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You pick up the scroll labeled “PineappleChick,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Yrmz(Yrmz)Adult (f)3,79497388
swh1(swh1)Adult (m)98052179
SYzL(SYzL)Adult (f)2,60578579
EYBv(EYBv)Adult (m)4,36676044
esak(esak)Adult (f)3,45831210
u99j(u99j)Adult (f)4,37395989
5kvE(5kvE)Adult (m)2,33877869
pPP8(pPP8)Adult (f)4,01881216
B8RZ(B8RZ)Adult (f)4,34059230
cmUR(cmUR)Adult (f)2,228806102
G226(G226)Adult (m)1,89133732
PmMp(PmMp)Adult (m)1,88035023
cfC5(cfC5)Adult (m)2,60077673
cAjk(cAjk)Adult (m)4,60277281
c4yn(c4yn)Adult (m)2,79871176
fdun(fdun)Adult (m)3,25059319
DDNW(DDNW)Hatchling (f, F)3,21021922
nFES(nFES)Adult (m)3,2102879
vpNx(vpNx)Adult (m)3,53356135
SOxB(SOxB)Adult (f)3,3466719
i4G8(i4G8)Adult (m)3,39967914
gCIv(gCIv)Adult (f)3,21355246
fxnw(fxnw)Adult (f)3,54957923
LXiU(LXiU)Adult (m)1,86854828
4Xtb(4Xtb)Adult (f)2,6295825
Whp6(Whp6)Adult (f)1,48366528
PHmJ(PHmJ)Adult (m)1,71973860
Kdtz(Kdtz)Adult (m)4,36264718
bIdf(bIdf)Adult (f)4,76348510
Xc4z(Xc4z)Adult (m)1,19658955
Kns3(Kns3)Adult (m)4,39296676
nRVw(nRVw)Adult (f)2,63299385
pu9l(pu9l)Adult (m)3,6581,10787
7boF(7boF)Adult (m)1,40963054
4Nah(4Nah)Adult (m)3,25259313
xVBB(xVBB)Adult (f)4,38796983
aHRv(aHRv)Adult (f)4,76748912
SVNy(SVNy)Adult (m)4,3101,07396
aVKJ(aVKJ)Hatchling (m, F)1,46325727
4qYD(4qYD)Adult (f)3,15059118
8Bwk(8Bwk)Adult (m)3,43169223
J1Ld(J1Ld)Adult (m)3,55370621
Zeze(Zeze)Adult (f)3,60070125
R7vI(R7vI)Adult (m)82554433
psxV(psxV)Adult (f)71947419
q7gd(q7gd)Adult (f)3,11159429
jy8C(jy8C)Adult (f)4,38098098
2BNNs(2BNNs)Adult (f)2,1036555
6D4c(6D4c)Adult (f)3,2993029
cLG3(cLG3)Adult (f)2,48262757
lpEF(lpEF)Adult (f)2,45772241
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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