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You pick up the scroll labeled “Okura,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nAmY2Sorry - 1st page's a mess atmHatchling (F)3,8143951
nUcMf(nUcMf)Adult (f)2,8954525
wNR0N(wNR0N)Adult (m)2,4765251
dW7a1(dW7a1)Hatchling (f, F)7,0547011
tf9Ef(tf9Ef)Hatchling (F)5,4513771
kzt1kChoco Time NordAdult (f)3,4965822
u9FtIDaydreaming  ThuwedAdult (m)3,7035592
RVudxPassione' LeoncoeurAdult (f)3,4885523
J7TXf(J7TXf)Adult (m)2,7222461
WEPqB(WEPqB)Adult (f)3,6423731
eJxS7(eJxS7)Hatchling (F)2,8992511
rDHe3(rDHe3)Hatchling (F)3,3522583
mVGXt(mVGXt)Hatchling (F)3,7352492
rEfm5Mateless SeasonalsHatchling (F)3,5472452
BMwMt(BMwMt)Adult (f)6,7831,0373
rUQml(rUQml)Adult (f)4,9704172
ZCW78(ZCW78)Adult (m)4,7144023
Jhny5(Jhny5)Adult (f)4,5093783
nOON0(nOON0)Adult (f)6,2948722
YfaqvCrown of CinnamonAdult (f)6,8159116
iqUEmBurst of SpiceAdult (m)4,0277234
PXjz7Blooming Skies ArcanaAdult (m)4,9016644
qbq0dSilver Bauble ArcanaAdult (m)4,7197888
Lc8xyDream  of  DragonsAdult (f)3,6264574
EYXak(EYXak)Hatchling (m, F)4,0755753
n0JC7Dream  of  VictoryAdult (m)3,5954663
wGQ1PKokhav ArcanaAdult (m)3,9186208
gvaux(gvaux)Adult (f)3,9536015
22lWhIsis ArcanaAdult (f)4,0546324
HoWAY(HoWAY)Adult (f)3,1394414
NZ0n0(NZ0n0)Adult (f)2,2984614
lHeaUI Heal UAdult (f)6,0869457
y4a8PAll  ReadyAdult (f)4,9253343
rf316(rf316)Adult (m)5,1453433
Ont5sJ o s u eAdult (m)4,6583142
29Jr3Mooing CowAdult (m)4,3863212
pL7oz(pL7oz)Adult (m)2,5333894
IQsQM(IQsQM)Adult (m)3,5443334
CbFd0Sunhymn ArcanaAdult (m)5,0468211
c6vvu(c6vvu)Hatchling (F)2,4663002
hO0rC(hO0rC)Adult (f)4,7318063
YmRr1(YmRr1)Hatchling (F)2,5602842
0aY1b(0aY1b)Adult (f)4,7087812
VupEs(VupEs)Adult (f)4,1284466
8bfa2(8bfa2)Adult (f)5,7435553
5UnOq(5UnOq)Adult (m)4,8574921
ExnWoSinful Bauble ArcanaAdult (m)4,5774041
TIx7sPasionaria ArcanaAdult (f)5,7138853
GiTtO(GiTtO)Adult (f)5,9978922
WuarD(WuarD)Adult (f)5,1558964
IEvYFSpring Moon ArcanaAdult (m)4,0198562
maDKt(maDKt)Adult (f)3,7514040
nyxmZ(nyxmZ)Adult (f)3,4575281
Qo8dk(Qo8dk)Adult (f)3,6324753
vlu4y(vlu4y)Adult (f)3,6554972
PWVCw(PWVCw)Adult (m)3,8133783
rFDpC(rFDpC)Hatchling (m, F)4,1006953
1LaHjThe Purple JasmineAdult (f)3,2285401
O0AjdAzul DivinidadAdult (f)5,2457234
8MpzQDew Drop ArcanaAdult (f)4,4517983
te3tTVentarron ArcanaAdult (m)4,3068261
qusywPaean of SpringAdult (m)4,4688424
f7pyW(f7pyW)Hatchling (f, F)4,0437141
Pvzia(Pvzia)Adult (m)2,7237063
SM0o0(SM0o0)Adult (m)4,7898031
hHgeM(hHgeM)Adult (m)3,3543463
elBTy(elBTy)Hatchling (F)6,5204436
VA6rsNine HeavensAdult (f)9,82388715
HGRrnZoft Cloud CandyAdult (f)4,7254626
jTLSKCrimson Spirit ArcanaAdult (m)4,2917852
LfOhWCrystal ArcanaAdult (m)3,5287562
vacAG(vacAG)Adult (f)4,9515364
W2aJGAureus ArcanaAdult (m)6,17689911
FuJcK(FuJcK)Adult (m)3,9479091
XD4njMerry ArcanaAdult (f)4,3901,0205
ZXfaG(ZXfaG)Adult (m)3,3414007
EyaQO(EyaQO)Hatchling (F)3,41149320
CuAp3Hard  to  SwallowAdult (f)4,57648515
8s1e0Freaky  FinsAdult (m)3,7435403
27RNJ(27RNJ)Adult (m)4,2558853
gNY01(gNY01)Hatchling (m, F)2,0335305
vpBTmCooing at ChicsAdult (m)2,9844625
4WIxHValiant ArcanaAdult (m)4,2977255
pyPbkGranadinaHatchling (f)3,3736104
PVLCINavidad AlternaAdult (m)2,2877139
bOYnh(bOYnh)Adult (m)2,1187061
fWGPs(fWGPs)Adult (f)2,9037083
RO7Kc(RO7Kc)Hatchling (F)1,3932173
Petn9(Petn9)Hatchling (F)1,8271591
0UFos(0UFos)Hatchling (f)2,1296273
P1vha(P1vha)Hatchling (F)1,8291712
