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You pick up the scroll labeled “MoolightTheWarrior,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2gnLS(2gnLS)Adult (f)2,9694455
Ysim(Ysim)Adult (m)3,41322917
6ceK(6ceK)Adult (f)7224161
XaCA(XaCA)Adult (m)7566505
rM4T(rM4T)Adult (m)1,7046611
5i4p(5i4p)Adult (m)7724373
ICii(ICii)Adult (m)8464686
FTRj(FTRj)Adult (f)8304352
bQWo(bQWo)Adult (f)8864863
f4D8(f4D8)Adult (m)9135023
Qawj(Qawj)Adult (m)4,97351335
01TJH(01TJH)Adult (m)2,0536178
HSF0(HSF0)Adult (m)2,4371,3857
JM8v(JM8v)Adult (m)2,1627682
Hgs5(Hgs5)Adult (m)2,0657412
VNQG(VNQG)Adult (m)1,23559718
ifDe(ifDe)Adult (f)1,1823706
sgwE(sgwE)Adult (f)1,9921,0952
IYwT(IYwT)Hatchling (m, F)9034442
ml4s(ml4s)Adult (f)8684291
qKZM(qKZM)Adult (m)4,3151,82413
rnIr(rnIr)Adult (f)9595272
gUxvVicious Teeth Of WarAdult (m)8486867
Tazc(Tazc)Adult (m)1,7085609
HmOg(HmOg)Adult (m)3,58873011
rGBz(rGBz)Adult (f)5364634
XeQi(XeQi)Hatchling (F)1,28816714
KhVWi(KhVWi)Adult (m)2,7048897
IdmxDouble the AfterthoughtAdult (f)8366774
ltUFq(ltUFq)Adult (f)2,82945610
BvdEF(BvdEF)Adult (f)2,7619036
hlAjh(hlAjh)Adult (f)2,09561211
cInq(cInq)Adult (m)1,3323749
TIjP(TIjP)Adult (f)2,19331720
2EwP(2EwP)Adult (f)3,04925118
0dAi(0dAi)Adult (m)6944034
0P46(0P46)Adult (f)1,5076484
FSDV(FSDV)Adult (m)3,41624119
IOjH(IOjH)Adult (f)2,99225917
3MdB(3MdB)Adult (f)1,8691,1934
V4IE(V4IE)Adult (f)1,7801,1097
G4ti(G4ti)Adult (f)2,2121,33715
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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