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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruffjeff,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zIb9(zIb9)Adult (f)1,60840933
dB45(dB45)Adult (m)1,50779033
RPb8(RPb8)Adult (f)8174518
ivPF(ivPF)Adult (f)2,48843836
2Ajr(2Ajr)Adult (m)1,51145018
Dpui(Dpui)Adult (m)4,41843048
Xepm(Xepm)Adult (f)8795426
vOAu(vOAu)Adult (m)8285405
7NER(7NER)Adult (m)1,73060712
5ifI(5ifI)Adult (f)86640416
J5DC(J5DC)Adult (m)2,38942933
tMZf(tMZf)Adult (f)94135616
m46R(m46R)Adult (f)7274679
SraD(SraD)Adult (m)2,06261425
b1oE(b1oE)Adult (m)1,00942112
fGKK(fGKK)Adult (m)3,9125967
oMp9(oMp9)Adult (f)1,6241,0546
PN3o(PN3o)Adult (m)2,01478624
E8ff(E8ff)Adult (f)8,3091,63056
jPlw(jPlw)Adult (f)6,03469236
XrNc(XrNc)Adult (m)2,51534841
poMr(poMr)Adult (f)8545177
Xtg6(Xtg6)Adult (f)2,65651619
Ugtq(Ugtq)Adult (f)3,65752943
KAVN(KAVN)Adult (m)1,88738941
QJdf(QJdf)Adult (m)1,79939317
vISZ(vISZ)Adult (f)8634475
D2DS(D2DS)Adult (f)93438622
VPMn(VPMn)Adult (f)1,27854033
259b(259b)Adult (m)92038516
HKe7(HKe7)Adult (f)1,3564689
tSFE(tSFE)Adult (f)6,6451,11533
bhmW(bhmW)Adult (m)1,01243218
UVCJ(UVCJ)Adult (f)9466354
gSSQ(gSSQ)Adult (m)2,76677123
15dB(15dB)Adult (m)1,6211,0977
MoDr(MoDr)Adult (f)96738814
NFoI(NFoI)Adult (m)1,01043419
Kyby(Kyby)Adult (m)3,0892,05639
b4wA(b4wA)Adult (m)4,01666138
t5KX(t5KX)Adult (f)1,58143729
GJHp(GJHp)Adult (f)9054229
kVXR(kVXR)Adult (m)1,0156767
sP6U(sP6U)Adult (m)2,4741,16693
ZOTp(ZOTp)Adult (f)1,0897368
PEvw(PEvw)Adult (f)95835217
U475(U475)Adult (m)8675465
KSON(KSON)Adult (m)1,7001,00283
Ysrg(Ysrg)Adult (f)1,60948513
eIav(eIav)Adult (m)1,0306745
rMrm(rMrm)Adult (m)7514459
yi9S(yi9S)Adult (f)98439014
AmBq(AmBq)Adult (m)4,30847654
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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