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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Kralp(Kralp)Adult (m)7,6417592
ldD6iSweetcellAdult (f)5,9596746
O3pR3Freaky by ProxyAdult (f)5,5145268
91a2vAcronychal RisingAdult (f)6,7807553
zHvzl(zHvzl)Adult (m)6,5817304
zBZrj(zBZrj)Adult (m)4,4917192
z2x8r(z2x8r)Adult (m)6,3406071
xqfPmCrepuscular LarsAdult (m)5,0365233
ipdR8Crepuscular NooseAdult (m)5,9957054
ZwaRS(ZwaRS)Adult (f)6,0116675
NeSaC(NeSaC)Adult (f)6,8426031
1cmObHotstuff at DuskAdult (f)5,5644674
0BHqPurple RayAdult (m)2,5041,3495
Hn0SGarnet ThunderAdult (m)1,9391,1704
9uFVPurple RaynaAdult (f)2,2191,1617
FQsyGarnet StormAdult (f)2,6291,4274
kxJQGarnet PurpleHatchling (m, F)1,3687975
B5U0Purple TalathHatchling (m, F)1,3546752
EoFc2Quarty Milkysweet HollycandyAdult (f)3,9604124
z7SwTZ' Hazel Of PurpleAdult (f)3,7101,0317
zbQJHZ' Purple of CandyflossAdult (f)2,7727482
aU9s2Ray DeeAdult (m)3,3248011
ZBLpPZ' Marble HouseAdult (m)3,7521,0223
zonoGz' LiloAdult (m)5,2451,0351
Z4O5Kz' LilaAdult (f)4,3881,0612
zvyQ2(zvyQ2)Adult (f)3,0825162
Zrlaj(Zrlaj)Adult (f)3,0949422
NapWB(NapWB)Adult (m)4,0311,2253
AsNoB(AsNoB)Adult (m)3,4727144
NLNgZMarrow RogueAdult (f)3,8709252
2Culp(2Culp)Adult (f)5,2346772
xBj0dSecundy Rainbow's EndAdult (f)3,6617108
BRgetBobby McBongodrumsAdult (m)4,9175400
1tvO9Garnet GardenerAdult (m)4,4576770
NBwlzGranatginsterAdult (f)4,5688442
9vChz(9vChz)Hatchling (F)1,3881611
zt9Ks(zt9Ks)Adult (f)4,1956341
6Avou(6Avou)Adult (m)6,2727101
5FI3CMarrow KhalesAdult (f)5,0777063
ZGJFk(ZGJFk)Adult (f)5,7356443
zmbVW(zmbVW)Adult (f)3,9086705
pTM86(pTM86)Adult (f)4,2698323
4XeTTerginoAdult (m)9125533
2YsWZona BellaAdult (f)3,3491,6054
p8p0Liana TigereyeHatchling (f, F)1,6318994
ztKGsZ'wings Both WaysAdult (f)7,3956092
5Gkkn(5Gkkn)Adult (m)3,1695702
sQsJ9Terty SilverspoonAdult (m)4,7753703
7fBL9(7fBL9)Adult (f)4,2643510
YhTht(YhTht)Adult (f)3,7846736
0DCGfSkuggeryAdult (m)3,5096765
pXrFx(pXrFx)Adult (f)3,5175482
Lh2PWDetlef Pace PopAdult (m)3,1655642
9pIiTKit Pace PopAdult (m)5,0086711
U9ASl(U9ASl)Adult (f)6,0965232
hVSHN(hVSHN)Adult (f)6,4365121
bQRGa(bQRGa)Adult (m)4,2535061
3K08MBruno BrookAdult (m)3,9294241
1Udh9(1Udh9)Adult (m)4,7324442
gE7hs(gE7hs)Adult (f)3,1705611
TNdPh(TNdPh)Adult (f)3,4177012
hWcks(hWcks)Adult (f)3,7894410
54Xya(54Xya)Adult (f)4,1336561
I07O5(I07O5)Adult (m)3,7114852
2L6tY(2L6tY)Adult (m)4,0626121
