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You pick up the scroll labeled “Sheriam,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EoW0E(EoW0E)Adult (f)8,5551,6463
O5758(O5758)Adult (f)8,4571,6423
oycoi(oycoi)Adult (m)3,3851,1172
ROKvK(ROKvK)Adult (f)3,3251,1112
h1pAP(h1pAP)Adult (m)3,3191,1141
DUmM0(DUmM0)Adult (m)3,3291,1192
U4rfc(U4rfc)Adult (f)3,9979563
cyrkz(cyrkz)Adult (f)3,9791,0014
dNp5z(dNp5z)Adult (f)4,0139653
t9Cm8(t9Cm8)Adult (f)4,2371,0083
iPToS(iPToS)Adult (f)4,1211,0243
eeMVM(eeMVM)Adult (f)6,8511,2011
Dppix(Dppix)Adult (f)3,9889512
inCls(inCls)Adult (m)4,1431,0154
4gr6i(4gr6i)Adult (m)6,3931,1563
eOLuc(eOLuc)Adult (m)6,7691,1673
A3aJH(A3aJH)Adult (m)6,5541,1535
DwybMKerstmannetjeAdult (m)7,1461,1662
IfXooFestive Yule ThuwedAdult (m)5,9191,1881
0LgEIRibbon ThuwedAdult (f)6,1021,1942
vi7unGeorg TazanovniAdult (m)5,4801,1821
62XU7TuandhaAdult (f)5,3501,1781
p223fSimon St JamesAdult (m)4,1148834
931nsDaniel MorganAdult (m)4,2588803
EhTlFHolly DadAdult (m)6,4611,2444
cVWYtNoel ShakespeareAdult (m)6,7661,4581
ewMVYGerry DevittAdult (m)6,4401,3982
6C8YxSimon DawkinsAdult (m)6,3711,4063
kJSiy(kJSiy)Adult (m)6,9961,4696
S2wZKSilvie ThuwedAdult (f)5,1469036
NVDwT(NVDwT)Adult (f)4,1311,1563
axUzvHelen ClydeAdult (f)4,2111,1891
exOxE(exOxE)Adult (m)4,1321,1684
TC4gP(TC4gP)Adult (m)4,2071,2053
HINPY(HINPY)Adult (m)4,1881,1552
OO0HY(OO0HY)Adult (m)4,0961,1544
1bWC6(1bWC6)Adult (m)5,0301,3693
dKN11(dKN11)Adult (m)4,9521,3665
DHFVP(DHFVP)Adult (m)5,2071,4073
b5uwg(b5uwg)Adult (m)5,2151,4433
XouT2EngeltjeAdult (f)5,8751,2223
mMxOiSir ClausAdult (m)4,0271,1282
fJ9VuSir YulesAdult (m)4,0181,1352
rtXox(rtXox)Adult (m)3,6019473
EJrBr(EJrBr)Adult (f)2,8435715
yyY06(yyY06)Adult (f)2,3865453
f3ceD(f3ceD)Adult (m)2,5345665
n1NPS(n1NPS)Adult (m)2,6636244
x1aIX(x1aIX)Adult (m)2,6096144
P2Jj3(P2Jj3)Adult (m)3,3444704
uSuzI(uSuzI)Adult (f)3,1905582
FWJmw(FWJmw)Adult (f)4,3526113
6GavB(6GavB)Adult (m)3,9475102
N4JUc(N4JUc)Adult (f)3,3876073
KJ6Ee(KJ6Ee)Adult (m)3,5204853
I4iRA(I4iRA)Adult (m)3,2875873
YEleb(YEleb)Adult (m)3,6126282
vrh1b(vrh1b)Adult (m)3,1625741
YUvYm(YUvYm)Adult (m)3,3354912
tyuDVFrz genderedHatchling (m, F)3,0507124
3gIKEFreeeeze genderedHatchling (f, F)2,8636914
Umf0P(Umf0P)Adult (m)3,8678724
nrUnV(nrUnV)Adult (m)3,2916151
CJHt6Elisa al'VereHatchling (f, F)2,8177115
