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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ks7DHlovely DragonLaurenAdult (f)3,9021,0116
noYLX(noYLX)Adult (m)4,6647431
ZTfnf(ZTfnf)Adult (f)4,8977171
y3HdG(y3HdG)Adult (m)5,8827291
UcrDHDalek PoppiesAdult (f)3,9541,0152
TCUyk(TCUyk)Hatchling (F)4771512
HlAm1Ina Peppermint PopAdult (f)3,8186895
lCUe4Cale CocoAdult (m)4,9065521
4gyWjMintye CocoAdult (m)4,7575305
nEaQNQuarty AuramenteAdult (m)3,2447535
ZVmuW(ZVmuW)Adult (f)6,7896062
DNI3kHerbert Peppermint PopAdult (m)5,4039255
Na7gT(Na7gT)Adult (f)4,9046000
bdmzdTerty Dalek's SinAdult (f)6,0157741
EByYZ(EByYZ)Hatchling (f, F)4,4115261
goKjC(goKjC)Hatchling (m, F)4,7714753
66KCsChickadee's Turtle ShackAdult (m)5,6826852
zUeSgz' Pachy Peppermint PopAdult (f)6,1406094
5GZlMStory of a CarrotAdult (m)4,6457361
yijNOCarrots in my EarsAdult (m)4,8297503
8B8rHDad is a BatAdult (m)2,5428384
oondvOondvaAdult (f)6,3646343
Iqf5mMinzemoehrensalatAdult (m)6,2695822
6pAAL(6pAAL)Adult (m)6,6936162
zUcUR(zUcUR)Adult (f)6,0548633
1Xl75Chilling in a Spiderweb HammockAdult (m)4,8179013
0Crew(0Crew)Adult (m)5,9926032
xVXnPerlschwingeAdult (f)1,8621,1145
o693Angelus PusillusHatchling (m, F)1,0497183
oY4cAngelus PaullusHatchling (m, F)1,9558485
L2g4Silvy LiningAdult (f)1,7685783
HOlsDo Not Call Me DorkfaceAdult (m)1,7206543
L4XQdMourning for his GrandfatherAdult (m)2,5665451
2XxSJMary Neva CrimboAdult (f)3,6428323
rQkQKSylvy LiningAdult (f)3,5847324
G9OatQuarty SilvioAdult (m)2,8578762
Eh8rIf At FirstAdult (f)4,0831,1908
V2tfiTerty DarknessAdult (m)2,0956517
8PE82Golden PuppiesAdult (m)2,1336504
UmL1YSecundy LavaAdult (f)2,2556152
TcCNATerty BlacknessAdult (f)3,8837172
AqkGQFeliz No Navidad DragonAdult (f)2,4566324
RoG5PPink FlavouredAdult (f)1,5376324
FJ1lcSixty Licorice ThuwedAdult (f)2,1326044
No8E1Just Always RememberAdult (f)2,7996545
mDJPhSecundy KylinderaAdult (f)2,5115933
FzkMKYou Don't SucceedAdult (m)3,3638013
dBYoFJust Try AgainAdult (f)3,3807983
uo72xTerty SangAdult (f)2,1936922
Ulw88Felix der AtheistAdult (m)3,4516946
n6pWITerty ArgentumAdult (m)2,5696543
repqCStill A DarlingAdult (m)2,0766637
NXPVnKey To InsanityAdult (f)3,2648537
feljKLegend's SidekickAdult (m)5,6341,0673
OFAgxTerty NihilistAdult (f)1,9625217
rKBBcTerty Vain VoidAdult (m)4,7561,1305
vBjiRSilver-Coated ArrowAdult (f)3,4546734
kvrViSilver-Coated BowAdult (m)2,5406096
UtWtVLove AnywayAdult (m)2,5538433
BjPMm(BjPMm)Adult (f)3,6386793
paUmz(paUmz)Adult (m)3,0909364
afdOJ(afdOJ)Adult (m)2,4929123
xYmmMNameless MinionAdult (m)2,6497852
s8rU7Lovely pinkgothicAdult (f)2,19573914
2RiC5QuartylistAdult (m)2,87193427
