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You pick up the scroll labeled “Mathy85,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6wynd(6wynd)Adult (f)6,2511,2341
7zXBn(7zXBn)Adult (m)4,7508811
91M0y(91M0y)Adult (f)9,1431,1643
9WNGO(9WNGO)Adult (m)5,9701,2610
AsrrW(AsrrW)Adult (f)3,6319464
AwNWv(AwNWv)Adult (m)3,7427221
AzRbh(AzRbh)Adult (f)3,8361,06814
Bx4ae(Bx4ae)Adult (f)6,5816990
FR0iI(FR0iI)Adult (m)5,2401,3121
Gzj0E(Gzj0E)Adult (m)4,8839817
Hy8dC(Hy8dC)Adult (f)4,6318655
IjJU9(IjJU9)Adult (m)5,1451,3171
JAN8y(JAN8y)Adult (m)4,8588822
MYcBU(MYcBU)Adult (f)5,2341,3291
OBLKn(OBLKn)Adult (f)8,7621,1523
OvnqG(OvnqG)Adult (f)4,5049017
R9hYe(R9hYe)Adult (f)6,1371,2301
SIVkr(SIVkr)Adult (m)5,5428902
SnMlO(SnMlO)Adult (f)5,9156860
UHoqw(UHoqw)Adult (f)5,4751,3433
UWzZw(UWzZw)Adult (m)6,3721,2531
VwlbC(VwlbC)Adult (f)9,4601,1472
Wjhdx(Wjhdx)Adult (f)3,9586820
Wloqf(Wloqf)Adult (f)6,2191,4740
XKA1d(XKA1d)Adult (f)3,9271,06915
YntPI(YntPI)Adult (f)5,8776910
ezxuD(ezxuD)Adult (m)6,2531,2610
fIpWl(fIpWl)Adult (m)5,0387322
jYsId(jYsId)Adult (f)9,8471,1992
kDo76(kDo76)Adult (m)4,8851,3411
kKRuw(kKRuw)Adult (m)3,9401,06314
lJhh1(lJhh1)Adult (f)6,0866890
nZXnq(nZXnq)Adult (f)6,1151,2480
nhkTw(nhkTw)Adult (m)4,8058792
qZTKx(qZTKx)Adult (m)6,0116930
rCpQV(rCpQV)Adult (m)5,4418891
rZq3c(rZq3c)Adult (f)8,7431,1212
sL1ml(sL1ml)Adult (f)4,8657150
t6gCq(t6gCq)Adult (f)4,7869054
t8eOE(t8eOE)Adult (m)6,6791,2890
tM9wz(tM9wz)Adult (f)4,9826921
tPIfg(tPIfg)Adult (f)4,7008979
tr20Q(tr20Q)Adult (f)4,8608662
tyGoG(tyGoG)Adult (m)4,1227390
w0UAk(w0UAk)Adult (m)5,1021,3650
w6NX5(w6NX5)Adult (f)5,3557070
wzclK(wzclK)Adult (m)3,6087420
xA5w5(xA5w5)Adult (m)5,9316850
yRTBu(yRTBu)Adult (f)4,53886110
mCKFL1 Holiday C07 Holly 001Adult (f)3,9881,4052
n6XAb1 Holiday C07 Holly 002Adult (f)3,7971,3472
P5bJ51 Holiday C08 Yulebuck 001Adult (m)7,1841,5838
jU8EH1 Holiday C08 Yulebuck 002Adult (m)6,1901,3460
XF7N91 Holiday C09 Snow Angel 001Adult (f)7,0481,5934
jLiVx1 Holiday C09 Snow Angel 002Adult (f)6,2851,3380
dsD91 Holiday C10 Ribbon Dancer 001Adult (f)4,0408297
5gO261 Holiday C10 Ribbon Dancer 002Adult (f)4,9551,0776
GHtpk1 Holiday C11 Winter Magi 001Adult (m)4,2371,3115
t8jV41 Holiday C11 Winter Magi 002Adult (m)4,5721,3063
HOAH01 Holiday C12 Wrapping-Wing 001Adult (m)6,7971,1413
XQ6O21 Holiday C12 Wrapping-Wing 002Adult (m)7,1811,2141
RqnR41 Holiday C13 Solstice 001Adult (f)6,7441,3480
xgTRs1 Holiday C13 Solstice 002Adult (f)6,1411,3810
5BtOs1 Holiday C14 Mistletoe 001Adult (f)5,7901,0533
