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You pick up the scroll labeled “Seapyramid,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
daOhSeas CB 2-Headed-3Adult (f)12,1142,775275
4hApSeas CB 2-HeadedAdult (m)8,9762,371169
oiT2Seas CB 2-Headed-2Adult (m)9,3372,296134
h7oBSeas CB 2-Headed-4Adult (f)10,3532,505154
38waSeas 3rd Gen 2-HeadedAdult (m)4,7701,39762
bFqbSeas 1st Gen 2-HeadedAdult (m)6,0891,890133
bHfRSeas Cute Female 2-Headed BabeHatchling (f, F)18,0311,987109
nqLfSeas Cute 2-Headed BabeHatchling (m, F)18,5402,013114
CxQcf(CxQcf)Adult (m)7,5191,5568
I2WAm(I2WAm)Adult (f)3,9507951
M1NhB(M1NhB)Adult (f)5,2097173
emccV(emccV)Adult (m)5,9228493
TzXNM(TzXNM)Adult (f)2,8333852
ZnpaB(ZnpaB)Adult (m)2,7903712
2YBdSeas CB AlbinoAdult (m)2,09329316
30bVSeas CB Albino-2Adult (m)2,59532117
8ZX5Seas CB Albino-3Adult (f)1,86828317
8BlFSeas CB Albino-4Adult (m)6,18547434
GBcMSeas CB Albino-5Adult (f)1,90725336
dproSeas Cute Albino BabeHatchling (m, F)1,7742142
KBH13(KBH13)Adult (m)3,9418001
FYNMo(FYNMo)Adult (m)5,3348063
2ODWs(2ODWs)Adult (f)5,6659063
ukK66(ukK66)Adult (m)5,4989044
6KeAj(6KeAj)Adult (f)5,5919001
8PLxt(8PLxt)Adult (f)7,2801,69011
EzW9d(EzW9d)Adult (m)7,4401,71910
Pn7VA(Pn7VA)Adult (f)6,8031,4085
FiNhc(FiNhc)Adult (f)7,3841,4135
VGaQC(VGaQC)Adult (m)4,4851,0442
PNbM8(PNbM8)Adult (f)5,4928812
Uk6WS(Uk6WS)Adult (f)4,5817581
Bxhm4(Bxhm4)Adult (m)2,0005532
ViFye(ViFye)Adult (f)2,0895632
YdkW8(YdkW8)Adult (f)1,9405461
5jyuB(5jyuB)Adult (f)3,1868153
k1Lb7(k1Lb7)Adult (m)3,1208153
NONDE(NONDE)Adult (m)5,1948913
EvC0s(EvC0s)Adult (f)3,9408061
vkR03(vkR03)Adult (f)6,4188043
oaaLq(oaaLq)Adult (f)6,3616911
f5qe1(f5qe1)Adult (m)4,9537333
VkuXSeas CB True PinkAdult (f)6,1722,65840
YWm9Seas 1st Gen Black-True PinkAdult (f)5,7181,98641
oFM7Seas CB True Pink-2Adult (f)4,2221,59857
a6tSSeas CB True Pink-3Adult (f)5,3841,68396
4lF3Seas CB True Pink-4Adult (f)3,2873593
joDiSeas True Pink BabeHatchling (f, F)14,3761,93047
miRw2(miRw2)Adult (f)9,7831,0262
2ibJ7(2ibJ7)Adult (f)3,4273922
tASvm(tASvm)Adult (m)9,3621,1504
sBtA5(sBtA5)Adult (f)9,8188423
j0v0Seas CB BalloonAdult (m)3,5303104
LH9gSea's CB BlackAdult (m)8,8843,264254
2bPoSea's CB Black 2Adult (m)6,3722,18483
2lz2Sea's CB Black 3Adult (f)6,0292,30860
iLiiSea's CB Black 4Adult (f)6,2082,23786
WoFhSea's CB Black 6Adult (f)4,5632,00485
gIxxSea's CB Black 5Adult (m)2,4561,6358
EHQISea's 5th Gen Heinz 57 BlackAdult (f)4,1797894
oJvSySeas 3rd Gen Black PinkAdult (m)5,4939585
2NVS7Sea's 12th Gen 3x Dorky BlackAdult (m)3,3323902
