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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nayela,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bU0V(bU0V)Adult (m)6,8261,36915
QZXN(QZXN)Adult (f)5,1245394
aptb(aptb)Adult (m)2,9925724
EalK(EalK)Adult (m)2,0315514
BG1o(BG1o)Adult (f)2,0255963
hdvT(hdvT)Adult (m)1,9415803
aA1h(aA1h)Adult (f)1,8975284
egbP(egbP)Adult (m)2,00847813
DHfF(DHfF)Adult (f)2,14588310
pghr(pghr)Adult (m)1,5047819
Gv0e(Gv0e)Adult (f)1,3876025
XDlh(XDlh)Adult (f)1,4766156
D86f(D86f)Adult (f)2,0995663
20k0(20k0)Adult (f)2,4375294
agg5(agg5)Adult (f)2,2865602
bo7K(bo7K)Adult (f)1,3266965
oBF7(oBF7)Adult (m)1,7135347
EgFF(EgFF)Adult (m)2,2804631
fFCm(fFCm)Adult (m)2,6084863
n0I6(n0I6)Adult (m)1,4385165
Qppj(Qppj)Adult (m)1,6734939
4FSl(4FSl)Adult (m)1,6594778
MYHW(MYHW)Adult (f)1,50561811
o7SS(o7SS)Adult (f)1,7144945
NF54(NF54)Adult (f)1,6556934
3v2t(3v2t)Adult (f)2,09752414
1SgY(1SgY)Adult (m)3,8221,02112
rdYu(rdYu)Adult (f)4,1824759
MeY0(MeY0)Adult (m)1,8935623
Nfkw(Nfkw)Adult (f)1,0856348
2FFN(2FFN)Adult (f)3,9475548
u6oG(u6oG)Adult (f)5,2935869
5v9d(5v9d)Adult (m)1,6194343
qtuP(qtuP)Adult (f)1,62032711
nf3K(nf3K)Adult (f)1,8223237
E48q(E48q)Adult (f)2,10681426
eprC(eprC)Adult (m)1,1298105
mEGY(mEGY)Adult (m)2,5221,1625
Bzu7(Bzu7)Adult (f)1,2086793
aCx0(aCx0)Adult (m)2,2021,2077
QGWp(QGWp)Adult (f)2,08270812
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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