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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ruby Eyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WtJqMitch EryzzixnachAdult (m)2,6806273
LTUHValerie EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,6696352
6XRpRobert EryzzixnachAdult (m)2,1085124
Xh3sMaren EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,9711,02010
ofo5Marty EryzzixnachAdult (m)4,1487606
PotsRoy EryzzixnachAdult (m)2,6284993
GLEJJenny EryzzixnachAdult (f)3,6326133
9XtMHaley EryzzixnachAdult (f)2,4445246
8N3WLydia EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,8795435
kRW1Uwe EryzzixnachAdult (m)2,9946587
b955Michael EryzzixnachAdult (m)3,0209237
2D48Sven EryzzixnachAdult (m)3,5629635
rojERoger EryzzixnachAdult (m)1,5786383
g59DSandy EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,6766561
fUb8Quaid EryzzixnachAdult (m)2,3026042
arWE(arWE)Adult (m)2,5165922
QRuHAysonAdult (m)1,9446031
X42USloan EryzzixnachAdult (m)4,5078373
nKSaSally LukeAdult (f)2,0916805
bXG7AydotAdult (f)2,0466737
HD0hVicky SueAdult (f)2,3037108
GLJ2done 01Adult (m)2,0316761
5MIYXdone 02Adult (m)2,8726191
2ISr8Bobby Blue JimAdult (m)4,1138023
njLb4(njLb4)Adult (m)3,2017466
vmMkCJimmy Blue BobAdult (m)3,1627363
KV1pC(KV1pC)Adult (m)3,0717162
33ieNTommy Blue JimAdult (m)3,5848824
YM86eTommy Blue BobAdult (m)3,0066652
vhhnD(vhhnD)Adult (m)2,5066172
JlkMOdone 03Adult (m)1,7456143
MqDccdone 04Adult (m)1,6015772
DEj6Edone 05Adult (m)2,1746644
4SLLAdone 06Adult (m)2,1816104
DiDmrVinny Pebble PopAdult (m)1,9015514
XjJ7G(XjJ7G)Adult (m)1,7145802
dg5KtTommy JimAdult (m)1,6755912
fR2vQRoger Pebble PopAdult (m)2,2946622
5Glml(5Glml)Adult (f)1,9006131
sAU2fBetty JaneAdult (f)2,0536202
V8Quj(V8Quj)Adult (f)1,9126592
Z6jruBobby TomAdult (m)2,3246870
KNNSb(KNNSb)Adult (f)2,5346294
Tub0p(Tub0p)Adult (m)1,8276834
nKDEYIan Pebble PopAdult (m)1,4386353
vXfWeTommy BobAdult (m)1,6436562
MtOXEBobby JimAdult (m)1,7927102
dQm8QJimmy BobAdult (m)1,6666752
JWivb(JWivb)Adult (f)2,0166983
Vi0fVMalcolm Pebble PopAdult (m)2,0136442
RnBZ6(RnBZ6)Adult (m)2,2076792
6d7OJdone 07Adult (m)2,1996783
NRgeIdone 08Adult (m)2,1216602
GWbYf(GWbYf)Adult (f)2,2826642
CBl29Terty DrakeAdult (m)2,2566402
fRkhHHolly SueAdult (f)1,9856203
5WlUFBobby Blue SamAdult (m)2,0326154
mpil6Sammy LukeAdult (m)2,0396064
8JUFCdone 09Adult (m)1,8066931
pMkBN(pMkBN)Adult (m)1,4446750
1hkkGdone 10Adult (m)1,3396570