OgGVcLove MantraHatchling1,6614535
yU2AdThe Pink AscendanceHatchling1,3334342
PkoIzIt gets better in the next pageHatchling (F)3,8123653
5eWZ8That I promiseHatchling (F)3,6102811
x6DrxWell it's always a messHatchling (F)2,3932402
RZvprMy forum name is ninishHatchling (F)3,1802402
rekMaMore info in my profileHatchling (F)3,3002852
ZUX4KOther relevant groups of mineHatchling (F)3,6972671
ayZK5Are listed over thereHatchling (F)3,5582541
Qh5e3Do enjoy your stayHatchling (F)3,6562641
tolQBGurifindooruHatchling (F)2,6932903
tbAmS(tbAmS)Adult (m)6,0621,0582
RUTFU(RUTFU)Hatchling (f, F)4,4616233
OBLjx(OBLjx)Adult (m)2,7708104
CMszt(CMszt)Adult (f)2,6245441
64AlO(64AlO)Adult (m)3,0536141
SdPWx(SdPWx)Adult (f)3,0546100
aDG8M(aDG8M)Adult (m)3,2306151
blSTe(blSTe)Adult (f)2,1063264
mCnHVMistlarcanaAdult (m)4,0547074
tLM1Tthe LiM1TAdult (m)2,2844313
EvVGDAoi ArcanaAdult (f)3,5185995
RayBk(RayBk)Adult (m)2,8282673
mNVQzPink  EnlightenmentAdult (m)3,2865971
D0fDP(D0fDP)Adult (m)4,7656411
FbSG9White RedeemerAdult (m)4,4418573
lM2jLI'm 2 joLLyAdult (m)3,8808322
OpeSgMy Mother's a BoyAdult (f)4,0977793
D88Z7N i n gAdult (f)4,5288142
Jh34oGeo SpiritAdult (m)4,3267894
wEwjp(wEwjp)Adult (f)5,7066862
istWwLove  SpurAdult (m)4,1178662
UEiagBabeliana ArcanaAdult (f)3,2867112
vhK0xThe Pink TimelineAdult (m)3,0195657
06eJAThe Pink KabbalahAdult (f)3,8018296
byFH5The  Pink  SecretAdult (m)3,7696906
J2w4XThe Pink PoemAdult (f)4,2787425
OR0cjRosa de Or0 ArcanaAdult (f)3,0717853
YwT9tPinkEgemonyAdult (m)2,5753355
h4GdKTime  SkipperAdult (f)3,2977683
lydpK(lydpK)Adult (f)2,8167057
kmhhsLow  KeyAdult (f)4,6825391
jWI5G(jWI5G)Adult (m)4,8067745
t50nI(t50nI)Adult (f)4,1909431
GN1uJ(GN1uJ)Adult (m)4,0218890
PmVfFMurasaki ArcanaAdult (m)3,2116822
S0CrqA lot of GaynessAdult (m)3,4716791
b4DG2B4d GirlAdult (f)2,8646751
rz3C1(rz3C1)Adult (m)4,2014031
PeDsd(PeDsd)Adult (f)5,5299153
7Dqz6(7Dqz6)Adult (f)4,7487872
Cryot(Cryot)Adult (f)3,7146962
RV3ea(RV3ea)Adult (m)3,8178201
Kn85S(Kn85S)Adult (f)2,5115982
UQULe(UQULe)Adult (f)2,3285640
np6sS(np6sS)Adult (m)1,9125791
laY6Z(laY6Z)Adult (m)3,9635874
vQIBI(vQIBI)Adult (m)3,6493013
DN26xBabylon ArcanaAdult (m)3,8043832
vqT9rEstelaria ArcanaAdult (f)3,3325481
BGe24MistleHeraldAdult (f)3,5425393
7LtioLithium BaubleAdult (f)3,9308362
KmYGrSinful GleamAdult (f)4,7058792
nTIagRosy SnowflakesAdult (f)3,3066372
FoWlqThe Silver FoWlAdult (f)3,2806733
2ylBmSilvered Solstice MorningAdult (f)3,7236941
JUjHFCopos de OroAdult (m)3,7059653
tPCSyTiPSy CandycaneAdult (m)2,5677182
SDaMr(SDaMr)Adult (m)5,2267633
dNZIa(dNZIa)Adult (m)4,2713300
cAto2(cAto2)Hatchling (F)2,9823711
2PAHV(2PAHV)Hatchling (F)2,6593372
KNvWjLet  There  Be  ThunderAdult (f)9,3448193
Hjk5C(Hjk5C)Hatchling (F)2,7873373
gukCh(gukCh)Adult (f)5,4525402
FHb5uMaleficent ThoughtsAdult (m)4,5164221
RpNB4(RpNB4)Adult (f)3,14769612
T2nmMAoi MizumiAdult (f)6,5508685
mUEaB(mUEaB)Adult (m)6,5889281
7YBceGarmin Jr FreakyAdult (m)4,2513691
YHj1YMythical  DarknessAdult (f)4,4877121
9AphpAquarius DovahrokAdult (m)4,5026811
OEaFTVISITOR - PLEASEAdult (f)3,1686380
LfGHIDON'T ADD MY DRAGONSAdult (f)2,7426220
On13iTO ANY HATCHERYAdult (f)2,6811,3422
nXSfZAT ALL - THANK YOUAdult (m)4,0901,2251
rmDvKo--o--o--oAdult (f)3,2955971
7KdKhWelcome TravelerAdult (f)3,7928315
VtZA1To my humble ScrollAdult (f)3,4185095
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