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You pick up the scroll labeled “Orogeny,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
FgbnEarthClay LithosAdult (m)2,06329018
WtR7Andorite LithosAdult (f)1,1296775
PMPpDoubleEssra LithosAdult (f)1,2697574
bGBoTequila Sunrise LithosAdult (f)1,2777586
2IFZHendry LithosAdult (m)1,5518285
5Z3dCotoline LithosAdult (m)1,2916274
OnBIAllargentum LithosAdult (f)1,3666495
GfDXRodenia Parr LithosAdult (f)1,5457395
HPNBWindy LithosAdult (f)1,50178210
XAEYSlow Storm LithosAdult (f)1,45482211
jkPVFinn LithosAdult (m)1,7618198
lqDcLove Balloon LithosAdult (f)1,5036978
HeluHelu LithosAdult (f)1,5417208
ZsWSLabradoriteSilt LithosAdult (m)1,8097859
IuLpSpearmint LithosAdult (f)2,27795810
0S4sSunset Rizza LithosAdult (m)2,26995811
YQtbClay Daydream LithosAdult (f)2,6201,12812
DjlkJolly Marcel LithosAdult (f)2,1821,0167
NZY0Aurora LithosAdult (f)2,6201,12514
I5ilDarnit That Hurt LithosAdult (m)1,7179097
6KrsBalloon LithosAdult (m)2,1379608
5m3zWhiptail LithosAdult (f)1,3256576
2OkNMorganite LithosAdult (m)1,5357718
HSdkDoubleEarth McSnow LithosAdult (m)1,7588758
ICyVPrincess Bubblegum LithosAdult (f)1,4738166
jWDpMarceline LithosAdult (f)1,8589008
rmPVDaydream of Love LithosAdult (m)1,4337926
jj2PChristmas Candy LithosAdult (f)1,63487612
6IgOSiltyClay LithosAdult (f)1,2618229
140jDaydream LithosAdult (m)1,2298067
Ycg9Cotton Candy LithosAdult (f)1,2328097
iJo6Pear Blossom LithosAdult (f)1,3418208
9PbmApple Blossom LithosAdult (f)1,1687528
R9U3Spring Awakening LithosAdult (m)1,8851,11511
3rMQMafic Earth LithosAdult (m)2,7071,06113
buYoGreen Silt LithosAdult (m)2,6131,01210
ySG8Spring LithosAdult (m)2,5891,00912
d1eJSand LithosAdult (f)2,6721,03513
ukodDoubleEarth LithosAdult (f)2,47592913
Za3VHoly Orange LithosAdult (m)1,73186310
zTefRatha LithosAdult (f)1,4197688
S13YPrecious LithosHatchling (m, F)1,16159313
yE2dGlasswings LithosAdult (m)1,68091011
pjbhPerthGeode LithosAdult (m)2,3141,04113
ovWIArlene LithosAdult (f)1,3637169
1ktCCherry Blossom LithosAdult (f)1,51073013
iigUTriton LithosAdult (m)1,2516988
Wo6wScorched Green LithosAdult (f)1,5279177
TpApThe Great Kamenna LithosAdult (f)2,3721,2549
BeVXSootweazel LithosAdult (f)1,7129608
Z9RLAresalya LithosAdult (f)2,2011,2409
O95LClay LithosAdult (m)91441913
Ji48Sheree LithosAdult (f)1,8481,11713
m13kGreen Kamenna LithosAdult (f)2,3031,34614
1guaEarthSilt LithosAdult (f)2,2851,34218
IKmTJasper Geode LithosAdult (f)1,80298117
EPRbMafic Clutch LithosAdult (m)1,7479719
6s3iDiscontinued LithosAdult (m)1,82898210
b15UFlyTrap LithosAdult (f)1,8921,0728
S9K2Moon and Sky LithosAdult (f)1,6699735
ko8GGreat Green Darlene LithosAdult (m)1,6879665
kWdwGeode LithosAdult (f)1,7731,08013
zu59ZuZu LithosAdult (f)1,49187512
YDNmGigas LithosAdult (m)1,55590210