2Lhn5Never Give Yourself UpAdult (f)3,9434052
TDqjUMixed ResultsAdult (m)4,1468910
WYj3cLike Key To LifeAdult (m)4,2628840
I1LgWMixed Life PlansAdult (f)4,9489624
VkzZTSecundy Twinkle ToxicAdult (f)3,1685062
e2xuBLovely indiwAdult (f)5,7927583
Tut2pist auch gestorbenAdult (f)3,1159875
oXHFLMyraclesAdult (m)3,8034923
IjMrFDon't Give InAdult (m)2,4666043
Bevy7(Bevy7)Adult (f)3,7005622
Idt7F(Idt7F)Adult (f)2,2695243
pnwQyGothic WinkAdult (m)4,4367802
Z22NhZ'idmarAdult (f)2,5977596
hgGyPLike A MadpersonAdult (m)3,7841,1684
RxT0ABurnt DiamondAdult (f)5,3556892
Fc3PnBurnt LoveAdult (m)2,6759342
aNXAxVedzoorAdult (m)4,6039238
KK6hPVedziiAdult (f)5,8196933
MF1gICaught a CoffeeAdult (m)5,0298781
F1ieuSought a CoffeeAdult (f)4,8658445
T8W5nCaught a SwoonieAdult (m)5,6491,0506
xw7tWZu Tode gefuerchtetAdult (m)2,3821,0162
h9SApSmooch PartyAdult (f)3,3319812
RUOm2NellyaAdult (f)3,6649864
glw4QCaught a SugarAdult (m)3,4709664
KPP6dSought a SugarAdult (f)3,5719684
W2t5QPositive FeelingsAdult (f)3,4909734
4pav9Sought a SwoonieAdult (f)3,6339834
pYdH7Make LemoncakeAdult (f)4,1739543
sPks7Sought a RayAdult (f)4,0649492
fDc78Caught a RayAdult (m)5,5281,1252
AzaLLAzallAdult (f)4,6557571
hHlJ3VedvenAdult (m)5,8167713
gWARCTerty CoffeeAdult (m)5,2749343
liZCUSinyeAdult (m)5,9556744
AJl4TTerty VanityAdult (m)4,5008574
adQcYSought a WokAdult (f)4,5859392
W0K5qCaught a WokAdult (m)4,7781,0422
oU3pjIvy's HeartAdult (f)2,0886992
Gu4k1Sought a FlyAdult (f)2,6959714
ehPxKHavoc in PoetryAdult (m)5,0376215
7kbDzChloe's AngelAdult (m)4,7579154
W2ACvKoboldherzAdult (f)4,7515095
gZirlTwinkleberriesAdult (f)5,5106532
YH8l5Sought RavenAdult (f)5,7936454
FgEMN(FgEMN)Adult (m)4,4861,1693
JGcqyCaught RavenAdult (m)4,1018766
toCf0Caught a FlyAdult (m)3,98083610
3olKxGerardo PardyAdult (m)5,9049644
xxx4t(xxx4t)Adult (m)6,7718133
Y5aAtIf eggs turn out as LemonsAdult (m)6,6228395
rYcrjCaught in VainAdult (m)6,1758983
Db4KRSought in VainAdult (f)7,3136634
ZEtAZz' TeakAdult (m)3,4656815
2HVXWPositively DarkAdult (f)5,8237122
ODkpNBlackrootsAdult (f)5,3657912
wzv6OSingaladyAdult (f)4,6275684
vDtWx(vDtWx)Adult (m)4,5356351
04TLM(04TLM)Adult (f)3,8366582
6rmugQuinty Perfect PitAdult (f)5,7576531
i2yp3(i2yp3)Adult (f)5,2747034
z1Vmw(z1Vmw)Adult (m)4,3527472
vHEioLemonlicoriceAdult (f)3,8607183
I1wZ8LicoricelemonAdult (m)5,0868834
E3FfNUriah Heep - Lady in BlackAdult (f)5,4251,10018
0trau(0trau)Adult (f)4,7745042
cNASJPixie DaffodilsAdult (f)5,3077772
Qw1GdDo Not JudgeAdult (f)6,1338302
PBHEvNachts ist kaelter als draussenAdult (f)6,6638793
Z9uKDuo DignitoAdult (m)1,78297210
y9mjFicula CaelestaAdult (f)2,3791,2806