3tpGw(3tpGw)Adult (f)5,0298742
WhKJSea's Cute Black BabeHatchling (m, F)15,4942,128100
UOYfSea's 3rd Gen Alt Stone-BlackAdult (m)12,9732,849265
zWsaSea's 2nd Gen Alt Pinky-BlackAdult (f)5,0182,00893
H36YSeas 5th Gen Golden-Alt BlackAdult (f)5,4141,78556
Obsa(Obsa)Adult (f)3,8101,73842
yV9Y(yV9Y)Adult (m)3,8701,72414
6FNc(6FNc)Adult (f)5,3221,66031
tVdQ(tVdQ)Adult (m)4,08147412
g7kps(g7kps)Adult (m)1,8927292
Kco3B(Kco3B)Adult (f)4,2427913
W47d(W47d)Hatchling (f, F)26,8222,884184
Moo7(Moo7)Hatchling (m, F)1,81457925
ShNpz(ShNpz)Adult (f)3,6159531
H8J4R(H8J4R)Adult (m)9,9151,5766
WlMYP(WlMYP)Adult (f)7,3001,6024
0s6h9(0s6h9)Adult (f)5,6151,3904
JJLV6(JJLV6)Adult (f)8,6771,4463
InRqF(InRqF)Adult (m)3,3971,0581
hs1Od(hs1Od)Adult (f)3,5491,1100
bfmCN(bfmCN)Adult (m)4,7481,4433
yuDFx(yuDFx)Adult (m)4,7601,0521
SZfAZ(SZfAZ)Adult (m)5,4147751
ygATy(ygATy)Adult (m)2,8443692
BmjjY(BmjjY)Adult (f)3,0251,0462
hxWeB(hxWeB)Adult (m)3,1091,0291
Fj48b(Fj48b)Adult (f)5,0899011
vhhMG(vhhMG)Adult (m)4,0811,1373
qjtri(qjtri)Adult (f)7,1591,4795
s3hjo(s3hjo)Adult (f)6,1478241
XQ7IASea's CB BloodscaleAdult (m)4,8511,4855
syZgf(syZgf)Adult (f)6,7691,3311
v3rJ6(v3rJ6)Adult (m)5,4958682
rHXqV(rHXqV)Adult (f)5,1388302
Yzh6P(Yzh6P)Adult (m)4,8548392
wUWks(wUWks)Adult (m)5,8191,0527
jXCMz(jXCMz)Adult (f)6,2949070
0afrQ(0afrQ)Adult (m)6,4427142
kgfEa(kgfEa)Adult (m)6,7778781
bYP5J(bYP5J)Adult (f)2,2224553
QlqVz(QlqVz)Adult (f)5,0911,2335
8rI2W(8rI2W)Adult (f)7,7111,4553
a1eb3(a1eb3)Adult (f)6,4328323
9PG28(9PG28)Adult (m)10,1331,0851
gjOmSeas 1st Gen Deep-Sky Blunas-2Adult (m)2,6032929
icDlSeas 1st Gen Deep-Sky Blunas-3Adult (m)2,81423911
gGqoSeas 1st Gen Deep-Sky BlunasAdult (f)2,49124011
5fkoSeas 2nd Gen Deep BlunasAdult (f)2,81525212
qa07u(qa07u)Adult (f)4,1189416
Z2WBB(Z2WBB)Adult (f)4,5007821
FoXmz(FoXmz)Adult (f)3,9338071
lCh47(lCh47)Adult (f)5,6525671
WdCuY(WdCuY)Adult (m)5,5367533
1gpsSeas CB Bright Wyvern-4Adult (f)3,2362994
Xga8Seas CB Bright WyvernAdult (m)3,5383467
jDcFSeas CB Bright Wyvern-2Adult (m)2,0738038
tFKFMSeas CB Bright Wyvern-5Adult (f)3,7701,0942
JDHhpSeas CB Bright Wyvern-3Adult (m)5,7509090
DqegY(DqegY)Adult (m)8,1551,2893
n1kXSeas Cute Bright BabeHatchling (F)1,1522525
dJlvkSeas CB BrimstoneAdult (f)5,1118380
ck1qYSeas CB Brimstone-2Adult (f)5,7298400
1mi4iSeas CB Brimstone-3Adult (f)4,6531,2043
x4GgI(x4GgI)Adult (f)3,9461,1512
hEwGM(hEwGM)Adult (f)4,7956481
zPOcg(zPOcg)Adult (m)5,1226831
l08NC(l08NC)Adult (m)3,5981,0861
1oYMH(1oYMH)Adult (m)5,5989401
LT3IT(LT3IT)Adult (m)5,4819520
RRNeaSeas CB BruteAdult (f)3,5871,1322
