Dragon Cave

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Bronze Trophy2016 Holiday Event
You pick up the scroll labeled “MystRunner,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AD BerylAdult (f)3,1926717
UnnamedAdult (m)4,0517691
AD ClearviewAdult (f)6,8411,2943
AD ClearsongAdult (m)3,0946430
AD NebulaAdult (f)3,2716903
AD OrionAdult (m)2,9616920
UnnamedAdult (f)3,0418281
AGW LazuliAdult (m)2,9066981
AGW LapisAdult (f)3,1936411
BD Uno NorayAdult (f)3,3377141
BD Trios WindAdult (m)3,6976943
BT Red Robe OolongAdult (m)5,8241,5676
BT Yiwu Pu'erhAdult (f)2,9306100
BM Blood RavagerAdult (f)3,6228643
BM HematophoreAdult (m)3,0737123
BB CrasherAdult (m)7,8951,3623
UnnamedAdult (f)3,3067391
BSL VernalAdult (m)3,8007614
BS DaemonAdult (f)3,6047801
BD SulfusAdult (m)4,4427301
UnnamedAdult (m)3,5918212
UnnamedAdult (m)3,7497380
CD Ta ShemauAdult (f)5,7071,3328
CD Ta MehuAdult (m)2,6946090
CWR Ptero NimbusAdult (m)5,4031,1713
CWR QuetzelAdult (f)3,6717012
DD FantasyAdult (f)3,9717943
DD MythosAdult (m)3,4346874
DW ShimmerWingAdult (m)3,9438132
DW GleamingClawsAdult (f)3,6207073
UnnamedAdult (m)4,3238270
ED Searing BoltAdult (f)5,4241,1952
ED ThundraAdult (m)2,9236421
FD GriffAdult (f)2,8106721
FD SargeAdult (m)2,8196361
FD ElizabethAdult (f)2,9436221
FD VictorAdult (m)3,5177103
NG KnightQueen DCAdult (f)5,8611,1604
UnnamedAdult (m)3,1307461
GS Felidae DCAdult (f)2,9766752
GS Lionous DCAdult (m)3,1837271
UnnamedAdult (m)3,3858373
UnnamedAdult (f)2,8987863
HFW NarakaAdult (f)3,5718894
HFW KartikeyaAdult (m)2,7325972
UnnamedAdult (m)2,6367962
UnnamedAdult (f)2,5437861
UnnamedAdult (f)2,5817771
UnnamedAdult (m)2,2496571
UnnamedAdult (m)2,5397691
UnnamedAdult (f)2,5457412
UnnamedAdult (m)3,5457940
H Melaluca DCAdult (m)2,9857012
H SourWood DCAdult (f)2,9306460
HD BeucephilusAdult (m)3,1986483
UnnamedAdult (m)4,1007321
UnnamedAdult (f)4,7178450
KC EmporerAdult (m)3,6767184
UnnamedAdult (f)3,8607791
MD ScarcenAdult (m)5,6681,1062
MD DruidAdult (f)3,9947360
MD Queen VicAdult (f)6,9391,3462
MD Prince AlbertAdult (m)2,8346461
UnnamedAdult (m)3,0787911
UnnamedAdult (m)4,6928652
UnnamedAdult (m)4,3737933
O Umber DCAdult (m)3,8577832
UnnamedAdult (f)3,7128074
UnnamedAdult (m)3,6527581
UnnamedAdult (m)4,4311,0058
R-FT BarrerAdult (m)3,5728484
R-FT ReefAdult (f)2,9016470
UnnamedAdult (f)2,9567792
UnnamedAdult (f)4,1177641
SDA Falling TamAdult (m)6,3511,3536
UnnamedAdult (f)3,9838661
SDA Ice BaronAdult (m)3,5987102
SW RashAdult (f)3,7456581
UnnamedAdult (m)3,2637280
UnnamedAdult (f)2,7088028
UnnamedAdult (f)2,7517954
SW Yakuyoke MomoAdult (f)3,1806482
SW YakubaraiAdult (m)3,2306330
SGW PhospoAdult (m)3,2548053
SGW FluorescAdult (f)2,9535770
S-RD Storm RacerAdult (m)4,5108784
S-RD ZefeldiaAdult (f)3,8168232
SRD Risen StarAdult (f)3,5516611
SRD SolAdult (m)3,8967474
SSD InfernoAdult (f)3,1127805
SSD WainAdult (m)3,7578123
ST CapastranoAdult (f)3,7736551
ST HirundoAdult (m)3,9417021
UnnamedAdult (m)5,1481,0635
TH Cobalt Red Tail DCAdult (m)5,3451,2898
TH Earth Tiger DCAdult (f)3,2796700
UnnamedAdult (f)3,8467631
UnnamedAdult (m)2,8797921
TD TerebinthAdult (m)3,4646331
TD OleoresinAdult (f)3,1266031
UnnamedAdult (f)3,2177743
UnnamedAdult (m)3,8477833
UnnamedAdult (f)3,1897281
WD SankAdult (m)3,2816736
WD LeinaAdult (f)3,9507592
Y-C Turquoise SunchaserAdult (f)5,6281,2845
Y-C Lapis LazuliAdult (m)3,1297441

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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