blCGFilio DignitoHatchling (m, F)1,4868617
ViPgFilia CaelestaHatchling (f, F)1,2916923
jfbPDignita CaelestaAdult (f)2,1671,0656
Mo02Boss BatAdult (m)4,2291,73113
0nRjBetty BatHatchling (f, F)1,3615554
vOqPBart BatHatchling (m, F)1,9805365
tuTM(tuTM)Adult (m)4,5271,21410
p5XA(p5XA)Adult (f)3,6318306
QpKHJazz And JiggyAdult (m)4,3749673
j6Dp(j6Dp)Adult (f)4,3739376
psf9ZTom Und Tam Die ErstenAdult (m)3,0767383
e05YVLinn Und Nea Die ErstenAdult (f)3,8277142
99tZqTom Und Tam Die ZweitenAdult (m)1,7516112
hvhnaLinn Und Nea Die ZweitenAdult (f)2,3286591
PIsKgLinn Und Nea Die DrittenAdult (f)2,9486572
GQQGnTom Und Tam Die DrittenAdult (m)3,0336283
yrxNFLinn Und Nea Die ViertenAdult (f)1,9216054
ELtEtTom Und Tam Die ViertenAdult (m)3,7078742
mltXuTom Und Tam Die FuenftenAdult (m)3,0157853
EVdIdFang And FoxyAdult (f)3,1489079
mDdunLinn Und Nea Die FuenftenAdult (f)3,9221,1882
CRkOhLinn Und Nea Die SechstenAdult (f)2,6008785
XhjVRTom Und Tam Die SechstenAdult (m)3,8721,0288
fCp8uLinn Und Nea Die SiebtenAdult (f)3,0601,0125
tHxrITom Und Tam Die SiebtenAdult (m)2,6738063
h9KnDLinn Und Nea Die AchtenAdult (f)4,6124393
JTRz4Jethro SkullAdult (m)6,0075313
xY5LWLook - Blue Nail PolishAdult (f)4,0795842
7fDk5Tom Und Tam Die AchtenAdult (m)6,2464552
SfUOTIngbert GildscaleAdult (m)5,7486031
RUfLqDi-PatriciaAdult (f)5,6176043
xYChNDi-XimenesAdult (m)5,2706081
rO0QcTom Und Tam Die NeuntenAdult (m)5,4487282
ZiBc5(ZiBc5)Adult (m)4,2275413
9XBUeDi-XylinaAdult (f)4,4975683
t1JxkLinn Und Nea Die NeuntenAdult (f)4,8216537
DpIUoDi-PatricioAdult (m)3,9816862
OeeMN(OeeMN)Hatchling (F)2,4904381
nmrGHBraidscale SistersAdult (m)4,6376154
7CLUOHenchmen's UnionAdult (m)4,8276111
zC8LZZ'upportersAdult (m)6,7646503
lpd05DorkwaitwhatfaceAdult (m)7,1576522
orbWIRobbi And BobbiAdult (m)6,5696815
Kw1ckKw1ck and D1rtyHatchling (F)4,8664264
T5WQ2Rhumba and ChachaAdult (f)6,8267412
znSuqZ'nuggleheadsAdult (m)5,8726248
nMCc2Duo CluoAdult (f)6,6706442
lp7vUHenchwomen's UnionAdult (f)6,6065971
Su16qHenchpeopleAdult (f)6,5307763
Mo4LrSwingbert GildscaleAdult (m)6,7867273
pRR1uDidi PatriciaAdult (f)6,9677473
BXTXXSnugglepeopleAdult (m)6,4367791
PWWZBSpecialist and ExpertAdult (m)7,0718452
3So7nMia And MaeAdult (f)2,9486165
ECy4NSid And SamAdult (m)3,3306435
xrHA0Ada and IdaAdult (f)4,1239391
ZiOdEZ'ach and Z'ackAdult (m)3,0739933
ch22PMax And MelAdult (m)3,6949392
PRSwPSilk And SageAdult (f)3,4231,0033
i4FFTChoice and LaundryAdult (f)4,3839695
ZkZaW(ZkZaW)Adult (f)4,5358224
oV1EYDreamy DuaAdult (f)4,1278164
pxFsQTinfoil SensationAdult (f)3,5391,0214
ZYZao(ZYZao)Adult (f)3,4197602
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