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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mitchi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wPXvResgerianAdult (m)3,2241,6173
rHRWEstrellinAdult (f)1,7451,1424
vfWE(vfWE)Adult (f)1,6796443
Gf3VGethreevAdult (f)7,9137866
WXKzWexkyzaAdult (m)3,40598611
Qqa3U(Qqa3U)Adult (f)2,5908761
Xs24j(Xs24j)Adult (m)3,1721,1250
rz0vN(rz0vN)Adult (f)3,2721,1570
v4Dn4(v4Dn4)Adult (f)3,2371,1620
toXtTrestrelineAdult (m)1,3376715
DLuzDailuzineAdult (f)1,7715908
vN0PAethrenishAdult (m)7,9077976
Rq3OC(Rq3OC)Adult (m)2,6128891
6XibH(6XibH)Adult (m)2,6338981
32tTThretutetteAdult (f)1,4294864
ZNbIZenobiAdult (m)1,3306575
xNkJXenkejerAdult (m)6,4049433
6zLmSixzelimAdult (f)3,43098210
lGgh(lGgh)Adult (m)1,39869317
6YFrSikryfierAdult (m)4,2838047
5XSx(5XSx)Hatchling (F)6731911
4MC2(4MC2)Adult (m)2,29887210
jtjp(jtjp)Adult (f)1,0084763
Vo7L(Vo7L)Adult (m)1,3115932
QSmrQuazimirAdult (f)2,0387802
CYUW(CYUW)Adult (f)2,3368587
sTmcSitameicaAdult (f)6,9291,1507
hC9nP(hC9nP)Adult (m)2,2478514
kctDAmethiziaAdult (f)3,3379737
yctkAilurinAdult (f)1,2626313
IFYZPlumeliiAdult (f)3,0371,4423
IpbvFeliynaAdult (f)1,0544841
IMiSRoziliaAdult (f)1,0524891
qW2N(qW2N)Adult (f)9,0251,07410
7RIYMailurineHatchling (f, F)5,96988115
3xJrX(3xJrX)Adult (m)1,9928852
23BY(23BY)Adult (m)2,30987810
dt6qDetsisqueAdult (f)7,9087845
9mNa(9mNa)Adult (m)1,0484856
lq8MEishanAdult (f)2,8051,0733
7LYB(7LYB)Hatchling (F)6711911
WMca(WMca)Adult (f)1,2726336
2KNg(2KNg)Adult (m)3,0721,4505
IJyeF(IJyeF)Adult (f)3,1071,0961
tPF5E(tPF5E)Adult (m)2,5568691
tJIeThreshelleAdult (f)2,29587610
NnMmReveneiAdult (m)7,9077985
r6TEAeliynnAdult (f)3,4149857
iLnISorrelleiAdult (f)1,0544902
xIaaSephienierAdult (f)1,5965834
wAq3SelanineAdult (m)2,7971,0673
BRTsMeliciaAdult (f)2,8111,0673
GL1nLailuriaAdult (m)1,9238873
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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