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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Zp5mwz' RothimmelAdult (f)3,2246544
LGIhfLovely WisovewAdult (f)6,0399805
ZYpn9(ZYpn9)Adult (m)7,3858361
zNoNo(zNoNo)Adult (f)6,5201,1283
z6h5V(z6h5V)Adult (m)5,9421,0813
8nC5Abraxas HelioAdult (m)2,0911,0769
BkmoStyrofoam BettyAdult (f)3,7936277
mtuJ(mtuJ)Hatchling (f, F)1,7307782
JP3t(JP3t)Hatchling (m, F)1,7377815
4bg1gClaudius ClarusAdult (m)3,2556292
joRGvQueen Tracy SpotfordAdult (f)2,5439674
VmHELQuinty Random ThuwedAdult (f)3,1658202
wL6lrTommy TealAdult (m)3,7266893
P2pi3Polly EstherAdult (f)4,1558631
CQxBqEmily NoseraAdult (f)3,6628442
ew8k0Anne NoseraAdult (f)2,7838922
mKJUyLazy JoAdult (m)3,8541,0084
TY5SYCharlotte NoseraAdult (f)1,8684593
ZvAkoZ'VaklavaAdult (f)2,43572414
rMJfX(rMJfX)Adult (f)3,4311,0061
mGj2JAgnes NoseraAdult (f)3,1329551
9K4d3Terty Mossy ThuwedAdult (m)3,3616373
ZK8NpZ'uckermuenzeAdult (f)2,4204964
zLHpMZ'ephyranthAdult (m)4,0091,0074
5bfyn(5bfyn)Adult (f)2,3888824
IcRYpEd HelioAdult (m)3,9947771
zyvx1(zyvx1)Adult (m)5,0796555
Q7VXrTraumroseAdult (f)4,12877310
HNRPFArch HelioAdult (m)3,6737265
7DBwwVividest SkiesAdult (m)5,0686004
zVc7h(zVc7h)Adult (f)4,8497062
YW8aCZephyranthyoAdult (m)5,0436502
ZEUxB(ZEUxB)Adult (f)4,7377085
8KCUF(8KCUF)Adult (m)4,9756263
F4OcKZephyranthorAdult (m)5,3226843
xknx3Selma PearlchestAdult (f)6,8326929
lHFIxAsri LinechestAdult (f)6,8876977
h9xEkHixekAdult (m)6,8696823
oBroS(oBroS)Adult (m)5,7216184
57LYXQuarty Joy PearlchestAdult (f)5,0066934
amRwhTerty Inga PearlchestAdult (f)5,6126692
BIJXnTerty Ingo PearlchestAdult (m)4,9287012
ngHOeWoe DorkfaceHatchling (F)2,8452172
sxYPKPia PearlchestAdult (f)5,5106211
z57bn(z57bn)Adult (m)5,3406693
T7PnV(T7PnV)Adult (m)5,5656552
dookf(dookf)Hatchling (F)2,3121722
FWVep(FWVep)Hatchling (F)3,2343311
ZN8Vkz' ViktorAdult (m)6,7976714
z38nj(z38nj)Adult (f)3,9974002
zPlep(zPlep)Adult (m)4,7849965
XERVA(XERVA)Adult (f)5,8421,2171
OeDX(OeDX)Adult (m)2,6869809
ft43(ft43)Adult (f)3,3341,0203
rUKJ(rUKJ)Adult (m)2,0187066
oWdF(oWdF)Adult (m)2,5067803
FilY(FilY)Hatchling (m, F)3,1957984
tT3n(tT3n)Hatchling (f, F)1,9975105
7f0kl(7f0kl)Adult (f)1,9796971
UFsDQKing Aubrey OceanosAdult (m)2,6628781
6mit6(6mit6)Adult (f)5,6837136
N1LHTerraefficAdult (m)3,7859537
pp2a(pp2a)Adult (f)3,3741,08912
Gnqb(Gnqb)Hatchling (f, F)2,2806003
u0KS(u0KS)Hatchling (m, F)2,9917054
