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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rockin' On,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
LHuciFire-of-the-DragonAdult (m)2,9479862
B37BtCranky SparrowAdult (m)2,5899032
d1a1HGolden- HawkAdult (m)3,8811,0791
0YaYfGolden- nightAdult (m)2,8661,0023
PuEGIGifts of gold-loveAdult (m)2,3628412
LVBpnGolden- glimmerAdult (m)2,6447832
vEUrIFirey golden loveAdult (m)5,9681,2802
35xPRGolden-PhoenixAdult (m)2,0634991
pOH82Golden SparrowAdult (f)2,1105122
uYoxkRumoured MagickAdult (f)2,4718272
OUDTfShimmering- hopeAdult (m)3,3989673
FlhEngOLDEN-RED BABEAdult (f)4,1938674
IoMmPearl in a pumpkinAdult (f)2,2928623
YeKUBeauty in the Pumpkin PatchAdult (f)2,2828493
e5qpPatrice in a pumpkinAdult (f)2,2897288
v0ZoSamhains prideAdult (m)3,14174016
EGCiJackolanterns lossAdult (m)3,33071914
u69WOrange Pumpkin PrinceAdult (m)5,3331,21121
W9GjqPumpkin in the mystAdult (m)5,9671,19212
cRbegGliding PumpkinAdult (m)4,2039437
WCQKFSterling Lady of the harvestAdult (f)4,8225347
RFSMYHarvest Moons dreamAdult (m)2,9749837
6KukmPrince-of-PumkinsAdult (m)6,5999092
tjTBH(tjTBH)Adult (f)4,4631,3428
ChBIhLady of PrincetonAdult (f)2,6739307
1TTdWhatsa-matta- UAdult (m)3,0928859
uEDuFull Devil JacketAdult (m)4,5101,26912
TC2cRag and BoneAdult (f)3,0999168
Lt05Gimme a boneAdult (f)5,2231,37512
nZnc1Red-boneAdult (f)4,9417587
lcGIuRed Bone handleAdult (f)4,47469510
RBmeLFlaming devilAdult (m)7,0201,24012
IeG9EThunder-BoneAdult (m)7,0721,26913
Bj0GcMarrow seeing doubleAdult (f)4,7049326
pB24TFlaming Red MarrowAdult (m)4,3017705
Wm2Vh(Wm2Vh)Adult (m)2,2476461
aCeB8(aCeB8)Adult (m)3,2068302
OVxay(OVxay)Adult (f)4,7791,1984
8MDFiIdentify my mamma for meAdult (m)4,31990611
Jeka3Just Easter EggAdult (f)4,4479068
hGdRPCaspers flying cousinAdult (f)4,3678967
a5dL3Dragon in my wallsAdult (f)4,4189038
kUjHECujos dream ghostAdult (m)4,5029247
JIVihAutums Jive stalkingAdult (m)4,4939039
WU9YGFading -fastAdult (m)3,68576312
6XCohA Halloween dreamAdult (f)3,0196662
fneN1Double-DutyAdult (m)3,9033975
HGD2OSpecial glowAdult (f)5,22873012
bnN6iWish me awakeAdult (m)2,4257062
VdsoWSilver-- ShadowAdult (m)6,1106452
WWu9lGhostly-- glowAdult (m)4,6949263
zkq9v(zkq9v)Adult (f)3,07794512
lmQlQ(lmQlQ)Adult (m)3,0711,1235
gwQ8p(gwQ8p)Adult (m)3,8426975
szj2v(szj2v)Adult (f)2,4368823
jZjNd(jZjNd)Adult (f)2,3886461
J1Pun(J1Pun)Adult (f)3,1387942
zFLYe(zFLYe)Adult (f)4,1449551
aREEs(aREEs)Adult (m)3,0807321
7A9JW(7A9JW)Adult (f)4,1911,1653
39kXQ(39kXQ)Adult (f)4,4861,2143