yLlHJolly Basalt LithosAdult (f)1,4148659
JiLoJiLo LithosAdult (f)1,2166688
VWOaSchorl LithosAdult (m)1,3688786
DklxAmora LithosAdult (f)1,8201,17313
2YWGMadame Frills LithosAdult (f)1,8241,1806
gbrOGabbro LithosAdult (f)2,2061,41611
SUeiAcanthite LithosAdult (f)2,2001,32614
dvMVMira Mint LithosAdult (m)2,4301,32618
I96BAnetho LithosAdult (m)2,4461,33418
v9v5Onyx LithosAdult (m)2,4411,32721
owDDDark Kamenna LithosAdult (f)2,4311,33522
28yuSilt LithosAdult (f)2,5881,45419
JVt8Tamsini and Maka' LithosAdult (m)1,51664116
BPVFBlackstone LithosAdult (m)1,51364021
stZwJarjeal LithosAdult (f)2,5351,21214
OlYtProfessor Froggy Gnome LithosAdult (m)2,4741,21113
9REHChaltier LithosAdult (m)3,1861,67918
e3PiLucid LithosAdult (m)3,2411,69218
UeksPoly and Bite LithosAdult (m)3,5271,18526
r3keDarlene LithosAdult (f)4,17153238
bxmbBite and Scratch LithosAdult (m)5,2431,32633
H5rCTria and Quatra LithosAdult (f)5,0211,30731
TWHOOna and Twoa LithosAdult (f)4,7301,29828
SzACCotopaxi LithosAdult (m)5,3261,34039
7TkqBrightSoul LithosAdult (m)2,4401,06617
rESOHarvest Moon LithosAdult (m)2,4551,07217
H5ftLayla LithosAdult (f)2,4321,06720
kYIULyra LithosAdult (f)3,0641,36727
iGSDErie LithosAdult (f)2,3671,00223
UYzhBatholith LithosAdult (f)2,17686127
cQ3NAlba LithosAdult (f)2,18186223
xAWQThe Great Green Dragon LithosAdult (m)2,15285924
CTIcMoonClutch LithosAdult (m)1,8639209
M4BHJolly LithosAdult (m)2,1341,0768
yc3MHolly LithosAdult (m)2,1961,10610
Llc5Old King Winter LithosAdult (m)2,1211,21715
CEOPSnow LithosAdult (m)2,1741,18614
mFMTIvera LithosAdult (f)2,4151,22533
zSUtPumpkin Spice LithosAdult (f)2,8091,26130
JdgLSaphire Moon LithosAdult (f)3,2701,37232
8WMGMochi and Bean LithosAdult (f)2,7041,11534
d1ScVanadinite LithosAdult (f)2,5941,05445
Y2PhMint LithosAdult (m)3,2441,38747
zIBgBoleite LithosAdult (m)2,5591,18240
nDMWNightstrider LithosAdult (f)2,5891,14756
9EP6Autumn Rocks LithosAdult (m)2,5481,17729
2fgxMirror Clutch LithosAdult (m)3,3361,33830
cgGPMichigan LithosAdult (f)3,5741,44227
F5ZTJasper LithosAdult (m)3,5881,44726
h3jJKyra LithosAdult (f)3,3221,37828
1swZCigna LithosAdult (m)3,4881,72529
DUOHPumpkin LithosAdult (f)2,3131,21226
izjzFall LithosAdult (m)3,2531,61231
yTlOAutumn LithosAdult (f)3,2591,60834
gKuNClutch LithosAdult (m)2,01485429
rHItOligoclase LithosAdult (m)2,14492825
r4zEWinneconne LithosAdult (f)1,80372242
1HVmPoly and Gyo LithosAdult (f)2,16984432
6NsmKeiran LithosAdult (m)1,93874737
yqrvFontina LithosAdult (m)2,69155340
3C76Labradorite LithosAdult (m)2,52585436
EEIZPerth LithosAdult (m)2,56964445
sqnhWiscoStorms LithosAdult (f)2,62360863
hIYUTangerine LithosAdult (f)2,61664865
RA8mDam Biota LithosAdult (m)2,57463659
7pAEMira Jane LithosAdult (f)2,53659884
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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