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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
orPUN(orPUN)Adult (f)6,2575461
Myyns(Myyns)Adult (m)6,0306773
utyno(utyno)Adult (m)6,6367121
1vlkOpaque SoulAdult (m)1,7638539
DOppOpaque HeartAdult (f)2,3227968
uNkm(uNkm)Hatchling (f, F)1,8005624
bBPX(bBPX)Hatchling (m, F)2,8055747
DFiTNightly Braid DropAdult (f)2,9918916
Hto3OWavey Night Day DropAdult (f)2,7135783
GmtMXNightly Daily Braid DropAdult (f)2,7716146
qA4S6Nebulous DropAdult (f)2,9206301
Aj6fETwin Braid DropAdult (f)4,1378164
G2qHNAllday Checker DropAdult (f)2,1136153
3bT46Soulless DropAdult (f)2,2126241
SJ8oSMagical Checker DropAdult (f)2,4366382
NHQYuHerztropfenAdult (f)1,8726672
i2lPoKnorke LorkeAdult (f)1,4946205
s9cP2Equalizer DropAdult (f)2,1326611
lHeOPStripey DropAdult (f)1,7735811
YGDEgUltra DropAdult (f)1,7235862
c5GIASpoon DropAdult (f)2,4446262
W2LJVAtavi DropAdult (f)2,0745701
Qtb0Y(Qtb0Y)Adult (m)1,5717155
ku7L1Cascading DropAdult (f)2,6705952
yiYr2GroschenoperAdult (f)2,2976413
GmTQTLametta Double DropAdult (f)2,5815002
grajkLovely CodyAdult (f)2,7165863
Sf8ANOpaque FanAdult (m)2,2765901
ZTxngZ' Cas'kin DropAdult (f)3,52577514
tarng(tarng)Adult (f)2,6867323
73Tx3Tex DropsAdult (f)5,5791,1154
zIiH4z' Common DropsAdult (f)5,2004342
zZEK8Terty Drip ThuwedAdult (m)3,3125992
zSg90(zSg90)Adult (m)4,3527031
VgbqqGasayeilAdult (m)3,6884483
GksDyThuwed ThefAdult (f)2,6495521
fo6N7(fo6N7)Adult (f)4,6829301
zSfOOz' Drop the BluesAdult (m)4,9258443
fTubDTubby DropsAdult (f)5,8085375
ZCxgrZ'pecial DropAdult (f)4,7916303
JNhlyDouble BaubleAdult (f)5,8746883
2jXM9Twisted BaubleAdult (f)3,6428641
ZCStB(ZCStB)Adult (f)4,9267062
2KTSSTwisted PuddleAdult (f)5,0229434
tXKBRLovely daba555Adult (f)3,9705933
dIF0lLovely Daydreamer09Adult (f)5,6027276
yRvUVMyblub PoppiesAdult (f)4,8236908
ZhcNw(ZhcNw)Adult (m)3,5676280
60bDAMistlesoulAdult (f)4,9554971
WrwCELad SampleHatchling (m, F)4,1117272
CYebCPoisonboyAdult (m)5,7587122
Aytaz(Aytaz)Adult (f)4,6114735
zgfkkZ'iggy StardropAdult (m)5,6336051
qxA1FZementoperAdult (f)4,8266553
L5sZROpaque LaserAdult (m)4,7696382
ZZxTCZ'Z' DropAdult (m)6,6878273
ZkHAiZ'ixty Shark DropsAdult (m)4,8536071
0Oorv(0Oorv)Adult (m)5,5776991
kNNxFPink is the Boys' colourAdult (f)5,4265842
ZphPlz' Quarty DropsAdult (m)6,3735722
BLYCE(BLYCE)Adult (f)4,5766142
WV5dxCauliflower SampleAdult (f)6,2046505
oxxz0Oxora DropportAdult (f)5,7316312
Ahip0(Ahip0)Adult (f)6,4376264
G0h6pSam SampleAdult (m)6,2576092