N7ZGvSecret-Agent-DragonAdult (f)4,9514671
BIa5bInked girl in conerAdult (f)4,9184561
eNFD6Prey -Predator deluxeAdult (f)4,8514541
FABeqHiding Fab- JumperAdult (m)4,9254522
C92pfSee the blot in your inkAdult (m)4,4454772
6GqdCJumps out of darknessAdult (f)4,1201,0192
XkOMqAlone in dark cornerAdult (m)2,9014884
NKDesInks manAdult (m)4,1921,0423
6lVQmWaits in silence--lurkerAdult (f)3,6944921
eRVR1(eRVR1)Adult (m)3,9061,1013
mANi0(mANi0)Adult (f)4,0891,4066
Q9Y35(Q9Y35)Adult (f)2,0729964
hNamv(hNamv)Adult (f)2,4619144
QSR69(QSR69)Adult (m)4,5679594
FwdXO(FwdXO)Adult (f)3,6788821
2J2ew(2J2ew)Adult (m)4,6331,0862
000UU(000UU)Adult (m)4,5871,0891
hUiKn(hUiKn)Adult (m)2,7766541
K00EQ(K00EQ)Adult (f)4,0059191
0dnt2Grave-DefenseAdult (f)1,9456632
NnEsrGrave reactionAdult (f)2,3176602
qiMp7Grave-faceAdult (m)1,9456661
RVkB7Facial -reactionAdult (m)1,9467021
pEEJsCharcol-BreathAdult (m)2,0097721
u15acRose- AshesAdult (f)1,9436741
opBPoBegging while BorrowingAdult (f)2,1426503
5CYtX(5CYtX)Adult (f)2,3996921
vh7h1(vh7h1)Adult (f)3,7058863
WUq7j(WUq7j)Adult (f)3,9029091
nfmnH(nfmnH)Adult (m)3,6171,1775
mzmIZ(mzmIZ)Adult (m)3,1531,1854
qCLQbLive -to- tellAdult (m)3,0481,2084
erEQo(erEQo)Adult (f)3,2541,2375
hFIGzControlling minds over matterAdult (f)3,1311,1754
fY9vz(fY9vz)Adult (m)3,3691,2296
0Pszo(0Pszo)Adult (m)4,3829722
RPKqR(RPKqR)Adult (f)4,4061,0261
rw3LD(rw3LD)Adult (f)4,3211,1812
QvP0LbredlightAdult (m)2,1176700
5tpTw(5tpTw)Adult (m)2,1317091
sQaj0(sQaj0)Adult (m)2,4227722
Wdi6S(Wdi6S)Adult (f)1,8406531
Qdypm(Qdypm)Adult (m)4,5269892
M4ZED(M4ZED)Adult (m)3,8629220
nMG43(nMG43)Adult (m)3,8129130
TM05H(TM05H)Adult (f)5,0651,2191
t5HvBringing forthAdult (m)3,62894414
vFFnShes a giverAdult (f)3,03568112
eKkZGolden-harvestingAdult (m)5,2521,22811
kOCMMust be the seasonAdult (f)2,90064713
P0fJXHarvesting the mailAdult (m)3,6059347
N5rPlPygmy typoAdult (m)4,6066028
dO9KNShes a giving -girlAdult (f)4,8951,1263
ntfntShe loves her tummyAdult (f)3,8128634
l7biZbounty in thre HarvestAdult (f)2,0788411
2pSRqEarly-HarvestAdult (f)3,7589512
n0mUONot much butterAdult (f)5,2167723
FpCQfFeels like a good-seasonAdult (f)3,1929892
vR9F1Heavy -HarvestAdult (m)2,1897242
eTLU8(eTLU8)Adult (f)5,0875922
1FVUp(1FVUp)Adult (f)6,1101,0911
hLsXBurning in flamesAdult (m)2,1261,01822
8oYcHellfire DancerAdult (f)2,0291,06246
qRfaburning down da houseAdult (f)2,32996643
1kjofights like a braveAdult (f)2,7811,11661
5vWnBurnoutAdult (m)3,93787618
f91A8Female of FireAdult (f)3,8466716
