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You pick up the scroll labeled “QuIrKy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vvk5(vvk5)Adult (m)1,5445685
eYQk(eYQk)Adult (f)1,3816443
lcMK(lcMK)Adult (m)1,2185680
KD34(KD34)Adult (m)2,39462115
Vnhb(Vnhb)Adult (f)1,4235122
Ti09(Ti09)Adult (f)1,6015650
HVSq(HVSq)Adult (m)1,7656152
QEW3(QEW3)Adult (f)2,3281,0876
J4tR(J4tR)Adult (m)8924522
FjGD(FjGD)Adult (f)2,1061,05213
Yr31(Yr31)Adult (f)1,1605470
Vk8j(Vk8j)Adult (m)1,0795590
OQch(OQch)Adult (m)1,5065492
fvcr(fvcr)Adult (f)1,5495102
ha2n(ha2n)Adult (f)1,6285904
413P(413P)Adult (f)1,2436051
27DI(27DI)Adult (f)1,4245511
e0t2(e0t2)Adult (m)1,8487364
pkHB(pkHB)Adult (m)1,3076423
dFJQ(dFJQ)Adult (m)1,1616001
CouW(CouW)Adult (m)1,2386023
tSun(tSun)Adult (m)1,5707153
9NEr(9NEr)Adult (f)1,8401,14311
H7Db(H7Db)Adult (m)1,3125097
d847(d847)Adult (f)1,5425832
m0oP(m0oP)Adult (f)1,8165991
Vexg(Vexg)Adult (m)1,0945033
9Bdn(9Bdn)Adult (f)1,5106952
YV1l(YV1l)Adult (f)1,7876984
osy4(osy4)Adult (m)1,6795792
NFt6(NFt6)Adult (f)1,7786182
vz7K(vz7K)Adult (f)1,4414681
hqgA(hqgA)Adult (f)1,1874289
H9MC(H9MC)Adult (m)1,6055402
XgOg(XgOg)Adult (f)1,8496593
d5lS(d5lS)Adult (f)9064742
2nJH(2nJH)Adult (f)1,8356061
Nv3q(Nv3q)Adult (m)2,1708394
xwso(xwso)Adult (m)1,1676481
Ck2j(Ck2j)Adult (f)2,1388274
X5a6(X5a6)Adult (f)1,3687621
sKu1(sKu1)Adult (m)1,9827762
FEKf(FEKf)Adult (m)2,3777137
PmdX(PmdX)Adult (m)1,2485870
shCT(shCT)Adult (f)1,0914384
ur2Q(ur2Q)Adult (f)1,2916302
e1l5(e1l5)Adult (f)1,3876791
Ooj9(Ooj9)Adult (f)1,5308431
Kgcz(Kgcz)Adult (m)1,1114403
thKz(thKz)Adult (m)1,8846141
lvt9(lvt9)Adult (m)1,1045811
cdTH(cdTH)Adult (m)9983923
0rJ4(0rJ4)Adult (f)1,4165422
skL1(skL1)Adult (f)1,4844992
qKcK(qKcK)Adult (f)9265571
Zpor(Zpor)Adult (f)1,6185862
ZwN1(ZwN1)Adult (m)1,6966012
pZCU(pZCU)Adult (m)1,95638613
uNWr(uNWr)Adult (m)9544121
4fKB(4fKB)Adult (m)1,2455051
JjUX(JjUX)Adult (m)2,13041915
o2qd(o2qd)Adult (f)8954750
LSlk(LSlk)Adult (f)1,5025584
WOh5(WOh5)Adult (f)1,3425193
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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