8RrH1Niche PrincessAdult (f)6,2106093
UmOwFOpaque CoreAdult (m)6,4206442
28n0T(28n0T)Adult (m)6,1348185
Bw6p9Terty BlubzeeAdult (m)6,5686442
Fjp4GFrosty LacostyAdult (m)6,7126233
JJL0iTerty BeautiblubsAdult (f)6,6836372
ZquC2z' QuicheHatchling (F)2,1581642
yjklVOpaque LiverAdult (m)6,4677692
bY2mgOpaque BrainAdult (m)5,1436681
3916HFalconidropAdult (f)5,7076711
qKCtvAuridropAdult (f)6,7117553
syW4BOpaque MindAdult (m)6,4677622
z6IG4(z6IG4)Adult (m)6,40573711
1sak0Hat die Blume einen KnickAdult (m)5,0687072
TmYYhTerty SulaAdult (f)4,7986801
aklaxUunlfaalAdult (m)5,0616394
ZkLKMz' Glittering DropAdult (f)3,9252764
ZnAl3(ZnAl3)Adult (f)6,6666201
DuBvDer SpassAdult (m)4,0159418
oiFZDie TrauerAdult (f)6,0881,7155
vPv7(vPv7)Hatchling (f, F)1,9116947
YHc5(YHc5)Hatchling (m, F)1,4785847
Qm3uGDer DankAdult (m)1,9725722
cNPXZLoch LomondaAdult (f)6,3839714
TJwUHLovely ScracAdult (f)1,9437142
FX6O6Eiscreme ist gesundAdult (f)3,6861,1017
HfqRZEisstrandAdult (f)2,9788278
EAE7rLoonyeAdult (f)1,8757684
rYBE1FrostsuppeAdult (f)4,7697774
zqdCP(zqdCP)Adult (f)4,25486510
Gsr7IStirius HarmonyAdult (m)3,2681,06310
PJgbyArgent ParadiseAdult (f)3,8533952
iwHClZaubertrauerAdult (f)3,2551,0216
cFahJKaltschaleAdult (f)2,8709346
husH3(husH3)Adult (f)4,7598053
4C4igQuarty Glaced ShinesAdult (m)4,3765461
JlXqUMageicicleAdult (f)4,7387373
nxuei(nxuei)Adult (m)6,2947762
zZBro(zZBro)Adult (f)4,8084951
RPF0hJennifer Rush - Ring of IceAdult (m)4,0616093
T1MVvTim SnowAdult (m)5,8637253
GNhAuFrostlockeAdult (f)3,7286853
pKRs0Celoc0 Xohb ThuwedAdult (m)4,9217352
ndsNBeats The HeatsAdult (f)3,45891712
jKZ9Gots The HotsAdult (m)4,5701,2588
hKXl(hKXl)Hatchling (f, F)3,9236958
GPjB(GPjB)Hatchling (m, F)3,0834825
FDl3JHilmarAdult (m)3,02996417
GSte9HechterAdult (m)4,05095010
QS6fnIm-PairAdult (f)3,3518434
2qG2CIm-PartAdult (f)4,5711,2303
djPUmAsbestaAdult (f)2,7588543
lV99xNena's 99thAdult (f)3,4354302
mXXKnImp-AirAdult (f)2,7764792
oFht7D-Imp-LedAdult (f)4,2297806
cO9mbPolyburnsAdult (m)3,4345774
yMofjIm-PendAdult (f)2,7178511
YtqRa(YtqRa)Adult (m)4,2036622
g6RdIImp-EndAdult (f)3,9706257
Jp5K1MayhemingwayAdult (m)3,4815584
gX571Lazy LeeAdult (f)5,85593110
vZTv1Royal FlamencoAdult (m)4,2576225
ZrGdQZ'elbyAdult (m)3,0723106
ZDoxt(ZDoxt)Adult (f)5,0857601
zQ5TZ(zQ5TZ)Adult (f)4,9245896
Z3MFNZ'onyaAdult (f)3,4437876
xMdzoSyzzlyxAdult (m)4,6276702
60AmFQuite the ShillingAdult (m)5,2676703
vrKdnToo Rule For CoolAdult (m)7,0109451
ZTTLZ'DonnerflitzerAdult (m)3,92695813
