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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nelium,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3qVE(3qVE)Adult (f)1,3061,0883
elBg(elBg)Adult (m)2,1977154
IUNd(IUNd)Adult (m)1,2516252
o7lI(o7lI)Adult (f)1,3376536
oKGB(oKGB)Adult (m)1,7078912
7e9v(7e9v)Adult (f)1,6568497
SlIb(SlIb)Adult (f)6,4386206
5kZq(5kZq)Adult (m)2,6051,1656
Rs5K(Rs5K)Adult (m)2,4469613
LXVL(LXVL)Adult (m)2,2049092
aScp(aScp)Adult (m)2,6771,14511
Cnoc(Cnoc)Hatchling (m, F)1,0185202
3eMP(3eMP)Adult (f)1,7167595
Eagi(Eagi)Adult (m)2,6169782
QjUV(QjUV)Adult (f)1,26058114
eBJb(eBJb)Adult (m)1,8728745
CIiX(CIiX)Adult (f)1,7858803
9igd(9igd)Adult (m)2,0639775
QIOg(QIOg)Adult (m)8,1381,45327
rckv(rckv)Adult (m)2,2269676
5odR(5odR)Adult (f)1,5937206
jk85(jk85)Adult (m)4,48581222
UIUt(UIUt)Adult (f)2,5657237
B5AZ(B5AZ)Adult (m)1,71754810
GW59(GW59)Adult (m)2,13596517
2iD3(2iD3)Adult (m)3,7667808
sDm0(sDm0)Adult (f)1,9388075
ki9V(ki9V)Adult (f)2,4335783
jOjK(jOjK)Adult (m)2,1818762
bOtd(bOtd)Adult (f)2,0287872
5pu3(5pu3)Adult (f)2,4999563
n60B(n60B)Adult (m)2,4349813
bsWM(bsWM)Adult (f)2,5251,1583
KJ0q(KJ0q)Adult (f)1,6615359
bfNC(bfNC)Adult (f)2,3065293
nAYP(nAYP)Adult (m)3,0311,56916
FmAt(FmAt)Adult (m)1,73548114
BNGa(BNGa)Adult (m)2,2941,1057
MFSc(MFSc)Adult (f)1,9998625
91EC(91EC)Adult (m)2,1909266
ukeQ(ukeQ)Adult (m)2,9331,31316
0aOX(0aOX)Adult (f)2,1789324
N9jF(N9jF)Adult (f)5,1771,12113
k9Y3(k9Y3)Adult (m)1,58057010
ECuh(ECuh)Adult (f)4,4901,2216
Bm84(Bm84)Hatchling (f, F)1,5338024
iMif(iMif)Adult (f)1,8307884
3Yuc(3Yuc)Adult (m)1,7737453
ugTM(ugTM)Adult (m)2,3439934
e40j(e40j)Adult (m)2,7256713
jq0i(jq0i)Adult (m)1,5475863
69rH(69rH)Adult (m)2,4231,0242
Re14(Re14)Adult (f)2,6157204
3mbY(3mbY)Adult (f)1,6598262
cYbM(cYbM)Adult (m)2,8451,2589
M7iG(M7iG)Adult (f)2,1548782
WRUs(WRUs)Adult (m)2,4399534
TsnV(TsnV)Adult (f)1,9508538
cEEq(cEEq)Adult (m)2,1478946
9lmn(9lmn)Adult (f)2,2661,0061
pUYB(pUYB)Adult (m)4,2458798
i3VP(i3VP)Adult (f)3,5471,1184
5f1U(5f1U)Adult (f)2,1339134
n3RD(n3RD)Adult (f)1,9849012
b36h(b36h)Adult (f)1,6345587
6qSW(6qSW)Adult (m)5,09680412
2fdc(2fdc)Adult (f)6,6401,4087
ZRkQ(ZRkQ)Adult (f)2,7351,2339
vFMZ(vFMZ)Adult (m)3,3721,42710
Zhvf(Zhvf)Adult (f)2,1269473
nnOr(nnOr)Adult (f)4,3231,3958
Efv6(Efv6)Adult (m)2,1289436
SpiO(SpiO)Adult (m)2,0731,04018
4e6e(4e6e)Adult (f)2,1728514
RFge(RFge)Adult (m)2,5449233
q3YQ(q3YQ)Adult (m)4,1281,2988
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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