TbzYF(TbzYF)Adult (f)3,7245121
MYEE6(MYEE6)Adult (m)4,6756730
csbJm(csbJm)Adult (m)3,80784358
xI2l0(xI2l0)Adult (f)3,8885324
x0OoM(x0OoM)Adult (f)4,1096051
8bSDu(8bSDu)Adult (m)4,5334612
ZlPB2(ZlPB2)Adult (m)3,8225991
zKCDzz' Kenny Pace PopAdult (m)5,4686702
ZAz6AZ'pace PopAdult (f)3,8567112
ZTf7r(ZTf7r)Adult (m)4,8215881
zu42eZ'olution PopAdult (f)4,2886952
zUdeo(zUdeo)Adult (m)3,8846843
Hojiy(Hojiy)Adult (m)6,3106923
ZZDKP(ZZDKP)Adult (m)5,7725531
zaMUB(zaMUB)Adult (m)4,9446311
SoBEyLovely Draconna's SobeyAdult (m)4,8836961
ztlNY(ztlNY)Adult (f)5,8346321
Zy24s(Zy24s)Adult (f)6,5556392
LU3XGWildgleamsAdult (f)6,5435883
B4URtMontys BrautAdult (f)7,2696861
LmAaGlasschwingeAdult (f)4,6641,97312
pFDiAetherschwingeHatchling (f, F)2,6471,2886
ZHnmZ'GlasschweifAdult (m)1,7757093
crpVGlasherzHatchling (m, F)2,0525435
5CDBvQueen Oona ObviansAdult (f)2,4657102
Z7gG3(Z7gG3)Adult (f)3,3225171
zCyjKZ'GlasschwingeAdult (f)4,0825912
zsvfy(zsvfy)Hatchling (F)2,1161492
BDxOoGlasschweifAdult (m)6,5307611
kkxK9(kkxK9)Hatchling (F)2,1301421
CZ8qWBruchsicherAdult (f)5,0904584
zvmPj(zvmPj)Hatchling (F)2,6141911
3yWTrYozurtHatchling (F)2,9442451
ZCRzN(ZCRzN)Adult (m)4,8447081
fXYqYfROZEN sUBAdult (m)5,9118572
mu6FaDotty GlassAdult (f)3,6067995
gHEARgHEAR tHE sHATTERINGAdult (f)3,5166193
FDoVMKaeseglockengongAdult (m)3,6776381
pkzauLoco Broken Neck EnsembleAdult (f)6,1576012
sMAHzDeclare Global Temporary TableAdult (m)6,3086423
rPwEc(rPwEc)Adult (f)6,4796262
kk7YrYogurtini LactosefreeAdult (f)6,5166673
75A9f(75A9f)Hatchling (F)2,5721802
lGlxL(lGlxL)Hatchling (F)2,8892811
tqU3Equa HarmonyAdult (f)1,6927937
oZ9pRuby HarmonyHatchling (f, F)1,9346368
M9EQEquus LibertyAdult (m)2,8498418
YNI6InyAdult (m)3,0201,0749
gnM8Pia Pony PopAdult (f)3,0759748
ZO2jZ'ack Purple PonyAdult (m)4,4777635
7RQCIliloAdult (m)4,3196464
jeacBella Purple PonyAdult (f)4,0346574
GOIKZigyskAdult (m)3,1714607
iH0APurple Pony PopAdult (m)2,3365394
cNMIVinnie Purple PonyAdult (f)2,8035419
TOqp(TOqp)Adult (m)4,5927286
cvOBMephistorAdult (m)2,68665310
JsUlElton Purple PonyAdult (m)2,4665624
lSKbInga Purple PonyAdult (f)4,2367289
ZdcrZ'Paca Purple PonyAdult (f)4,0528013
Y9PdCeline Purple PonyAdult (f)1,9711,0724
brH5Britney Plum PopAdult (f)3,1431,1266
sBlfHal Plum PopAdult (m)3,7129614
8hV5Aaron Purple PonyAdult (m)3,77485510
eb0oMel Plum PopAdult (f)3,2539957
ELRfIsktokichAdult (f)2,9628386
