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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nikola,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5VGB(5VGB)Adult (m)86056121
DzEy(DzEy)Adult (f)1,56763811
Qk7s(Qk7s)Adult (m)85849413
Ubtx(Ubtx)Adult (f)88348813
ro89(ro89)Adult (m)2,0051,41111
IPcu(IPcu)Adult (f)1,8671,3608
5dD7(5dD7)Adult (m)1,9121,3607
JqSr(JqSr)Adult (f)1,9891,36611
cJ08(cJ08)Adult (m)1,11488410
Y5MK(Y5MK)Adult (m)1,12088711
DISF(DISF)Adult (f)1,13187510
2oUs(2oUs)Adult (m)1,8131,3068
uS9F(uS9F)Adult (m)1,9041,4526
2Kf8(2Kf8)Adult (f)2,1921,7197
ViZ5(ViZ5)Adult (m)1,3651,0765
1m7t(1m7t)Adult (m)8246694
sgYA(sgYA)Adult (f)9527566
eFJD(eFJD)Adult (m)9967834
8H72(8H72)Adult (f)1,0626315
IiGQ(IiGQ)Adult (f)8675169
eUN4(eUN4)Adult (f)9675726
aaj4(aaj4)Adult (m)9976487
WcLr(WcLr)Adult (f)2,0481,4077
PKRL(PKRL)Adult (m)2,5621,78210
ncTi(ncTi)Adult (f)2,0241,3158
01sY(01sY)Adult (f)1,5711,0166
MWBs(MWBs)Adult (m)1,5339845
BJGG(BJGG)Adult (m)1,7801,1376
06rp(06rp)Adult (f)1,9521,2196
Q6GK(Q6GK)Adult (m)1,6841,0636
ZXZv(ZXZv)Adult (m)1,2708783
X1TM(X1TM)Adult (m)1,4231,1243
Ubee(Ubee)Adult (m)1,3501,0424
ENm7(ENm7)Adult (f)1,0446853
JK6K(JK6K)Adult (f)2,1031,1699
Cmtj(Cmtj)Adult (f)1,9761,2068
lXrJ(lXrJ)Adult (f)1,4338923
kIMJ(kIMJ)Adult (m)1,3398962
b6mi(b6mi)Adult (m)1,0888278
IR91(IR91)Adult (f)1,1818809
VWJ0(VWJ0)Adult (f)1,1538656
Wp7g(Wp7g)Adult (m)1,11183710
dkgL(dkgL)Adult (f)2,1871,3519
eH3A(eH3A)Adult (f)7385177
bNPt(bNPt)Adult (m)7435178
ccgX(ccgX)Adult (f)6624109
PRCa(PRCa)Adult (f)9485758
X9XN(X9XN)Adult (f)9825843
tWvL(tWvL)Adult (f)9225593
9p4N(9p4N)Adult (m)8496568
umtL(umtL)Adult (m)8365779
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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