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    You pick up the scroll labeled “NICHOLIAN_DYNAMITE,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    0MVx(0MVx)Adult (f)2,2788419
    pPLm(pPLm)Adult (f)1,8897537
    zD4D(zD4D)Adult (m)1,6657119
    65hq(65hq)Adult (f)2,4348818
    Y6Dv(Y6Dv)Adult (m)3,3461,0468
    zCrJ(zCrJ)Adult (m)3,2251,0178
    6ek1(6ek1)Adult (f)3,2161,0126
    RBac(RBac)Adult (m)3,0059615
    F3SP(F3SP)Adult (f)3,0211,0206
    UMh0(UMh0)Adult (m)5,1921,09012
    DGUy(DGUy)Adult (m)2,6549357
    AyhO(AyhO)Adult (f)2,0158956
    Vpe2(Vpe2)Adult (f)1,8698348
    YVws(YVws)Adult (f)1,5546906
    nSFn(nSFn)Adult (m)1,6417189
    WCZo(WCZo)Adult (m)1,9079026
    OtUx(OtUx)Adult (m)1,8678964
    o44E(o44E)Adult (m)2,30563014
    nf3I(nf3I)Adult (m)1,8818847
    GqeT(GqeT)Adult (m)2,2889035
    koHV(koHV)Adult (m)2,0678376
    upep(upep)Adult (f)1,8546506
    4YFz(4YFz)Adult (m)3,3571,0878
    ZZTk(ZZTk)Adult (m)3,09996411
    FNZM(FNZM)Adult (f)3,2141,03110
    ijdi(ijdi)Adult (m)3,06297512
    o568(o568)Adult (f)2,8911,0976
    4A1Y(4A1Y)Adult (f)2,7669266
    6FAs(6FAs)Adult (f)2,8809569
    ZOXg(ZOXg)Adult (m)3,2331,09411
    q9Xe(q9Xe)Adult (m)2,7271,06922
    210Q(210Q)Adult (m)2,3048394
    va4A(va4A)Adult (m)2,3008435
    NBke(NBke)Adult (m)1,3885236
    C0SF(C0SF)Adult (f)1,2696494
    0gA8(0gA8)Adult (m)1,4006355
    YvQi(YvQi)Adult (f)1,5407724
    88W1(88W1)Adult (m)1,6488115
    UR7V(UR7V)Adult (m)1,5247038
    mAdG(mAdG)Adult (m)1,6377675
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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