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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Toyz2ItiteAdult (m)2,6308885
5PNyHZay NeighAdult (f)3,2659122
GqiWHZnuggyeAdult (m)3,5599282
jim0ODanceyeAdult (m)2,64880910
dAlhVWhinniezAdult (m)5,1918631
ZMkZEZ' Whinny TwinklesAdult (m)1,7726002
RB1c2Diva PoppiesAdult (m)2,9478712
mmy24Admired PinksAdult (f)3,5378042
PnC4iBaggins DaisiesAdult (f)6,0891,1041
kY2NiSilver DaiziesAdult (m)5,7626203
OGupWItityAdult (m)3,2324630
owLZNTerty TigerAdult (m)3,4016245
z7QKo(z7QKo)Adult (m)3,7566182
Lc0fwForkrushAdult (f)3,7507372
9Tftu(9Tftu)Adult (m)3,5039425
MYWU6Bronze PeriwinklesAdult (f)3,4399231
4cqwJWordpowerAdult (m)5,1014733
lXbxp(lXbxp)Adult (m)3,8999632
a7Yxy(a7Yxy)Hatchling (F)4,7485011
z5Xj6(z5Xj6)Adult (f)4,5364931
NZUpANZUpA-WomanAdult (f)4,8539893
bWGgRAngel AberwitzAdult (f)5,4356091
MeBZyZy RevisitedAdult (m)4,1046752
v7oLWAnette Purple PonyAdult (f)5,8756681
IEV0SP Purple PonyAdult (f)6,2356631
zIW0lz' Brian Purple PonyAdult (m)6,1916981
S2IdSDavid Purple PonyAdult (m)4,5404102
VO9vBUta Purple PonyAdult (f)5,0045425
vshwvTom Purple PonyAdult (m)4,8725654
Zog1F(Zog1F)Adult (m)4,5145343
zHnh9(zHnh9)Adult (m)4,2046501
KAMoIKamui Purple PonyAdult (m)3,9707883
oWjBuDaria Purple PonyAdult (f)5,1147684
8hYLoThuthy ThtormAdult (f)6,4517141
gaUTnThweet ThtormAdult (f)5,7056681
pkGAvLunameighAdult (m)3,9647332
ZuzPi(ZuzPi)Adult (f)4,5597192
5Qoim(5Qoim)Adult (m)5,2407752
zOxHj(zOxHj)Adult (m)4,7175973
CfMqyRobert Purple PonyAdult (m)5,8406602
hvVWRQuastra Purple PonyAdult (f)6,7165962
vW6BLPurple Pony PointAdult (m)6,1317701
SpooO(SpooO)Adult (m)6,1787853
4Mew6(4Mew6)Adult (f)5,5766952
EkmyT(EkmyT)Adult (f)6,3905920
3MWoTabby TadAdult (m)2,1029595
XcsqTabby TinaAdult (f)1,6357613
idUZTabby TimHatchling (m, F)2,4337506
hQmAIke Poison PopAdult (m)2,5191,1989
XqPHTina Poison PopAdult (f)4,0991,8129
9W99XBonnie Poison PopAdult (f)2,1996370
P4LiLSting Poison PopAdult (m)2,1566652
YQzyGAlice Poison PopAdult (m)2,3136132
hAIbETyler Poison PopAdult (m)2,7136034
V52iLChad Poison PopAdult (m)2,3776442
2gpRYAnzu WhispersAdult (f)3,2047832
X9saCLucy Poison PopAdult (f)3,3587833
LyUtNLovely DeinosaurAdult (f)4,1676883
dVVh6Afterglow NuggetAdult (m)3,3535731
zxfST(zxfST)Adult (f)3,4655962
ZYHGDZ'weet LagieAdult (f)4,2146962
qflfu(qflfu)Adult (f)5,6415991
SR6eYTerty SnowwishAdult (m)3,4305733
KPSNY(KPSNY)Adult (f)3,4475631
