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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Paleona,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
h1hqb(h1hqb)Adult (f)2,2853125
3XTC2(3XTC2)Adult (m)2,0793335
5qEt0(5qEt0)Adult (m)1,8612924
Liy0y(Liy0y)Adult (f)3,1523699
M5LLi(M5LLi)Adult (m)2,4323244
Jq8v(Jq8v)Adult (m)1,7199012
TlFj(TlFj)Adult (f)2,3349881
S0KN(S0KN)Adult (f)2,9499686
KBAP(KBAP)Adult (m)1,8721,06011
gpJA(gpJA)Adult (f)1,5596517
t2dQ(t2dQ)Adult (m)2,3039568
CdEr(CdEr)Adult (f)1,7725074
pkHE(pkHE)Adult (f)1,2706442
4lG8Q(4lG8Q)Adult (f)2,4495994
XYVaC(XYVaC)Adult (f)2,5274427
4WFYX(4WFYX)Adult (f)2,0313028
Pman(Pman)Adult (m)1,7468793
2ijd(2ijd)Adult (f)1,05665010
HYjX(HYjX)Adult (m)1,4387815
uq5b(uq5b)Adult (f)1,4227935
bR62(bR62)Adult (f)1,4837923
paQK(paQK)Adult (m)2,3919642
tEYo(tEYo)Adult (m)2,3439817
UU12(UU12)Hatchling (m, F)1,9617874
ute0(ute0)Hatchling (F)7903334
jtuu(jtuu)Adult (f)1,8394864
Tu27(Tu27)Adult (m)1,6578702
c3fe(c3fe)Adult (m)1,6938873
nt25(nt25)Adult (m)1,1295417
jIFs(jIFs)Adult (m)8825074
UKCr(UKCr)Adult (m)1,2827193
NWMo(NWMo)Adult (m)1,6118083
qtRD(qtRD)Hatchling (m, F)1,9349943
BWmJ(BWmJ)Adult (m)2,0599593
ROdV(ROdV)Adult (m)2,1139323
Hq58(Hq58)Adult (f)2,59878313
b96r(b96r)Adult (f)1,9679671
ZA7D(ZA7D)Adult (f)2,3441,0175
Ts8V(Ts8V)Adult (f)2,3961,0117
5b8i(5b8i)Adult (f)1,71974810
hBHk(hBHk)Adult (f)1,7608485
7VSo(7VSo)Adult (m)2,1081,0482
u6u8(u6u8)Adult (f)1,54348512
dQo1(dQo1)Adult (m)1,26649917
JvdW(JvdW)Adult (f)1,25850112
m519(m519)Adult (m)1,2976175
pBTC(pBTC)Adult (m)2,0068885
SER1(SER1)Adult (m)1,6748854
bvcQ(bvcQ)Adult (f)1,5906768
3qgN(3qgN)Adult (f)1,2326855
kPn2(kPn2)Adult (f)1,5736776
O0jZ(O0jZ)Adult (m)1,3138516
WW59(WW59)Adult (f)8265485
TKJr(TKJr)Adult (f)5,9651,1089
bCZ2(bCZ2)Adult (f)1,9765472
lHse(lHse)Adult (m)8235503
q0Lu(q0Lu)Adult (m)1,34251313
G1Lh(G1Lh)Adult (f)1,2374819
Xmp4(Xmp4)Adult (f)8095308
dkKe(dkKe)Adult (m)1,2037635
8InH(8InH)Adult (f)1,1475289
TicQ(TicQ)Adult (f)91256012
QY6X(QY6X)Adult (f)1,2534979
lmQK(lmQK)Adult (f)1,1487487
FAS9(FAS9)Adult (f)1,1955424
ZRAb(ZRAb)Adult (m)1,0334966
n0F7(n0F7)Adult (f)8715565
9ruG(9ruG)Adult (f)1,28250916
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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