HSekvSeas CB Brute 2Adult (m)3,6031,0973
qrg7a(qrg7a)Adult (m)5,1797163
hFwbr(hFwbr)Adult (f)6,7128743
e4IBSeas CB Canopy-2Adult (f)2,6042456
DoLvSeas CB Canopy-3Adult (f)3,0553497
SqV4Seas CB CanopyAdult (m)2,73421413
54OBSeas CB Canopy-4Adult (f)3,33129015
4ZCy4(4ZCy4)Adult (f)2,1314563
hcCS9(hcCS9)Adult (f)5,5551,3992
SjMIn(SjMIn)Adult (m)6,3711,2743
yGNDbSeas CB CassareAdult (f)6,4391,2906
Gjor2Seas CB Cassare 2Adult (m)7,2031,4603
KsRYx(KsRYx)Adult (m)5,3008710
5Wy2K(5Wy2K)Adult (m)8,9181,4111
CocPh(CocPh)Adult (f)9,5931,1433
q53CSeas CB CheeseAdult7,5851,13510
LMjiSeas Cute Cheese BabeHatchling (F)3,75825117
LIDu(LIDu)Adult (f)9,8243,092382
49lC(49lC)Hatchling (f, F)10,3811,49094
D47rh(D47rh)Adult (f)5,7669971
98OJe(98OJe)Adult (f)3,5951,0003
DBW3P(DBW3P)Adult (f)2,5904613
YqDvD1st Xmas Dont BreedAdult (m)2,6284453
Q6F2G1st X Dont BreedAdult (f)2,7385501
HH6rY(HH6rY)Adult (f)2,8655411
ZeIZM(ZeIZM)Adult (f)5,0899403
gmAIR(gmAIR)Adult (m)4,9349531
F0dd1(F0dd1)Adult (f)5,0469771
e1mGF(e1mGF)Adult (m)5,1879491
6Rcrz(6Rcrz)Hatchling (m, F)3,2389652
bMlXX(bMlXX)Hatchling (F)2,0972981
oVFaU(oVFaU)Hatchling (F)1,1723291
gQmrSeas Candy Xmas 08Adult (m)5,7331,694154
rOOpu(rOOpu)Adult (m)3,5599840
Fu6eSeas Cute Candy BabeHatchling (m, F)8,5711,76438
KakPu(KakPu)Hatchling (m, F)4,9209453
J658Seas CB Xmas 2009Adult (f)1,7148136
ZApsASea's Golden Xmas 09Adult (f)3,0381,0232
adosx(adosx)Adult (f)3,6339910
ees95(ees95)Adult (f)5,0859620
z3VSB(z3VSB)Adult (f)5,1269651
IgBXS(IgBXS)Adult (f)5,0539742
E0NsSeas Cute 09 Xmas BabeHatchling (f, F)1,63679211
6OhGSeas Xmas 2010Adult (f)4,7035973
E5l9Seas Xmas 2010-2Adult (f)4,6995954
Td4Uk(Td4Uk)Adult (f)5,5501,0283
ALwyS(ALwyS)Adult (f)3,6219950
cUzRg(cUzRg)Hatchling (f, F)4,9609394
sj6XbSeas CB Xmas 2011Adult (m)2,5741,1024
YkbF7Seas CB Xmas 2011-2Adult (m)2,6691,0963
IszDt(IszDt)Adult (m)2,0755242
b5U1k(b5U1k)Hatchling (F)2,0602992
O2WvDSeas CB Xmas 2012Adult (m)4,0303991
BpJNbSeas CB Xmas 2012-2Adult (m)3,6054141
RqEQN(RqEQN)Hatchling (m, F)4,9759413
ApNVNSeas CB Xmas 2013Adult (f)4,6361,2221
34LNeSeas CB Xmas 2013-2Adult (f)4,9301,2271
xiT3S(xiT3S)Adult (f)2,8324791
67YtM(67YtM)Adult (f)2,7015324
oIQcnSeas CB Xmas 2014Adult (f)4,5901,2524
jFnHtSeas CB Xmas 2014-2Adult (f)4,6671,2510
Cy0Fi(Cy0Fi)Adult (m)5,8321,0174
kf9OP(kf9OP)Adult (m)5,6851,0522
atMRQ(atMRQ)Adult (m)1,9115091
E5Zmf(E5Zmf)Adult (m)1,9465110
MzkUZ(MzkUZ)Adult (m)2,7374641
Kwl43(Kwl43)Adult (m)3,0598070
EQ20a(EQ20a)Adult (m)3,3914271
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