OF8bTSchritt fuer SchrittAdult (m)3,6255341
zDpj0(zDpj0)Adult (m)3,1695621
GTAHJPaul Poison PopAdult (m)5,6536193
6FDUvCruella Poison PopAdult (f)5,9045391
M91cPTerty Cody Illiterate ChickenAdult (f)4,3935183
9DOdHBella Poison PopAdult (f)3,6137361
LlQsL(LlQsL)Adult (f)3,4407718
zXhTn(zXhTn)Adult (f)4,5021,0535
ZQ7DY(ZQ7DY)Adult (f)4,8978561
hB9bmCassy TinaAdult (f)5,9798103
ZfKRa(ZfKRa)Adult (m)4,4235172
zp6bez' KoffeinflattermannAdult (m)6,4458314
cfDeNKit BrunoAdult (m)5,8144950
Jv8dMTrolly Poison PopAdult (f)4,9946230
N50vA(N50vA)Adult (m)6,1825110
dx7jTHexe Poison PopAdult (f)6,2055231
FHfeE(FHfeE)Hatchling (F)2,1041692
zYXJR(zYXJR)Adult (m)7,1175333
opbky(opbky)Hatchling (F)2,0191552
2Gve2Trilly Poison PopAdult (f)4,3716201
6LkmrLita TabbyAdult (f)5,2464411
WgW7FJenni Poison PopAdult (f)5,2724350
DALHh(DALHh)Adult (m)5,2634410
zKJjQ(zKJjQ)Hatchling (F)2,3411801
zltYV(zltYV)Adult (m)4,7286101
Zwct7(Zwct7)Adult (m)6,1396881
JoEvuCody Jo EvuAdult (m)4,0335323
Z5W2lz' Pita TabbyAdult (f)4,2065762
zb3LO(zb3LO)Adult (m)5,2876412
1Gydu(1Gydu)Adult (f)5,0236402
zNXiG(zNXiG)Adult (m)6,9544896
4RuPy(4RuPy)Adult (f)5,8818186
FoRm9(FoRm9)Adult (m)5,5176142
QUREYQUREY REWIRTEAdult (f)4,3876904
wsJv8Terty LimetteAdult (f)6,6536103
Rt1F5Rita TabbyAdult (f)4,8136663
PailP(PailP)Adult (m)5,7306231
jinoL(jinoL)Adult (f)5,5616120
Zc7w4Z'imtropicalAdult (m)7,2071,0612
Zx7fv(Zx7fv)Adult (m)6,7497513
YvesP(YvesP)Adult (m)5,9436622
z3AHO(z3AHO)Adult (f)7,8107255
S6nYCore LibertyAdult (m)1,8898699
Cmb3Little Core LibertyHatchling (m, F)1,9347613
hEeNCora HarmonyAdult (f)2,3946716
VBVXLittle Core HarmonyHatchling (m, F)1,1275064
DZ1nLittle Cora LibertyHatchling (f, F)2,0486685
B6GI(B6GI)Adult (m)4,01781212
aoYOLittle Cora DreamHatchling (f, F)3,1797991
RxrIhCory CobolAdult (m)2,5826712
ApaReCosmic CobolAdult (m)2,4366863
esGOXCobbly CobolAdult (m)2,1245495
qlNqMColombe CobolAdult (f)3,4925293
pfV1yCoco CobolAdult (f)6,5151,5233
O6L5ECodie CobolAdult (m)3,0805993
hMITIComfort CobolAdult (f)2,6946024
afGccColumba CobolAdult (m)2,9126352
6nStsRegina LibertyAdult (f)2,3776876
XrlPvHeadlampknaveAdult (m)3,5534301
FKSxT(FKSxT)Adult (m)3,6844291
7bY1uHeadlampmaidenAdult (f)2,6205502
FLZrSRemoving the sky from SkydivingAdult (f)3,2774732
79ZFz(79ZFz)Adult (f)2,3155561
HQ5ON(HQ5ON)Adult (m)4,1943590
8e1pK(8e1pK)Hatchling (m, F)3,5534781
zlIYy(zlIYy)Adult (m)3,7416701
VnscdMolly LibertyAdult (f)4,1575231