PbbvO1 Holiday C14 Mistletoe 002Adult (f)5,6041,0440
MbIaN1 Holiday H08 Vampire 001Adult (m)5,1187893
3tZRn1 Holiday H08 Vampire 002Adult (f)7,7341,4455
f1Adq1 Holiday H09 Pumpkin 001Adult (m)6,9651,5865
t5WDk1 Holiday H09 Pumpkin 002Adult (f)7,7961,7068
Kb9po1 Holiday H10 Black Marrow 001Adult (m)7,7711,7178
hC3Gp1 Holiday H10 Black Marrow 002Adult (f)8,4241,6508
FI6ua1 Holiday H11 Shadow 001Adult (m)6,6871,5537
8iFZ71 Holiday H11 Shadow 002Adult (f)6,2441,5467
ArJc11 Holiday H12 Cavern Lurker 001Adult (m)5,0281,2602
DBS021 Holiday H12 Cavern Lurker 002Adult (f)5,0951,2853
ATlKF1 Holiday H13 Grave 001Adult (m)4,6431,1251
7ekxR1 Holiday H13 Grave 002Adult (f)4,8991,1713
CxmhI1 Holiday H14 Desipis 001Adult (m)3,3671,0821
WL7IV1 Holiday H14 Desipis 002Adult (f)3,2941,0782
rPBV1 Holiday V09 Valentine 001Adult (f)5,9981,6994
8Zp91 Holiday V09 Valentine 002Adult (f)4,2311,6153
2NEcq1 Holiday V10 Sweetling 001Adult (m)6,0711,5136
ov6l1 Holiday V10 Sweetling 002Adult (m)5,9601,7249
PKnj1 Holiday V11 Rosebud 001Adult (f)3,9041,5073
PS281 Holiday V11 Rosebud 002Adult (f)6,2801,99310
2seIE1 Holiday V12 Heartseeker 001Adult (m)5,1111,4795
ec6VV1 Holiday V12 Heartseeker 002Adult (m)5,1611,5041
A10kl1 Holiday V13 Arsani 001Adult (f)8,1421,3094
S9qCY1 Holiday V13 Arsani 002Adult (f)8,2791,2922
AWPxF1 Holiday V14 Radiant Angel 001Adult (m)5,6271,1013
xYG5K1 Holiday V14 Radiant Angel 002Adult (m)5,5431,1111
uUyfc1 Holiday V15 Heartstealing 001Adult (f)6,2831,4276
6bSPM1 Holiday V15 Heartstealing 002Adult (f)5,7141,5388
r5XHEAlbino   001Adult (m)5,7848980
nf5LWAlbino   002Adult (f)7,1131,4350
ljzivAvatar of Change 001Adult (m)6,6946971
PLxd7Avatar of Creation 001Adult (m)5,7299762
KNRu8Avatar of Creation 002Adult (f)6,4671,2554
RRszWAvatar of Destruction 001Adult (m)7,7928681
sldkOBalloon  001Adult (m)8,6781,1535
PXPl2Balloon  002Adult (f)6,0251,3977
hyWyyBlack 1 001Adult (m)7,8961,3255
1bc1EBlack 1 002Adult (f)9,1811,2132
3nedvBlack 2 001Adult (m)8,1101,3576
nFVmWBlack 2 002Adult (f)7,8671,2906
OAD9hBlack Capped Teimarr 001Adult (m)5,6981,4492
qz7kLBlack Capped Teimarr 002Adult (f)5,0141,4101
iiWKABlack Tea 001Adult (m)4,1071,4851
BRTMyBlack Tea 002Adult (f)5,2421,7041
LzIzvBlacktip 001Adult (m)4,7071,6342
a44iHBlacktip 002Adult (f)3,8151,6052
00pX9Bleeding Moon 001Adult (m)5,0831,1170
5rMf7Bleeding Moon 002Adult (f)5,5111,1561
gDSj2Blue-Banded 001Adult (m)4,4471,4520
x9wLsBlue-Banded 002Adult (f)4,4431,4722
YouLfBlusang Lindwurm 001Adult (m)8,2961,14212
V84rkBlusang Lindwurm 002Adult (f)8,3211,6523
W83LkBright-Breasted Wyvern  001Adult (m)9,4971,1886
