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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QctEDDidi XylinaAdult (m)4,8011,0122
PK0Q0(PK0Q0)Adult (f)6,3926923
SrioQ(SrioQ)Adult (m)5,9515981
sxL4mMax et MoritzAdult (m)3,78384820
UXUh6Luise et LotteAdult (f)3,81284631
VPj5mHetty et PattyAdult (f)4,7931,2014
ZPDlPZ' Edda et EdithAdult (f)3,9891,0277
dVeuVLutz et LarsAdult (m)2,8889293
b6GjOSchwurbi et SchworbiAdult (m)5,3056942
zT6WI(zT6WI)Adult (m)5,3076740
TPU4iLethal EnemiesAdult (f)5,1507661
aNo7q(aNo7q)Adult (m)6,4777212
69EAL(69EAL)Adult (f)6,0226522
ZJdoB(ZJdoB)Adult (m)7,5277324
OoYae(OoYae)Adult (m)7,4637431
SHTH5Shakin StevensAdult (m)4,6065032
rpO4wScisso SistersAdult (f)4,1205710
dbA7d(dbA7d)Adult (f)4,4845134
coIiM(coIiM)Adult (m)3,7776520
OIW6AKing Linsengericht MerchAdult (m)3,2307002
CzyW0(CzyW0)Adult (f)3,6647331
Xpeyp(Xpeyp)Adult (m)3,8216084
6CNYe(6CNYe)Adult (f)4,4575071
Am68sDishwashing MenacinglyAdult (m)4,4225141
UQG5Q(UQG5Q)Adult (f)4,9643811
7SNsSThere They're Their Worst FoesAdult (m)4,9163822
Z6Ln6z' Semo and LinoAdult (m)5,9405762
vsF7N(vsF7N)Hatchling (F)2,6111882
Che6VClues BrothersAdult (m)6,0186621
kyASgIroning IronicallyAdult (f)5,3627890
zwq5wz' Sarah and Angelina GrimkeAdult (f)4,06792212
oMoho(oMoho)Adult (m)4,3597791
ZCAMzz' CuresAdult (m)4,8991,1653
ZjX9U(ZjX9U)Adult (f)4,9481,1645
oHD78Cara And PoppyAdult (f)4,5297352
onApz(onApz)Adult (m)5,5176200
B6owl(B6owl)Adult (m)4,8936791
ZDSLQ(ZDSLQ)Adult (m)5,2666744
vaxP4(vaxP4)Adult (f)5,4266542
6z6DlQueen Lottchens MerchAdult (f)6,1851,1612
Em64AScale to ScaleAdult (m)4,2415994
6FPwoIndy and HanAdult (m)6,0926393
aXvdiSpeedtrip to DeathAdult (f)5,6945436
CUIH7Sunshine Lee and JayAdult (m)4,1346437
Y8KjxTireless Lee and JayAdult (f)6,2807911
Z2dcIz' Spiru and LinaAdult (f)5,8896732
PoOuP(PoOuP)Adult (m)5,2267263
ZkZ0Vz' Ari and ElleAdult (f)5,4936803
z3aUfz' Aqua and RiusAdult (m)5,4507604
zTLCMz' Vixen NixenAdult (f)5,6057714
ZWqCCZ'willingshechtAdult (m)2,8806461
zudz5(zudz5)Adult (m)5,7016891
BzWfIBead and PearlAdult (f)4,9787392
zgzL9z' Gazillion ThoughtsAdult (f)6,6988785
ZyHL6(ZyHL6)Adult (f)5,9836744
j2oUsWe have orange dotsAdult (m)6,5375870
5V4wKTwice as ExceptionalAdult (m)6,2896301
92AYwExcept I and IAdult (f)6,4436120
Zv7zo(Zv7zo)Adult (m)6,1986091
h6JTJExceptions RuleAdult (m)6,3546422
Z6jxKZ'ippy and LockyAdult (f)5,2136383
iBUn4Kimmy WildeAdult (f)5,7915873
Nl2ScIs Four a Crowd PlusAdult (f)6,2956841
XQLCLTwo Like No Two OthersAdult (m)6,3125642
zrlGe(zrlGe)Adult (m)6,1666840
GRwslIchthyodragosAdult (m)6,1607443
zovMg(zovMg)Adult (m)5,6299013
Z68bL(Z68bL)Adult (f)4,8107583
ZnAmZ(ZnAmZ)Adult (f)4,6887353
0EUZe(0EUZe)Adult (f)7,2516812
ABgHSGem and JewliusAdult (m)6,5287080
ZrizZ(ZrizZ)Adult (f)7,0357501
tGtoiTwo 3rds of a Set of TripletsAdult (f)5,9318035
haUto(haUto)Adult (m)7,2618500
BYRCe(BYRCe)Adult (f)6,6746970
EsPmBonsai BastAdult (f)2,1678504
