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You pick up the scroll labeled “SerasVahe,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y0bGpAll Dragons Will Be NamedHatchling (F)2,6817293
tvb4q(tvb4q)Adult (m)4,8606757
XnPS4(XnPS4)Adult (f)2,3795721
EmPaSLil EveHatchling (f, F)3,2486021
jaIgR(jaIgR)Adult (f)2,9226351
1yCZo(1yCZo)Adult (f)3,1326261
yngCc(yngCc)Adult (f)3,0586151
OeFGN(OeFGN)Adult (m)2,4185771
xlBhF(xlBhF)Adult (f)2,6556201
2ECh1(2ECh1)Adult (m)2,4375891
OuBFd(OuBFd)Adult (f)2,6486390
91z1V(91z1V)Adult (m)2,5506042
bFMG6(bFMG6)Adult (m)2,8096621
TJrwT(TJrwT)Adult (f)2,5586111
QShFq(QShFq)Adult (f)2,5826010
SuSOS(SuSOS)Adult (m)2,9846450
79FHv(79FHv)Adult (f)2,2165850
VQLkc(VQLkc)Adult (f)2,1955810
Dt3aESkywynneAdult (f)2,8816370
UPsosSkywynne Queen of HoursAdult (f)2,9595871
DJNOUDJ SunkistAdult (f)3,3004453
5Uv5ESweet Rose GoldAdult (m)3,5236385
Lv3twCyan DreamfireAdult (f)2,8356504
6IkAdCyan RunesAdult (f)3,2244605
JFgNe(JFgNe)Adult (m)2,6685315
I4wFD(I4wFD)Adult (f)3,1795121
7j3Ev(7j3Ev)Hatchling (F)1,8793181
yDzfm(yDzfm)Adult (f)4,1708022
iqoVo(iqoVo)Adult (f)3,7193483
9DhVQ(9DhVQ)Adult (f)3,2294672
ocBAI(ocBAI)Adult (m)2,8759032
N007o(N007o)Adult (m)2,2906691
NjYmR(NjYmR)Adult (m)3,2733933
5096x(5096x)Adult (f)3,9464502
m4tXq(m4tXq)Adult (f)3,6494114
lkxfb(lkxfb)Adult (m)4,0394611
Ieh3r(Ieh3r)Adult (f)3,8474601
yPnOd(yPnOd)Adult (f)3,6204172
zdOkB(zdOkB)Adult (f)4,0694211
9ChooLil Light FuryHatchling (F)2,3604602
MbloJo0o---o0o---o0o---o0o---o0oHatchling (F)4,3757092
bL8V4comme ci-dessusHatchling (F)4,6216612
1Q5UdIn  Memory  OfEgg (F)
00JaWJeffrey Allen WestrupAdult (m)2,8027031
19Z84April 10 1984Hatchling (F)2,0694501
JAWdoNovember 8 2011Hatchling (m, F)3,1536502
cBSJrmy dear brotherHatchling (F)1,2745454
K1nFkyour memory will never fadeHatchling (F)2,9075811
YsEfzrest-in-peaceHatchling (m, F)2,1035851
OnwDVdonc ci-dessousHatchling (F)4,3136003
bqzNz0o0---0o0---0o0---0o0---0o0Hatchling (F)3,1475743
ZgU6Chell Alice Renee AnaisAdult (f)3,34330113
NNR3KPrincess SeleniaAdult (f)3,4158720
purxPPrincess MollyAdult (f)2,2035652
zZPaYAlice ReneeAdult (f)3,3126583
ZuWBpRikku XAdult (f)3,2858600
oHENxCefiaAdult (f)3,0327140
OvQTIChell AnaisAdult (f)3,5486751
DxdjgBittersweet AriaAdult (f)3,4986482
hqn30Quivering AriaAdult (f)4,6577344
4tekeSpecter's AriaAdult (f)3,4146731
LxKkYMelodic MageiaAdult (f)2,8486272
2eBwGPatina ThuwedAdult (f)3,7484864
yBfuNChell ReneeHatchling (F)3,0335262
HanRxCB AsclepiusAdult (m)3,4307631
