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  • Silver Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nana-music,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cXxui(cXxui)Adult (f)3,9458560
Wkz3B(Wkz3B)Adult (m)3,9628391
EHNci(EHNci)Adult (m)4,0541,0220
azzr(azzr)Adult (f)2,03246714
49pc(49pc)Adult (f)1,7265168
V6kCt(V6kCt)Adult (m)4,2309222
7YED9(7YED9)Adult (m)6,9347781
m6XQl(m6XQl)Adult (f)4,6409102
nRb4k(nRb4k)Adult (f)3,8777942
cEXDD(cEXDD)Adult (f)4,3039422
tM04f(tM04f)Adult (f)4,4818842
b5eZZ(b5eZZ)Adult (f)2,1798541
51XuB(51XuB)Adult (f)9,5259740
aUQi2(aUQi2)Adult (f)3,5158210
mHFcX(mHFcX)Adult (f)4,6048104
ImFk7(ImFk7)Adult (m)2,0758122
ceDl1(ceDl1)Adult (m)5,0728412
huLE9(huLE9)Adult (f)6,4381,3062
0sOUa(0sOUa)Adult (m)10,8081,1871
GNFFL(GNFFL)Adult (f)3,1139921
I8n91(I8n91)Adult (m)3,6371,1610
WCNh5(WCNh5)Adult (m)4,3561,1370
JCHh0(JCHh0)Adult (m)4,5891,2550
vu9VU(vu9VU)Adult (f)4,1171,1062
xfqkN(xfqkN)Adult (m)4,2559530
boijQ(boijQ)Adult (m)3,6701,0712
5OYTg(5OYTg)Adult (f)3,2511,0260
287Oi(287Oi)Adult (m)5,1671,2852
KF8us(KF8us)Adult (f)5,2361,2380
AfSG9(AfSG9)Adult (m)4,0731,0763
BRG5b(BRG5b)Adult (f)2,1257450
Jytjt(Jytjt)Adult (m)4,0548690
n4jfm(n4jfm)Adult (m)3,9378260
w3Acn(w3Acn)Adult (m)3,6137870
LdNYs(LdNYs)Adult (f)4,3069791
imf0c(imf0c)Adult (m)3,1356951
aWjLc(aWjLc)Adult (m)3,2787450
TiW2m(TiW2m)Adult (m)3,8607840
0gEBZ(0gEBZ)Adult (f)4,1919453
2gA8I(2gA8I)Adult (f)4,2359391
cOCDH(cOCDH)Adult (f)4,8681,0821
tQaMB(tQaMB)Adult (m)1,5506981
93Z89(93Z89)Adult (f)4,3479411
9w6zK(9w6zK)Adult (f)4,1199311
HxLXs(HxLXs)Adult (m)3,7351,0700
YKK0D(YKK0D)Adult (m)4,2501,0042
I81sd(I81sd)Adult (f)2,1107091
lCMld(lCMld)Adult (m)2,9927451
FHQBd(FHQBd)Adult (f)4,8081,2660
OWcS0(OWcS0)Adult (m)2,4378441
yeYY(yeYY)Adult (f)1,93346015
ZyA4(ZyA4)Adult (f)1,94575014
wb9C(wb9C)Adult (f)1,0235147
NTA7r(NTA7r)Adult (m)4,2101,1332
TmdU7(TmdU7)Adult (m)1,5627040
7a9im(7a9im)Adult (m)5,0728343
JCc8s(JCc8s)Adult (f)3,7008180
A6tzK(A6tzK)Adult (f)4,1588310
hl9Qg(hl9Qg)Adult (m)4,0399841
nxFCk(nxFCk)Adult (m)3,3137552
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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