0rvABonsai BasilAdult (m)2,1267895
CrEMBonsai BeaHatchling (f, F)1,81582410
GmFYRobin Pygmy PopAdult (m)3,0959435
ObT3Maurice Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,8959007
schBElton Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,6353954
aPBZTinityAdult (m)2,1124813
d4uBBonsai FlaveusHatchling (m, F)1,1886344
CCqWBonsai FlaveaHatchling (f, F)1,1446474
KXpZSonnenfleck ZirkonAdult (m)4,3956642
N8abSlumpkinAdult (m)2,8026059
kT3BSonnenfleck TopazAdult (m)2,6916323
KBiQTiny TopasAdult (m)3,4946286
n39BTiny Yellow JewelAdult (f)3,3346237
O1pVWellkeeperAdult (f)3,90999219
mcLmSonnenfleck CitrinAdult (m)3,1119726
trkSChill CatchAdult (m)4,2479962
6qLeWellkeptAdult (f)4,0579933
YGuEEmbedlingAdult (m)2,8718844
Q5sRDescendant of Big FamilyAdult (m)1,4966154
TrmXHunky SnatchAdult (m)2,2786927
CRvjJason Pygmy PopAdult (m)3,7668262
UCEuSlinky LatchAdult (f)3,9558033
t6Lf(t6Lf)Adult (m)3,0477035
o0cBBlinky PatchAdult (f)4,7289605
gCSJRobbie Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,7996333
PbkAVictoria Pygmy PopAdult (f)3,9288444
mkbIGary Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,8145965
NOksMelanie Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,3436233
dZ1fHoward Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,3936484
pHpkMark Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,4436673
IvUsGeri Pygmy PopAdult (f)3,8988324
muaKMel Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,9236622
5HTBH(5HTBH)Adult (f)1,9635713
e9aqhEmma Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,0376081
Tc7OC(Tc7OC)Adult (m)2,0265362
HKZ0sAJ Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,3456352
cSRaHSwift LoverAdult (f)2,2156211
YIEPSNick Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,6195982
iM65vNicole Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,2167492
YsXVQAshley Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,2426823
auBavBrian Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,0915591
WIFmUSonnenfleck BernsteinAdult (m)1,5366211
IodiC(IodiC)Adult (m)2,1056200
SsuX9(SsuX9)Adult (f)2,2516680
djiKYKimberley Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,1206012
efTnbCalculabilityAdult (f)2,3006262
QOoeGMelody Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,8535860
vnd9CHowie Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,7145650
1tVWeJonathan Pygmy PopAdult (m)4,0329053
OJQXV(OJQXV)Adult (m)2,1416411
fF1JJSoup LoverAdult (f)2,1696252
fS1lJKevin Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,5985703
2IYS8Jessica Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,6995720
rvIkBJordan Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,1916580
XRQXaLauren Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,1145992
MjAE9Donnie Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,3186811
YlCbGJoey Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,3756361
SeiYa(SeiYa)Adult (m)1,9546131