jNpHy(jNpHy)Adult (m)4,0905391
ZsBkf(ZsBkf)Adult (f)4,0485491
dybaH(dybaH)Adult (f)3,3574511
p5LIOHumour LibertyAdult (f)4,1674701
pMfa8(pMfa8)Adult (m)4,0244901
ZkUTo(ZkUTo)Adult (f)4,2066352
ToNAb(ToNAb)Adult (f)3,3194444
lH8vJBrain LibertyAdult (f)3,5365851
CCLUuCCLUulessAdult (m)2,7506342
kGGnI(kGGnI)Adult (f)2,3146162
sUgHO(sUgHO)Adult (m)3,3785672
t0ZHU(t0ZHU)Adult (m)4,7607281
pdIRP(pdIRP)Adult (m)4,3364832
pqZj6(pqZj6)Adult (f)3,8744762
X2dFA(X2dFA)Adult (m)3,6464702
ib5KY(ib5KY)Adult (m)4,0455042
OJlp5AssertivaAdult (f)3,7155002
O5rts(O5rts)Adult (f)3,8205232
ZHHmb(ZHHmb)Adult (f)4,1224221
0jUD4(0jUD4)Adult (f)6,5554372
RtPUz(RtPUz)Adult (m)3,6235531
nefZa(nefZa)Adult (m)4,3753841
rPxGE(rPxGE)Adult (f)4,4393701
A8940(A8940)Adult (f)3,5754341
Cwnma(Cwnma)Adult (f)3,7725212
5EpPp(5EpPp)Adult (f)3,6777513
QgcS3Silver StarfishAdult (m)3,5914371
dUUXO(dUUXO)Adult (f)3,6094462
UYnZg(UYnZg)Adult (m)3,7695222
Ze1rZ(Ze1rZ)Adult (f)5,3108423
zXQUV(zXQUV)Adult (m)5,1898334
qNdFOBronze SocklingsAdult (m)3,8115594
BG89m(BG89m)Hatchling (F)1,0361393
ZTzNOz' Tasha CobolAdult (f)5,4817061
Zayia(Zayia)Adult (f)6,5466981
1Daup(1Daup)Adult (f)6,5975903
ZXe4G(ZXe4G)Adult (m)7,7006932
QKg6Lilly LongtoeAdult (f)2,2627377
NuEJLayla LongtoeHatchling (f, F)2,3176864
4R01Felix FintoeAdult (m)2,8378856
g0tIFelix LongtoeHatchling (m, F)1,9724487
Lq80JLisa LongtoeAdult (f)3,7706532
sAIGgFritz FintoeAdult (m)2,2007683
Cultl(Cultl)Adult (m)5,2896722
orPUN(orPUN)Adult (f)6,2575461
Myyns(Myyns)Adult (m)6,0306773
utyno(utyno)Adult (m)6,6367121
1vlkOpaque SoulAdult (m)1,7638539
DOppOpaque HeartAdult (f)2,3227968
uNkm(uNkm)Hatchling (f, F)1,8005624
bBPX(bBPX)Hatchling (m, F)2,8055747
DFiTNightly Braid DropAdult (f)2,9918916
Hto3OWavey Night Day DropAdult (f)2,7135783
GmtMXNightly Daily Braid DropAdult (f)2,7716146
qA4S6Nebulous DropAdult (f)2,9206301
Aj6fETwin Braid DropAdult (f)4,1378164
G2qHNAllday Checker DropAdult (f)2,1136153
3bT46Soulless DropAdult (f)2,2126241
SJ8oSMagical Checker DropAdult (f)2,4366382
NHQYuHerztropfenAdult (f)1,8726672
i2lPoKnorke LorkeAdult (f)1,4946205
s9cP2Equalizer DropAdult (f)2,1326611
lHeOPStripey DropAdult (f)1,7735811
YGDEgUltra DropAdult (f)1,7235862
c5GIASpoon DropAdult (f)2,4446262
W2LJVAtavi DropAdult (f)2,0745701
Qtb0Y(Qtb0Y)Adult (m)1,5717155
ku7L1Cascading DropAdult (f)2,6705952
yiYr2GroschenoperAdult (f)2,2976413
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