SVJ5tEliathanisAdult (m)3,4508370
CynzzJeff SunibaAdult (m)3,0876283
yvGEQMattias SunibaAdult (m)3,5199140
wil84Party like its 1984Adult (m)4,0396593
XeMx4Jeff AllenAdult (m)3,8446801
RAyEKRayek von AriaAdult (m)3,6537111
sI757Celestial StarkAdult (m)4,7876373
dIHGhTerry JacksAdult (m)3,8776671
ueIlOLady  Jaina ProudmooreAdult (f)3,2347112
6KrS8Lady CharaAdult (f)3,0866801
XgbqCB Shattered SunAdult (m)1,8436330
SwTJuCB EversongAdult (m)4,6306350
1r4cMCB SunwellAdult (m)3,7276170
B2mEcKaelthas SunstriderAdult (m)2,4728473
o4PaHCB Jaina ProudmooreAdult (f)1,9686510
slrWXCB Alleria WindrunnerAdult (f)4,0086400
xqRx3CB Vereesa WindrunnerAdult (f)4,5178011
UzNotCB Sylvanas WindrunnerAdult (f)6,4225930
J8uehTaretha FoxtonAdult (f)2,4748483
HDezWCB SunfyreHatchling (f, F)1,5955773
lCWiZLil SunwellHatchling (F)3,0465296
MrhNNCB MichelleAdult (m)4,1806611
aOuKA l a n  W a l k e rAdult (m)1,6525870
b5aVsing  me  to  sleepAdult (m)1,5565622
yxtt2F-A-D-E-DAdult (m)5,8006231
tNYPIs-p-e-c-t-r-eAdult (m)2,1288201
TeOC3N e w  H e a r tAdult (m)2,4376932
RDvi1F l y i n g  D r e a m sAdult (m)2,3577302
dai5rF-O-R-C-EAdult (m)2,6739425
UVdp7Veil of Orchid DreamsAdult (m)3,0307012
xSlerCB  Rainbow DashAdult (f)2,0956901
fuKY9CB  FluttershyAdult (f)2,4537812
baOCTCB AveAdult (f)2,8857412
cgmiZDream FallAdult (f)2,2048410
RhnDjPoetic DreamAdult (f)3,6287041
4YFIZMelodic DubstepAdult (f)1,6906691
yJsi8Lusheeta Toel Ur LaputaAdult (f)2,8446311
jYEMIMelodic TranceAdult (f)3,8495143
sVRVYsing me to sleep tonightAdult (f)2,0448241
sLiUjCB SansAdult (m)3,1687370
bXjUHCB GasterAdult (m)3,8817041
SIsO1CB AsgoreAdult (m)3,7627722
tmxbwCB AsrielAdult (m)3,3478831
kg7FrCB FloweyAdult (m)2,8816952
YUK8LCB  PapyrusAdult (m)3,5987501
So3gLCB MettatonAdult (m)2,7586641
wv3mxCB Comic SansAdult (m)3,8047071
1ZHyDCB NapstablookAdult (m)2,9596254
9JXxgCB Asriel DreemurrAdult (m)3,1786502
Z4Pw4CB Asgore DreemurrAdult (m)2,9736681
DDnJFCaveborn SansAdult (m)3,6777832
0YetTCaveborn GasterAdult (m)4,9156820
cjeazCaveborn AsrielAdult (m)2,7926540
dJjdFCaveborn AsgoreAdult (m)3,0386432
2XiiFCaveborn PapyrusAdult (m)3,3117681
yLaRCDr WingDing GasterAdult (m)2,9966333
Er2WCDoctor WD GasterAdult (m)2,6666282
RJdsDDr WD GasterAdult (m)3,4367151
dPiQ5Doctor GasterAdult (m)2,6466682
ETr0lW D  GasterAdult (m)3,1955672
VFNmMWingDin GasterAdult (m)4,9156254
PUD4KWingDing AsterAdult (m)2,6346652
wfGqjsans  s e r i fAdult (m)5,0373883
C4NrJA s t e rAdult (m)3,8695799
df1Iwc o m i c  s a n sAdult (m)3,1565863
