    nZgB(nZgB)Adult (f)2,37835120
    PPYJ(PPYJ)Adult (f)1,92532210
    3DPe(3DPe)Adult (f)1,9303558
    PS2v(PS2v)Adult (f)1,93733411
    nW0p(nW0p)Adult (f)1,4323647
    jtLo(jtLo)Adult (f)1,8993518
    i6uB(i6uB)Adult (f)2,06729912
    kSgY(kSgY)Adult (f)1,66232913
    lE4P(lE4P)Adult (m)1,7293497
    lBH7(lBH7)Adult (f)2,59836414
    dOOZ(dOOZ)Adult (f)2,86955722
    bnl3(bnl3)Adult (m)1,4523589
    MIHs(MIHs)Adult (m)1,7713684
    QleH(QleH)Adult (m)1,87131410
    mPnY(mPnY)Adult (m)2,02129613
    9mut(9mut)Adult (m)1,61234414
    OYCf(OYCf)Adult (f)1,79227911
    0ofU(0ofU)Hatchling (F)1,0422135
    EVlp(EVlp)Adult (m)1,66826512
    hn8V(hn8V)Adult (m)1,7143068
    CiNe(CiNe)Adult (m)1,6122726
    sedQ(sedQ)Adult (f)1,99832011
    BXSL(BXSL)Adult (f)1,80028412
    kP3u(kP3u)Adult (f)2,01539312
    YKfY(YKfY)Adult (m)1,5703335
    T0sf(T0sf)Adult (f)1,98834712
    BYL0(BYL0)Adult (m)1,81429913
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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