pvuOSSimone Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,4546641
nsBT8Carmit Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,1076801
Mf7nqEmmalyn Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,4905892
OHNgRPaula Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,0386522
Yi3q7Natasha Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,7456201
OIaoPDro GyraAdult (f)1,8696040
8B3C4Danny Pygmy PopAdult (m)5,2081,1870
cstbUJustin Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,4926161
304Q8Carmen Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,9786272
L58gHLance Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,0765922
R5Dh1Kaya Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,2156292
fBaJuChristina Pygmy PopAdult (f)1,9496021
reVKVChris Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,7435324
4BRvpJC Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,3796091
s5a5GKian Pygmy PopAdult (m)2,0945702
aDgSFShane Pygmy PopAdult (m)1,7975262
F3f0ABrumpkinAdult (f)2,4605952
ihFdeNadine Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,0636143
Om1CaOmoncaAdult (f)2,3606442
EjtcINatalie Pygmy PopAdult (f)2,6995492
Szl59SublimesAdult (f)1,8085441
bpw1JFlavea CucurbitaraAdult (f)3,0105925
S1V3QPygkinAdult (f)3,9621,1342
zyEvuZ'ampanoAdult (m)2,7627683
M3QwLSonnenfleck SonnensteinAdult (m)3,2788652
ZhIvOZ'neakyAdult (m)2,2477833
o0W3CPulp - Common PeopleAdult (m)5,2343873
Ngnz5(Ngnz5)Adult (m)6,2347674
0GyZ6SkugryAdult (f)6,3165662
ZieBKZ'wiftlyAdult (f)2,1007702
yREji(yREji)Adult (m)2,8461,1192
ZLSom(ZLSom)Adult (f)1,9087314
tEmLFTuiwxkoh F0wm0 ThuwedAdult (f)3,3941,1327
ZQxPm(ZQxPm)Adult (m)4,7028514
xsAUZGreen ZapkingAdult (m)4,8306892
ckXrXFlavea BertaAdult (f)4,6651,0501
ICGLSBasil FlavouredAdult (m)3,9024043
3UMNALovely WWECornSerpentAdult (m)3,5764755
ZEQbK(ZEQbK)Adult (f)5,6795728
gwHmSPurple ZaplordAdult (m)4,2707531
fE9jTFlaveo MarionettoAdult (m)4,8664984
hl2S7Gretel PiaAdult (f)3,8461,0311
LDltMVersaute ExistenzAdult (m)4,7656263
HXnFJ(HXnFJ)Adult (f)5,3805734
J4mwK(J4mwK)Adult (f)3,5555483
QAi5BSonnenfleck SineadAdult (f)4,3827937
XMNufAdmiralityAdult (f)5,06568911
evFV1Sonnenfleck MarilynAdult (f)4,97371817
Zx2Ui(Zx2Ui)Adult (f)5,7125712
fuu8gParsley FlavouredAdult (f)4,8567411
zn2C5(zn2C5)Adult (m)3,2984414
ZCw1Q(ZCw1Q)Adult (f)7,0548015
WxfRzIch sehe was was Du nicht siehstAdult (m)5,9056923
zBCmd(zBCmd)Adult (f)7,1707364
Zapux(Zapux)Adult (m)4,9196559
ZFont(ZFont)Adult (m)6,1766625
dQSaFlaveus CucurbitusAdult (m)2,4427593
v5bAFlavea CucurbitaAdult (f)2,5307909
HnLHFlaveus BasilAdult (m)1,7745551
9CEic(9CEic)Hatchling (m, F)1,3186072
EDemp(EDemp)Hatchling (m, F)1,3756522
zBRzAZ' SoupAdult (m)3,1061,1326
SE1aiSwampkinAdult (m)2,9001,1015
Nehu5Flavea BettyAdult (f)1,9838613
AYL66Swiftly SwingAdult (m)2,7791,0436
3y11IFlavea LilaAdult (f)3,8281,1139
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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