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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pyromaani,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HESX(HESX)Adult (f)1,9721,0511
bNDh(bNDh)Adult (f)1,5867315
WsQv(WsQv)Adult (m)1,7294977
Db7C(Db7C)Adult (m)1,1946467
kSQT(kSQT)Adult (m)1,2787102
Z6sM(Z6sM)Adult (m)1,2747181
nKvc(nKvc)Adult (m)1,5267281
Zn5H(Zn5H)Adult (f)1,3587632
BdP8(BdP8)Adult (f)1,8947315
pYII(pYII)Adult (m)1,5587961
eOOq(eOOq)Adult (f)1,81696010
V4UF(V4UF)Adult (f)2,0027794
IPHC(IPHC)Adult (m)1,9579872
cha7(cha7)Adult (f)1,4277973
uhT6(uhT6)Adult (m)1,7439753
pfiu(pfiu)Adult (m)1,5469034
0pdH(0pdH)Adult (m)1,7279292
eFok(eFok)Adult (m)1,1324905
smiD(smiD)Adult (m)1,2463677
FfhO(FfhO)Adult (f)1,2543705
GogX(GogX)Adult (m)9754041
3MCi(3MCi)Adult (f)2,0064754
PfZt(PfZt)Adult (m)2,20243110
706J(706J)Adult (f)2,0794166
338f(338f)Adult (f)1,9244055
iHPD(iHPD)Adult (f)3,9245478
1PlK(1PlK)Adult (f)3,9235465
6neY(6neY)Adult (f)3,9235465
4YxY(4YxY)Adult (m)5284414
4L2a(4L2a)Adult (f)5054205
Ncps(Ncps)Adult (f)5794877
fQ5t(fQ5t)Adult (f)5324604
Nfr3(Nfr3)Adult (f)6515483
sUO2(sUO2)Adult (m)5114334
zDgl(zDgl)Adult (f)3,3242,75916
4h68(4h68)Adult (f)5574724
n2RE(n2RE)Adult (m)5354575
VvPf(VvPf)Adult (m)4173748
Ac1t(Ac1t)Adult (f)3,1512,5559
M7Ru(M7Ru)Adult (m)3,3482,79211
5NmA(5NmA)Adult (f)1,3391,1389
kiKn(kiKn)Adult (m)2,4111,94415
znDF(znDF)Adult (f)4,7473,58917
5FYH(5FYH)Adult (m)3,3552,60681
PNca(PNca)Adult (m)3,9643,08810
jDvn(jDvn)Adult (f)1,9661,6659
25fL(25fL)Adult (m)12,0354,13149
wNAM(wNAM)Adult (f)4,6403,51013
tuEG(tuEG)Adult (f)10,4313,80134
9MNu(9MNu)Adult (f)9,0833,69432
YUqJ(YUqJ)Adult (f)3,8593,01213
wWU9(wWU9)Adult (f)90481428
5D1F(5D1F)Adult (f)3,8442,99611
J7K9(J7K9)Adult (m)5,0073,65011
POo5(POo5)Adult (m)4,6033,49012
3noA(3noA)Adult (f)1,9331,63911
j7bC(j7bC)Adult (f)5,1863,73110
jkY7(jkY7)Adult (f)5,2203,74410
ehDA(ehDA)Adult (m)5,1943,71510
P4Ns(P4Ns)Adult (f)3,1742,62811
KzML(KzML)Adult (f)6,3484,29221
pHcP(pHcP)Adult (f)10,7733,83333
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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