ZHuWW(ZHuWW)Adult (m)4,7388462
GhGLB(GhGLB)Adult (m)4,0497362
uDMEV(uDMEV)Adult (m)4,7227811
NF65v(NF65v)Adult (f)4,2867523
J5JML(J5JML)Adult (f)4,8338381
FvuWU(FvuWU)Adult (f)5,3111,0231
0cC6h(0cC6h)Adult (f)5,6261,0201
AgwcK(AgwcK)Adult (m)5,2379732
OMmVMFrz if no messier foundHatchling (m, F)5,2269815
a4yCk(a4yCk)Hatchling (F)2,8785523
J7wCZ(J7wCZ)Adult (m)5,4741,1282
6H4nn(6H4nn)Adult (m)5,4981,1071
o2Kf0Paetram AybaraHatchling (m, F)4,2119282
fAsCv(fAsCv)Adult (m)5,3391,1023
gnQEE(gnQEE)Adult (m)5,0701,0822
sMmuj(sMmuj)Adult (m)5,2401,1081
dFloI(dFloI)Adult (f)5,1361,1062
yeBbI(yeBbI)Adult (m)5,1611,0793
NXGD6(NXGD6)Adult (m)5,3221,1063
hEjGZ(hEjGZ)Adult (m)5,2321,0923
g1QeC(g1QeC)Hatchling (f, F)5,0981,1094
jUkZq(jUkZq)Adult (m)3,9635194
iF8BD(iF8BD)Adult (f)3,7205144
XUkAH(XUkAH)Adult (f)4,3128512
plVRk(plVRk)Adult (m)3,8748512
niczF(niczF)Adult (m)4,0088604
GYGyDGygy GarlandAdult (f)6,2188933
iRiRIIriri GarlandAdult (f)6,6669222
jmygp(jmygp)Adult (m)5,4948795
PlGHj(PlGHj)Adult (f)5,5038842
YCELe(YCELe)Adult (f)6,0159102
5oIOG(5oIOG)Adult (f)7,9601,1663
m3f57(m3f57)Adult (m)3,3176643
QtlSa(QtlSa)Adult (m)8,1009031
8W8aG(8W8aG)Adult (m)4,2806941
qsnr7(qsnr7)Adult (f)5,5049772
pTF9l(pTF9l)Adult (m)4,4517172
FWe4l(FWe4l)Adult (m)4,5537101
6xhfp(6xhfp)Adult (m)5,4487633
sVRiM(sVRiM)Adult (m)4,9297571
ZC8hTSolstice SoftieAdult (m)5,0917193
PURmO(PURmO)Adult (f)5,5036962
tj3gv(tj3gv)Adult (f)5,9239383
abiry(abiry)Adult (f)6,4327601
zyHAU(zyHAU)Adult (f)6,9251,0001
yyrfd(yyrfd)Adult (f)7,5441,0533
nvn58(nvn58)Adult (m)3,8206283
NTy6T(NTy6T)Adult (f)8,2011,0792
6myQo(6myQo)Adult (m)7,7029881
R1m7j(R1m7j)Adult (m)7,4889941
pN3tN(pN3tN)Adult (m)7,3231,0073
chjuD(chjuD)Adult (m)7,5491,0521
GcvVu(GcvVu)Adult (f)7,5871,0371
hl56f(hl56f)Hatchling (m, F)3,2296523
ov0Kd(ov0Kd)Hatchling (F)2,7595861
0ftDW(0ftDW)Hatchling (f, F)3,1386571
7iTgQ(7iTgQ)Hatchling (F)2,8305991
Oi8Gq(Oi8Gq)Hatchling (m, F)3,1696551
MmmJI(MmmJI)Hatchling (m, F)4,0828142
RUQEBoompjeEgg (F)
gaPKMesaana's ChildrenAdult (f)10,4621,59415
NSqNDSheriam BayanarAdult (f)8,1229594
0bJ7oShaidar HaranAdult (m)7,4811,0012
qsVDWRia ThuwedAdult (f)5,2191,1266
n44RMEd ThuwedAdult (m)3,4879482
XQGERJim ThuwedAdult (m)7,5241,1149
hpXaGPaultje ThuwedAdult (m)4,9886599
ntCh0Bernie ThuwedAdult (m)6,3855506
FEJVVTJ's Yule ThuwedAdult (m)7,7261,04714
