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  • Silver Trophy
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “OrchidRose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UcnpVinga EvelynAdult (f)1,94374826
oqhvChimalus EvelynAdult (m)3,26177023
RafmWXena TorrinAdult (f)1,7427010
INcEHTempest TorrinAdult (m)1,9096840
Sn6W8(Sn6W8)Adult (m)2,5776970
s7gDY(s7gDY)Adult (f)3,4497100
FXk3Gertrude ArnauAdult (f)2,26475039
U46sQEitan ArnauAdult (m)2,3196711
Ze7EYancy UvainAdult (m)4,70067412
dkvTbHalona UvainAdult (f)2,3456822
OfzKQ(OfzKQ)Adult (m)3,1777021
2BaeV(2BaeV)Adult (m)3,6277232
ggEUA(ggEUA)Adult (f)2,5107090
6VBEN(6VBEN)Adult (m)3,0157501
MjFDD(MjFDD)Adult (f)3,6917080
MT5b9(MT5b9)Adult (m)2,3766951
7OTma(7OTma)Adult (f)3,3157200
Z5X1VZane ValientAdult (m)1,7546920
SkxrhIona ValientAdult (f)2,8217060
hFmsFiata BalbaAdult (f)9,34468527
exiugKouki BalbaAdult (m)4,6989250
apQHAva JotAdult (f)5,29550230
e71Ru(e71Ru)Adult (f)2,3745672
3nGMUPaitalyi JotAdult (m)2,4457050
6b8QBrian KashAdult (m)2,40068816
aqkZJurya KashAdult (f)2,70063712
AKQV9(AKQV9)Adult (f)2,8216921
Aa64kLosuke ChanterAdult (m)2,4136001
K1IvAGisli ChanterAdult (f)2,2686791
90wD0Capta LarkinAdult (f)1,7336880
3BzoNMisha LarkinAdult (m)2,4506900
f4BYHyacinth DahliaAdult (f)2,37962614
HZlXkNitzan DahliaAdult (m)2,9226960
LqNem(LqNem)Adult (f)3,0016951
mp36h(mp36h)Adult (m)4,1457151
sP1HsDyla MarcAdult (f)2,3496941
vv4bg(vv4bg)Adult (m)1,9856752
RUzpn(RUzpn)Adult (f)2,7836960
DzJGf(DzJGf)Adult (m)2,9586931
sCXbd(sCXbd)Adult (f)2,8247081
Ve8CS(Ve8CS)Adult (m)3,1637090
A5V0XEvie NicoAdult (f)4,1298751
UjneY(UjneY)Adult (m)3,3548071
iUKAw(iUKAw)Adult (f)3,9518012
B5lHk(B5lHk)Adult (f)3,9777902
5IWwW(5IWwW)Adult (m)3,6767855
VEe9d(VEe9d)Adult (m)3,7168053
49Su6(49Su6)Adult (f)4,0837942
rJwr4(rJwr4)Adult (f)3,1857321
i6b7k(i6b7k)Adult (m)4,0438040
Mi1pY(Mi1pY)Adult (m)3,0877621
DJRnM(DJRnM)Adult (f)3,0477560
wFSPZ(wFSPZ)Adult (f)2,9417540
PTT5f(PTT5f)Adult (m)3,2317801
r7MVz(r7MVz)Adult (m)3,0587392
voZcZ(voZcZ)Adult (f)4,8807722
7PjI7(7PjI7)Adult (f)4,9467560
M2QMFatima OcusAdult (f)2,74465921
FJTo(FJTo)Adult (m)1,7106724
kBTC7(kBTC7)Adult (f)2,3136721
dsWcu(dsWcu)Adult (m)2,1255880
N1MM(N1MM)Adult (m)1,47234313
1GKjGreta PerroAdult (f)1,71239510
45FR(45FR)Adult (m)2,72765721
4bCe(4bCe)Adult (m)1,09037013
ly4QHeal QuickAdult (m)2,36668320
L3Oq(L3Oq)Adult (f)2,86966628
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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