onlLCComic-SansAdult (m)3,5915144
vHDhsSans AsterAdult (m)3,4266581
vqFcWSans SnowdinAdult (m)4,5504481
0hGeFAsgor DreemurrAdult (m)4,4004364
qs56RAsriel  DreemurrAdult (m)3,3563953
Y0HeyCB DeterminationAdult (f)3,1166761
P6AIECB PerseveranceAdult (f)3,2596621
HukIWCB  ChellAdult (f)3,4767481
KIDelCB  CharaAdult (f)4,5756801
fAvjrCB  FriskAdult (f)3,2557381
J8RB1CB ToriAdult (f)3,9526892
6ZhN0CB  TorielAdult (f)3,9827171
qLw1XCB MuffetAdult (f)3,4427302
GA3eHCB AlphysAdult (f)3,1076362
IJJNQCB  UndyneAdult (f)3,5806832
RRffeCB Toriel DreemurrAdult (f)3,4168125
T0tCoCB Chara DreemurrAdult (f)3,5937802
l0swJCaveborn FriskAdult (f)3,9366941
ebAfxCaveborn CharaAdult (f)3,4966261
ML19gCaveborn TorielAdult (f)3,6676492
XTfx2Lil ToriAdult (f)2,7405992
KiprnLil FriskAdult (f)3,8065723
4WB3gLil ChellAdult (f)2,6236684
n5sIeLil TorielAdult (f)3,0715832
O8AujA s r i e l  D r e e m u r rAdult (f)2,5406654
FGMW0s   a   n   sAdult (f)3,1496113
lgANls a n s  s e r i fAdult (f)2,8655172
scRwJToriel  DreemurrAdult (f)3,4697203
ornBBChara  DreemurrAdult (f)4,0695671
LoMulFrisk  DreemurrAdult (f)5,99096210
7YEkrCinnamon  BunnyAdult (f)2,9644894
j1U0uC  H  A  R  AAdult (f)4,1858736
Z5vd9Frisk CharaHatchling (f, F)3,0616572
w8LopChara FriskHatchling (m, F)3,4565961
tq4c0CharaFriskHatchling (F)2,2854061
vuMAUCharAsrielHatchling (F)2,0585664
KkN5ic h a r aHatchling (F)1,9243762
actmPf   r   i   s   kHatchling (F)2,2463811
5o3zwStarlit GalaxiaAdult (f)9,3057213
YTDKeChanneling YiuAdult (m)5,9748634
mGJJ3Chav'centuriaAdult (f)5,8648767
iOaojEureekaAdult (f)5,8988367
kLUh8Lucid GaiaAdult (f)5,7068362
JUNDPLil JunHatchling (F)3,5225513
7f6vPCB  Aeon FluxAdult (m)3,2566784
miw13(miw13)Adult (m)2,6075981
zHq0GElectric Blue FluxAdult (m)2,3817871
qkuKeCerulean FluxAdult (m)4,6438582
cds1KBluefire FluxAdult (m)3,0929143
4HiouSapphire FluxAdult (m)2,4098222
0BHVrAsriel FluxAdult (m)3,9697871
drWgKAzrael FluxAdult (m)3,1936512
5NoiaAaron FluxAdult (m)3,4236024
6qdCDAiden FluxAdult (m)3,9949586
CjZIXCobalt FluxAdult (m)2,8572938
0Mwf0Azure FluxAdult (m)3,3638625
v58QQChaos FluxAdult (m)1,6976477
aSiDiRune FluxAdult (m)4,0589237
0aGVwSans FluxAdult (m)2,3718661
FsNw0Rain FluxAdult (m)2,6688642
hh18OGold FluxAdult (m)2,9218253
Bz9SgHalcyon FluxAdult (m)2,5496701
m53KZAurelian FluxAdult (m)4,3138080
N9T8VOcean FluxAdult (m)4,2666912
6qprPCelestia StarkAdult (f)2,6007092
xPVBOPepper  StarkAdult (f)2,6198431
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