kwnbJZeeroxAdult (m)28,7361,92911
PmMc5Silvie umop-apisdnAdult (f)6,7579435
5nYTUZilverpoesjeHatchling (f, F)6,3646621
PqWHISilverkittyAdult (f)7,1088591
0i55BSillykittyAdult (f)6,4668341
yZeuaSilviekatAdult (f)6,7538401
3tyoISilviekittyAdult (f)7,1208601
CSb4dPretty SilAdult (f)6,9948722
M6fiJBroertjeAdult (m)5,04370645
ZJNpgRia 1 1 2013 Love you momAdult (f)2,66774911
moktKLoving MemoriesAdult (f)2,37885216
nKrIARia of the DreamsAdult (f)6,8201,2692
zRIAw(zRIAw)Adult (m)12,3231,1571
uUy8EDiana HexhamAdult (f)6,4141,1912
riarqRia RqAdult (f)5,5111,1944
RiaByRiaByAdult (f)7,6649012
R1AzcRia ZcAdult (f)6,2131,1003
R1ako(R1ako)Adult (f)5,8381,4111
RIAUU(RIAUU)Adult (f)7,1768571
bdR1a(bdR1a)Adult (f)6,3979011
Rf1fA(Rf1fA)Adult (f)6,2639941
MUM31(MUM31)Adult (f)6,3615471
MOMnn(MOMnn)Adult (f)7,1658881
euRIA(euRIA)Adult (f)6,5381,0771
EDdC3Dragcave's EddaAdult (f)2,8604646
UnEdD(UnEdD)Adult (f)5,7391,1976
Edv72Ed of 72Adult (m)7,1091,2383
EDwGJEdwina PrendeAdult (f)6,2351,3825
Ed3XPEd's ExperienceAdult (m)1,9187292
edhc1Bright EdAdult (m)4,0251,0741
JY7EdEd's BirthdayAdult (m)3,9541,1323
OJ5EdDeep Sea EdAdult (m)3,8071,1082
EDFOCFocussed EdAdult (m)4,8961,4052
7HzEDTangled EdAdult (m)4,1991,1881
DmEdnEdwina DamainAdult (f)5,4059471
rEdPuEd PujiAdult (m)2,7307104
EDmaGEd MagentaAdult (m)6,8371,0262
onoEd(onoEd)Adult (m)5,7838163
drEd8Dokter EdAdult (m)4,8061,0831
BhEDwEd WerlemannAdult (m)5,2031,2632
EDh89Ed HonorsAdult (m)5,5001,0403
EEdWoEd WhoAdult (m)7,9121,1381
EDmr3Third Mr EdAdult (m)7,3921,1981
EDWopEd WopAdult (m)6,1186771
EdLRK(EdLRK)Adult (m)5,4145741
EDg6vEd WaterAdult (m)7,2236583
ImyA8Imy TokAdult (f)5,4408121
M6ams(M6ams)Adult (f)6,0801,0621
OpA4U(OpA4U)Adult (m)6,0119711
y4JIm(y4JIm)Adult (m)7,7731,0582
vrMyr(vrMyr)Adult (f)5,1249852
bdM0M(bdM0M)Adult (f)6,6445071
tJERK(tJERK)Adult (m)5,5906898
kjimH(kjimH)Adult (m)7,3428933
wiMBFWim RijnboutAdult (m)7,8061,1832
t6S7Saartje'sAdult (f)2,0036323
Z3uRX(Z3uRX)Adult (m)5,8651,3835
MEOW(MEOW)Adult (m)3,4671,18011
wme0W(wme0W)Adult (m)6,9631,3892
eowMi(eowMi)Adult (f)4,5239321
rpKAT(rpKAT)Adult (m)7,0521,1622
hCATu(hCATu)Adult (f)7,3081,2281
p7URR(p7URR)Adult (f)5,4467671
F1CaT(F1CaT)Adult (f)4,9178442
vUKaT(vUKaT)Adult (m)5,2761,0021
KATxa(KATxa)Adult (f)6,4791,0662
ViSSe(ViSSe)Adult (m)2,5166442
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