Th9fbCassy CobolAdult (f)3,8347484
Z9fCXZ'Corinna CobolAdult (f)2,9126535
AsSLcCorbin CobolAdult (m)2,9878543
TIldcCordula CobolAdult (f)3,4056963
h88HmCosmo CobolAdult (m)4,7375014
m12guCorrado CobolAdult (m)3,3606554
jSDzfCoby CobolAdult (f)4,1616475
ZEEB9Z' LaubAdult (m)4,0251,02914
zb7DGZ' DougAdult (f)3,3968283
ZLtZuZ'ypresseAdult (m)3,6027836
fPh5EPrincess Momo MemoriaAdult (f)5,0391,02418
Xha0H(Xha0H)Adult (f)4,6679617
ZPyjd(ZPyjd)Adult (m)5,5979913
ZMT1B(ZMT1B)Adult (m)3,9666054
8Q3kj(8Q3kj)Adult (f)5,5789744
M6oMPLiana LaunchAdult (f)5,9399314
yLbBw(yLbBw)Adult (f)5,3718335
rk9Y2(rk9Y2)Adult (m)5,8978922
CR1XvCoco LianaAdult (f)5,2819944
krDy8ErmiusAdult (m)4,1231,0741
UTnoySalatlianeAdult (f)6,2659465
en8D3PebblianaAdult (f)6,1647494
L16aSTergaiaAdult (m)4,2306992
bqPeOLoamy SoupAdult (m)4,5947452
1H7FtLoamigaiaAdult (m)5,8925672
QwLamLoco LianaAdult (f)4,6997512
Yajub(Yajub)Adult (m)7,3146481
1Seaz(1Seaz)Adult (m)7,0626491
z2xIq(z2xIq)Adult (m)7,8537181
zEtBM(zEtBM)Adult (f)4,5796961
Iyece(Iyece)Adult (f)5,2221,0672
CLLdC LadAdult (f)4,4059865
gAakGlowPrideAdult (m)4,7159635
QthD(QthD)Hatchling (f, F)2,0715675
8rT6(8rT6)Hatchling (m, F)2,7848005
1ZQa5GlamPrideAdult (m)1,8786310
UheaCUheacAdult (f)2,2256443
FFWWMQuarty SandshiftsAdult (f)1,9426661
PHA09SandrennmausAdult (f)2,3726361
Te503TesoeAdult (f)2,5386262
Hl55sSandflitzmausAdult (f)1,9497243
ekUfRAstrid LaylinesAdult (f)2,0964963
zfjYB(zfjYB)Adult (f)2,3278676
znujn(znujn)Adult (f)3,3349060
canBo(canBo)Adult (f)2,2407993
zVz0U(zVz0U)Adult (f)2,6709074
ZRqAv(ZRqAv)Adult (f)3,7336864
QAI5KLotus UfoAdult (m)4,5198833
dzrjHSahara CandyAdult (m)5,0826834
DxhRDAe0ns of CandyAdult (f)5,2307582
8TM2zCrossing the DreamsAdult (m)6,6567043
7wNKm(7wNKm)Hatchling (F)1,1841993
Z2uJE(Z2uJE)Adult (m)3,5816274
ZVBud(ZVBud)Adult (m)4,9716301
zQJl8z' MaryAdult (f)5,0665971
Z8mvK(Z8mvK)Adult (f)5,9147121
Zarrb(Zarrb)Adult (m)6,0458371
zZzMb(zZzMb)Adult (f)4,7796312
Visin(Visin)Adult (f)4,6897192
ZZvKz(ZZvKz)Adult (f)5,5385971
Jt36YPamPrideAdult (m)5,9866542
6Yoje(6Yoje)Adult (f)5,5227542
NSeXk(NSeXk)Adult (f)6,0856051
MeefS(MeefS)Adult (m)6,7237691
2Hix1(2Hix1)Adult (f)4,0133992
zC7z5(zC7z5)Adult (f)4,6286985
1UOVO(1UOVO)Adult (m)5,7131,0173
EZ2aEzra CocoAdult (m)4,7471,0867
1YerMadame YerAdult (f)4,7879443
pNTuDuckly UglingHatchling (m, F)6,1461,0564
mrXN(mrXN)Hatchling (f, F)2,0575724