flK1Tess TeslaAdult (f)2,9387535
ZijsZ' Thor TeslaHatchling (m, F)3,1034226
geeR(geeR)Hatchling (f, F)3,1724165
jOr8iTerty StormyAdult (f)4,2578637
co2MRShock RiderAdult (f)4,5099066
uJE5bQuarty StormyAdult (f)3,8961,1293
U6iDXSecundy LaviniaAdult (f)3,2349406
t4tiDHitzegewitterAdult (f)3,4999615
7e76LBlues BrzzlAdult (m)3,2989782
SjCRsHare DryerAdult (f)3,2074212
ikz7G(ikz7G)Adult (m)3,2885553
jy1cYJuicy TeslaAdult (f)3,0555961
reE7dStatyxAdult (f)4,2837732
ijOfX(ijOfX)Adult (m)4,1728994
X9Dn8Sparks of ParadiseAdult (f)5,2466176
hMyQeHavoc in SparksAdult (f)4,7545509
zhJcFZ'anderstrackAdult (m)3,0321,2742
BZAXcDonnerscheinAdult (m)5,1347712
bnkxXGolden CosmeaeAdult (f)2,9325811
QmzBgSparky of InsanityAdult (m)6,5096385
KcSnSchneeherrscherinAdult (f)3,0161,3247
nWht(nWht)Hatchling (f, F)2,0119514
9CCbdTwisted SnowAdult (f)3,5021,2075
z9FyZZ' Scent of JewelsAdult (f)2,0217565
1PZX5SnowstrifeAdult (f)4,6814496
ZsPJO(ZsPJO)Adult (f)4,0136874
zOf49(zOf49)Adult (f)4,1378724
hazj9HazjaieAdult (f)4,7468942
dFR2YAngaiaAdult (f)4,8419162
3dfORGifted JenniAdult (f)4,8991,1327
ZGLGTz' GaelAdult (f)4,0837021
8orcmQueen of ArtsAdult (f)4,0807271
9bhbPaula PowercreepAdult (f)2,7531,10510
WQQuPaul PowercreepAdult (m)2,9721,10110
C5ApFree Electric BandHatchling (f, F)2,6727679
rv1cAlbert Hammond - TheHatchling (m, F)2,9391,1526
a0INePina PowercreepAdult (f)5,6335860
uNnRhPino PowercreepAdult (m)5,6356302
Chaya(Chaya)Adult (m)6,3026304
cJ4ICalx HarmonyAdult (f)2,4498418
NdbKCalx LibertyAdult (m)4,0951,2847
UkCSLittle Calx HarmonyHatchling (f, F)3,3939136
qVebLittle Calx LibertyHatchling (m, F)2,1424413
Wrtg0Rock My ClockAdult (f)2,0154857
GALvnGalvynAdult (f)3,7797176
ZTHCNZ' Party CrasherAdult (f)2,9857021
mdOUv(mdOUv)Adult (m)2,7377352
zAWwPZ' Party SmasherAdult (m)4,4121,0611
OxsOsParty BasherAdult (m)2,2616533
004sDCrepuscular ClawsAdult (f)3,2948203
eCbRlMemories of ShadowsAdult (m)4,5727363
2y5ymBashy DeeAdult (m)2,0097462
REq2GBashy LeeAdult (m)3,4417430
fKHLnCrashdanceAdult (f)3,0569923
WjYcFCrash My NightAdult (f)3,1316612
YvZI5Rock My PartyAdult (f)4,6369883
JYavAYava RaiderAdult (f)7,2687066
zVkT7(zVkT7)Adult (f)4,6225781
ZqWLk(ZqWLk)Adult (f)4,2615763
ZRC6X(ZRC6X)Adult (m)4,3546202
5Gyar(5Gyar)Adult (m)4,4385541
KSL0T(KSL0T)Adult (f)5,5126080
Cabcu(Cabcu)Adult (m)5,7428182
zn4Ch(zn4Ch)Adult (m)5,5266251
zvkcV(zvkcV)Adult (f)6,5347004
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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