3QjCqdone 11Adult (m)1,3206631
jHBD7done 12Adult (m)1,7187150
p1hLjTommy LukeAdult (m)1,8835821
i658uSammy Blue BobAdult (m)2,2625933
tKg9A(tKg9A)Adult (f)1,5025770
DnTsi(DnTsi)Adult (f)1,8276181
O7kYu(O7kYu)Adult (m)1,4295853
ctWHETommy SamAdult (m)2,1016971
egPOVSammy TomAdult (m)1,6656362
CWENI(CWENI)Adult (f)1,5946042
CECD5(CECD5)Adult (m)1,7677282
Sj16p(Sj16p)Adult (m)1,8837281
SS3QS(SS3QS)Adult (m)1,2446333
LuKHc(LuKHc)Adult (m)1,6976302
4F5h1(4F5h1)Adult (m)3,0399272
jpfWT(jpfWT)Adult (m)3,2049563
HkPjd(HkPjd)Adult (m)3,1869493
cYGQ0Gracy Lou MournsAdult (f)3,2629702
U90KlSally  SueAdult (f)1,9876671
RH3PX(RH3PX)Adult (f)2,4406501
oHltXRicky  LouAdult (f)2,5225451
HkOPUTea MateAdult (f)1,7626082
ehR3EJenny SueAdult (f)2,0396753
aOILm(aOILm)Adult (m)2,6495366
gm3Hf(gm3Hf)Adult (m)2,6845594
4am2b(4am2b)Adult (m)1,8376162
NRFQv(NRFQv)Adult (m)2,2836481
lenOU(lenOU)Adult (m)2,0605981
uFV4vTerty RockAdult (m)2,4876292
9JkJD(9JkJD)Adult (m)1,6956852
uW8g3(uW8g3)Adult (m)1,6776961
plXRL(plXRL)Adult (m)1,9436230
ZpnKiZ'Zain Pebble PopAdult (m)1,6236580
mPstgJimmy TomAdult (m)2,3116761
NGGAvPolly SueAdult (f)1,9616370
iU2k6Holly LouAdult (f)1,8126250
s1dQKBobby MikeAdult (m)2,0206352
HMtbF(HMtbF)Adult (f)4,6961,1292
X1RLF(X1RLF)Adult (f)2,0766376
EBIiR(EBIiR)Adult (f)1,9585681
CpDf4(CpDf4)Adult (f)1,8165413
kIiLsJeanne EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,8076070
74pdJJana LouAdult (f)2,3216622
PODpN(PODpN)Adult (m)2,0196782
Gfl4ZEdda EryzzixnachAdult (f)1,6196261
8LDL4(8LDL4)Adult (m)2,6705731
glY6e(glY6e)Adult (f)1,7666841
tZ1HQ(tZ1HQ)Adult (f)1,6906711
Z9TdVZ'Zara Pebble PopAdult (f)1,7336650
8jLPP(8jLPP)Adult (f)1,6326720
hqhfEAnna SueAdult (f)2,1185950
CKKm0Johnny JimAdult (m)1,9686112
FYVL5Betty SueAdult (f)2,7024973
iklVSMetusa Pebble PopAdult (m)2,3066471
TEB8u(TEB8u)Adult (m)2,3926811
fFqlv(fFqlv)Adult (m)2,1246242
252Cm(252Cm)Adult (m)1,8705883
I7Evg(I7Evg)Adult (m)2,2556412
AGPMB(AGPMB)Adult (m)2,2246142
NPIsR(NPIsR)Adult (m)2,7705852
lQMSq(lQMSq)Adult (f)2,6795962
brrqbTerty IceAdult (m)2,8375065
S7LkI(S7LkI)Adult (m)2,2126511
ic6TpBobby LukeAdult (m)2,1866563
Jb0gt(Jb0gt)Adult (f)2,8386152
gTYPIDana SueAdult (f)2,3356551
dY0IW(dY0IW)Adult (m)2,5856321
jDtG3Katrina EryzzixnachAdult (f)2,7726593
6Piku(6Piku)Adult (m)2,0626022
Be3oH(Be3oH)Adult (f)2,1366134
sEBzGMelissa Pebble PopAdult (f)2,0216036
v4akO(v4akO)Adult (f)2,3536096
j6mo2Alanis Pebble PopAdult (f)2,3486203
