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    You pick up the scroll labeled “RJ Flamingo ,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    QJDr(QJDr)Adult (f)8164561
    TO07(TO07)Adult (f)8114522
    EGuF(EGuF)Adult (m)8164561
    XaqT(XaqT)Adult (f)7954442
    VCzT(VCzT)Adult (f)1,2043767
    1ODu(1ODu)Adult (f)1,72547416
    Xt7r(Xt7r)Adult (m)1,60036310
    R5hH(R5hH)Adult (f)1,5243176
    Mwnk(Mwnk)Adult (m)2,363752118
    qhMM(qhMM)Adult (m)1,9093978
    FAtU(FAtU)Adult (f)1,90735710
    XheA(XheA)Adult (f)2,1615448
    XUaP(XUaP)Adult (m)2,22850910
    XfPI(XfPI)Adult (m)2,2735189
    yS9Z(yS9Z)Adult (m)2,11639734
    xJnG(xJnG)Adult (f)2,2925207
    Z3NP(Z3NP)Adult (m)2,14246511
    w64f(w64f)Adult (m)2,26651721
    5ZmJ(5ZmJ)Adult (f)2,38949211
    Wabe(Wabe)Adult (f)2,32347811
    ngUQ(ngUQ)Adult (m)2,32147516
    frTW(frTW)Adult (f)2,55346810
    SCNE(SCNE)Adult (m)2,79047118
    WL1w(WL1w)Adult (f)2,76749914
    3hhC(3hhC)Adult (m)2,77450414
    ymHy(ymHy)Adult (f)2,80752275
    R66A(R66A)Adult (f)3,30381219
    eePK(eePK)Adult (f)3,42881729
    7OBb(7OBb)Adult (f)2,89454829
    d67m(d67m)Adult (f)2,86153829
    f9Vm(f9Vm)Adult (m)2,95256781
    Wry2(Wry2)Adult (f)3,06760034
    lLZD(lLZD)Adult (m)3,08459628
    C53z(C53z)Adult (m)3,09160230
    sx1t(sx1t)Adult (f)3,07058730
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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