ECGUXBurning to fightAdult (m)6,3817833
f8rs4Mystic -FiresAdult (m)6,0768861
jHtukFemale Fire-LoverAdult (f)7,2469812
r7T0DShe flames onAdult (f)5,1775144
YBJ9tFire of SalvationAdult (m)4,8519018
D37gBUnholy-HellfireAdult (f)5,4268575
Qr8NoFlames-OnAdult (f)2,6235954
PQLqHHells-- BellsAdult (f)6,0981,0765
AA09LBurn me outAdult (f)2,3348906
TlRjN(TlRjN)Adult (f)5,5407550
2X1e7(2X1e7)Adult (m)6,7805991
Eu2k7(Eu2k7)Adult (f)4,3257741
htMMMNever make me madAdult (f)4,7001,5347
E9huqBitter TeaAdult (f)4,8721,3912
LeKQiLikes only quiet -selfAdult (m)4,7281,4956
JaobuJab 'n biteAdult (f)2,8711,0231
D27CzBitter-- TeaAdult (m)3,2106834
2cKuOBlazing --fireAdult (m)4,3949863
qJCeY(qJCeY)Adult (f)2,6377702
R6nqY(R6nqY)Adult (f)3,0666272
8qxYk(8qxYk)Adult (f)5,3818832
X2Mvb(X2Mvb)Adult (m)3,3707621
gE9Jz(gE9Jz)Adult (f)3,5477561
fxfWa(fxfWa)Adult (m)4,0577530
bpNjE(bpNjE)Adult (f)2,4122852
9FUqX(9FUqX)Adult (m)4,2671,2043
3WBBF(3WBBF)Adult (f)2,6707822
Gy1S6(Gy1S6)Adult (m)2,7927682
jMAd3(jMAd3)Adult (m)4,4789732
1Zs8p(1Zs8p)Adult (m)4,2799854
J4Jzr(J4Jzr)Adult (m)4,7089814
cqEiz(cqEiz)Adult (m)3,4889105
VFflA(VFflA)Adult (m)4,9081,0114
XDY1z(XDY1z)Adult (f)5,1701,0185
td9G8(td9G8)Adult (f)7,5455811
hq5EJ(hq5EJ)Adult (f)4,2366360
LFLcl(LFLcl)Adult (m)5,1528882
hRyVi(hRyVi)Adult (f)2,9415482
XMmyD(XMmyD)Adult (f)3,6207847
iSmiX(iSmiX)Adult (m)5,3781,0411
XAmkx(XAmkx)Adult (f)4,1467975
UEaO2(UEaO2)Adult (f)3,6756512
gXCTn(gXCTn)Adult (f)5,3326940
Z5fgg(Z5fgg)Adult (m)5,8911,0811
HAEeI(HAEeI)Adult (m)4,8659764
PTAkD(PTAkD)Adult (m)6,3921,1026
KLAhPurpleHaze blurAdult (m)3,6696846
Hs5uDeep Purple DelightAdult (f)2,0337424
LiQvFlying ZephyrAdult (m)1,4585380
88ywNhorse in flightAdult (f)4,7861,6753
I6KEcPurple flyer-in-actionAdult (f)3,9215801
gi6M9Flyer on the Purple SageAdult (f)3,6127412
McAxmHes a Purple-RiderAdult (f)2,8478661
0L3rcCall me Purple -BlurAdult (m)4,8221,1621
L0djvRides for free purple -hazeAdult (f)2,1487032
WjfjV(WjfjV)Adult (f)4,2958750
iNFfn(iNFfn)Adult (m)3,3118743
FESwW(FESwW)Adult (f)3,8626772
HG3sW(HG3sW)Adult (f)6,8368412
0F03m(0F03m)Adult (m)4,1721,2491
S3t3o(S3t3o)Adult (f)4,5381,2731
whDCs(whDCs)Adult (f)4,4301,2581
ADxCe(ADxCe)Adult (f)2,1296500
8QpdR(8QpdR)Adult (m)2,0806401
iSzSv(iSzSv)Adult (m)2,2077521
b1EdU(b1EdU)Adult (f)2,4718514
wijSzWhiny-SusuAdult (f)2,8618782
0rZZT(0rZZT)Adult (m)3,4831,2032
684dR(684dR)Adult (f)4,2581,2492
e68BS(e68BS)Adult (m)2,5957424
jcYvE(jcYvE)Adult (m)3,3129636
7ZF8d(7ZF8d)Adult (f)4,5411,0433
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