mnfzIAlain Pebble PopAdult (m)2,6255994
vApEtLovely PlisskenAdult (m)2,5017182
2SBWz(2SBWz)Adult (m)2,68463210
zfgFLZ' FillygreeAdult (f)2,8897562
zAuGWZ'ilvaAdult (f)2,8677702
ZV6AbZ' RockaAdult (f)2,7757672
00BjzJune Pave PopAdult (f)3,2188861
x5IxYXena Pave PopAdult (f)2,7318741
KXbq8Gavin Pave PopAdult (m)3,1938991
DmRO1Bekka Pave PopAdult (f)2,7298300
utyTUChristine Pave PopAdult (f)2,6849145
7FqEj(7FqEj)Adult (f)3,1258823
pnNuO(pnNuO)Adult (f)2,4237122
ekLvU(ekLvU)Adult (m)2,5607772
DrgjhJohnny Pave PopAdult (m)3,0208092
gvEgZBilly Pave PopAdult (m)2,5477153
oAKW2(oAKW2)Adult (f)2,4527601
TCYhA(TCYhA)Adult (f)2,3276451
6MV8nJohn Pave PopAdult (m)2,7107924
B8g3EGwen Pave PopAdult (f)2,3186751
zWQy2Z'wymchziyrAdult (f)2,5277673
ztpvoZ'olite FillyAdult (m)4,0328505
MOoDm(MOoDm)Adult (m)3,6595572
Z8N6xZ'imtAdult (f)5,0215790
Yoj6wRuth Pave PopAdult (f)2,6928291
wzkc9Mac Pave PopAdult (m)2,7418521
6nD86(6nD86)Adult (f)5,3158713
EYAiT(EYAiT)Adult (m)4,9598792
szliEMel Pave PopAdult (m)5,3178531
6gNn7Abner Pave PopAdult (m)4,6528435
n2JyXNick Pave PopAdult (m)5,2248411
G1RpaQueen - DelilahAdult (f)5,6739523
JoQ4MBronze RiversAdult (m)6,6298165
zYf8Uz' AntonioAdult (m)4,4756343
mzZznLunatticattyAdult (f)4,2287061
8bOsH(8bOsH)Adult (m)4,1026931
Z8yFbz' Percival Pebble PopAdult (m)3,5774461
ZnRUAZ'igmundAdult (m)6,1367191
hQv18Silentia Pave PopAdult (f)4,9107461
Ln8h2BasaltfeeAdult (f)5,8121,1962
eWkQPRauke AberwitzAdult (f)4,0726623
L5zoeSecundy LorenzAdult (m)5,6538111
9Kock(9Kock)Adult (m)4,9056664
1AdoR1AdoR-able Stone RoseAdult (m)7,1765852
Icydy(Icydy)Adult (m)6,5596382
ZIjUj(ZIjUj)Adult (f)5,8676474
3Z0HdKonkretinaturAdult (m)6,4385884
30ts1KonkretinierungAdult (m)6,6056232
lpFStJohnny LightpaveAdult (m)3,9126733
VgJTIJahresendfigurAdult (f)3,7241,2073
Com8zPudjj ThuwedAdult (f)4,6374557
ZoXnD(ZoXnD)Adult (m)6,46461112
Z532i(Z532i)Adult (f)5,62990712
52WelHeaven's RubyAdult (f)2,9877237
EaVBGMay the 42 B with UAdult (m)4,0795876
OmmM8Whose Blues NowAdult (m)3,3063976
D02tsSpanische StechpalmeAdult (f)4,1586951
3hZPAethereal LibertyAdult (m)1,5938827
0o9JAethereal HarmonyAdult (f)1,4288096
bkcfAethereal JoyHatchling (f, F)1,2276404
0WjQBorea VitalityAdult (f)2,7269862
oeX6Living Dangerous LeeHatchling (m, F)1,9035587
ruqSZischyAdult (f)2,9687717
rCo7Pale ValAdult (f)4,5377448
m2IFSunday BlueAdult (m)2,3727069
9CW0AeroswiftAdult (m)3,2359008
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