EoDZHashzigAdult (m)2,9488909
ERJUDido Purple PonyAdult (f)3,4249653
ulp2GrimtoothAdult (m)2,9201,0146
onVhIlileAdult (m)3,2519255
n2XeAnja Purple PonyAdult (f)3,4019334
IFKOJennifer Plum PopAdult (f)3,1209356
mR10Tam Purple PonyAdult (f)1,8386644
6m6vUdo Purple PonyAdult (m)1,8176544
aWGTLiz Purple PonyAdult (f)3,4448574
oSDqThally ThtormwindAdult (f)1,9476274
9hKlSandro Pony PopAdult (m)1,8446072
JJZ7(JJZ7)Adult (m)1,9586004
jMfdIlilyAdult (m)2,0545513
6l9DCara EquaAdult (f)1,8945892
L3ckTina the SwiftAdult (f)1,7776113
P3Ce(P3Ce)Adult (f)1,9475693
nmU3Gary StalloneAdult (m)1,5786514
1cQIIjiloAdult (m)1,5866373
ZgoQZ'Paco Purple PonyAdult (m)2,0925914
5M10Brad StalloneAdult (m)1,8486572
6Cgk(6Cgk)Adult (m)1,7136632
eMaEStan StalloneAdult (m)1,6556572
egt3Hanna StormwindAdult (f)2,0716253
322rPrancing for WowAdult (f)2,0075821
uE9YIjileAdult (m)1,9666133
u79lRene StormwindAdult (f)2,0405752
C84NCapricious StormwindAdult (f)2,0385663
3Ps2Speedy StormyAdult (f)2,4095474
K2GD(K2GD)Adult (m)2,3435881
NMVPSteve StalloneAdult (m)2,4846043
iRqNNewyear StalloneAdult (m)2,5075912
uVSDTelly StalloneAdult (m)2,0206034
KWpm(KWpm)Adult (m)2,0887113
TZscWendy StormwindAdult (f)1,8716475
8h8YCathy StormwindAdult (f)2,2236452
baKYBoyko StalloneAdult (m)2,1206314
Ydt8Svenja StormwindAdult (f)2,1486095
ZEg1Z'Paula Purple PonyAdult (f)1,8886014
uvoFNeighyaAdult (f)2,4476173
uKVX(uKVX)Adult (m)2,5036364
9HlZMara MellowAdult (f)2,3936702
vA9vThuthy ThtormwindAdult (f)2,2516373
DMuZWally StalloneAdult (m)2,3555693
Z0sGZ'Paul Purple PonyAdult (m)2,2136032
955uThandy ThtormwindAdult (f)1,7075671
I10FBrinjalAdult (f)2,3446682
rWHgJet Pony PopAdult (m)2,1506565
duNWHumaneighAdult (m)2,3166804
vKrOLumaneighAdult (m)2,8346682
pGQ4Liberty Pony PopAdult (m)5,8536072
AtgcGerlinzAdult (f)3,6004922
Xsc0Thorny ThtormAdult (f)2,2306764
kQdbClaw ThuwedAdult (m)2,3836763
0a8AIjilyAdult (m)2,3106162
ckPm(ckPm)Adult (m)1,9807111
6VomLIjijoAdult (m)2,6975782
epYuDIjijeAdult (m)1,8586191
T2gB1IjijyAdult (m)2,6045446
iB4ZvItijoAdult (m)1,9456671
H63WU(H63WU)Adult (m)1,3645971
GaLAVItijeAdult (m)2,0065572
YEYj1(YEYj1)Adult (m)1,5256061
sGH0OTerty EpicaAdult (f)2,4256534
WI7fBItijyAdult (m)2,4466533
WxjswItitoAdult (m)4,0086703
ZPYz3GertruzAdult (f)2,1888364
Toyz2ItiteAdult (m)2,6308885
5PNyHZay NeighAdult (f)3,2659122
GqiWHZnuggyeAdult (m)3,5599282
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