bz1XjSweetly LadyAdult (f)2,3297152
ZKTO8(ZKTO8)Adult (f)4,7368351
CJbutCarlos CocoAdult (m)5,0377982
ezn0zEsra CocoAdult (m)4,8856653
xqUlP(xqUlP)Hatchling (m, F)4,7385282
8e8ExCoco BexAdult (f)3,8921,1233
wqe50Zees of the MountainsHatchling (F)3,4379772
FchDnBlaine BreezeAdult (m)4,0861,2264
HjNimBlu SplashAdult (f)5,4406143
bfkd2Coco TreverorumAdult (m)6,1847833
wRto0Coco BreezeAdult (f)5,4425562
2DMmKCoco MarinaAdult (f)4,5838374
WdlVCErwin CocoAdult (m)5,8846722
ubOLFRolf CocoAdult (m)5,9616375
opuR3Waverunner the BoyHatchling (m, F)5,4146183
PDPTkZees of the CoastHatchling (F)3,0462331
ro2dJKilyoAdult (m)6,4227002
QFa8sCoco FayeAdult (f)5,2776092
GetK8Franz CocoAdult (m)5,1876162
jzjljNox PhloxAdult (f)5,6226134
vYeBPBlu BreezeAdult (f)5,0135591
hNqKn(hNqKn)Adult (m)4,9447032
Kk0YhCoco LeyAdult (f)5,2736221
prJuv(prJuv)Adult (f)5,2576031
1YXRsCoco SneezeAdult (f)5,2606051
ANdazOpaquityHatchling (F)2,1461591
tItipDay to Day BusinessHatchling (F)2,2252041
84GApOpaque DaysHatchling (F)2,4031691
8C7UoThrice RidgeslimedHatchling (F)2,0581533
BBhh1Is Fource a WordHatchling (F)2,2331682
CK1pNFivce surely is notHatchling (F)2,2401921
KAWEwThe End is Just the BeginningHatchling (F)2,1521463
QBynJDwarves guarding the PrincessHatchling (F)1,9611512
RgA11Vox PhloxAdult (f)3,81274511
YbB7rCoco PleaseAdult (f)4,41791520
ViriZCyrus the ViriZAdult (m)3,8097312
paRKS(paRKS)Adult (m)4,1816670
PzYxVSockvestAdult (m)5,7546032
exgGj(exgGj)Adult (f)5,7017732
kp2eOFaye BreezeAdult (f)5,0687613
kW0qPMadame KwopAdult (f)5,0007720
S2qP3(S2qP3)Adult (f)4,9297572
grn33ZilyoAdult (m)4,5425900
i232r(i232r)Adult (f)4,8506510
Rhg7aBale BreezeAdult (m)4,6756981
6Spoe(6Spoe)Adult (m)4,2597182
6ae0vMadame MaeveAdult (f)4,7166132
BhVfULoco BluesAdult (f)4,1657233
y51FB(y51FB)Adult (m)5,1606671
NBInI(NBInI)Adult (m)4,8276622
OGuQZ(OGuQZ)Adult (m)5,1746671
SmEHD(SmEHD)Adult (m)4,9766721
959FRWellengeistAdult (m)7,2676591
0tktABecky BreezeAdult (f)5,1517111
ZngKX(ZngKX)Adult (f)6,7187353
jHlDL(jHlDL)Adult (f)4,9475930
oJ1chA Third of the Beast's NumberHatchling (F)3,2452471
sWoHpZee the BabiesHatchling (F)2,9843091
aRzTI(aRzTI)Adult (f)4,8624742
Gdnde(Gdnde)Adult (f)4,8144762
PNPiq(PNPiq)Hatchling (F)4,0724061
WWH5hTwice Slimily AbridgedHatchling (F)2,1591451
ZNs8E(ZNs8E)Hatchling (F)1,8931461
zJnZI(zJnZI)Adult (m)4,6755882
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