OQR9tBright-Breasted Wyvern  002Adult (f)7,7721,2485
oZPn8Brimstone  001Adult (m)8,4161,0834
TvUU8Brimstone  002Adult (f)9,6811,3307
FVH4JBrute 001Adult (m)4,6311,1552
03vR8Brute 002Adult (f)4,5581,1341
bMf22Canopy  001Adult (m)8,0551,7382
qSilDCanopy  002Adult (f)7,1621,1891
06P1JCarmine Wyvern 001Adult (m)4,5451,4232
x3yAXCarmine Wyvern 002Adult (f)4,6501,4450
LVuDWCassare 001Adult (m)5,7501,3463
QB1DjCassare 002Adult (f)5,9351,2890
5MNFDCheese 001Adult2,7617893
hPkgjCheese 002Adult2,8157913
CRvEMChicken 001Adult (f)7,3761,5952
E1EqrChicken 002Adult (f)5,7921,3824
TeY6qCoastal Waverunner 001Adult (m)8,1121,1975
Bt6YGCoastal Waverunner 002Adult (f)6,6831,5281
AllSrCopper Blue 001Adult (m)3,5911,3822
p2nbsCopper Brown 001Adult (m)3,8061,4801
zrHRcCopper Red  001Adult (f)5,5481,1741
JjLEVCopper Red 001Adult (m)3,8121,4834
RMDXHDark green 1 001Adult (m)7,9201,2707
ecRSADark green 1 002Adult (f)9,6511,5995
JFHB3Dark green 2 001Adult (m)7,8221,2888
GRYlYDark green 2 002Adult (f)7,6491,2509
YOfbEDaydream  001Adult (m)7,6221,1374
SXCruDaydream  002Adult (f)7,6571,1642
F7RXMDaydream  004Adult (f)8,7581,2065
E87TQDaydream  005Adult (m)6,8521,2041
3trFFDaydream  006Adult (f)4,5856500
25xg4Daydream  007Adult (m)5,6531,1433
StpFcDaydream  008Adult (f)6,5321,4982
soXFbDaydream  010Adult (f)8,5151,1983
MHpblDeep Sea  001Adult (m)7,8661,4351
R78TNDeep Sea  003Adult (m)7,0221,1604
v7faVDeep Sea  004Adult (f)4,9241,2880
Ihbj6Deep Sea  005Adult (m)6,4151,2962
GJIGaDeep Sea  007Adult (m)8,9231,2003
GEmbpDino Blue 001Adult8,3381,4414
DjuTDDino Blue 002Adult8,9021,3376
INGsJDorsal Purple  001Adult (m)5,5791,3406
QVjG3Dorsal Purple  002Adult (f)7,9711,1881
AiiPnDorsal Purple  003Adult (m)4,6671,1692
r1AKpDorsal Purple  004Adult (f)8,7311,2521
B4ti7Dorsal Purple  005Adult (m)4,8241,1713
pA55nDorsal Purple  006Adult (f)7,1881,2927
lm37PDorsal Purple  007Adult (m)7,3911,2150
nD0AkDorsal Purple  008Adult (f)3,8024761
gIkgCDorsal Purple  009Adult (m)5,8509183
u0R73Dorsal Purple  010Adult (f)8,3691,3530
9cTOoDorsal Red  001Adult (m)7,3011,2251
dWrcNDorsal Red  002Adult (f)7,0051,1774
2N1UtDorsal Red  003Adult (m)7,9431,0563
9Kc5aDorsal Red  004Adult (f)5,0301,2674
Hdx3LDorsal Red  005Adult (m)6,0761,2991
1rxhxDorsal Red  006Adult (f)6,8861,1951
jOHkUDorsal Red  007Adult (m)6,1471,1645
YOoRRDorsal Red  008Adult (f)6,6421,3941
tWKKZDorsal Red  010Adult (f)7,8481,5300
Y1TV6Duotone 001Adult (m)5,9681,2312
3a0u4Duotone 002Adult (f)6,5381,2462
ZgNpQDuotone 003Adult (m)6,0411,2472
4CqBhDuotone 004Adult (f)6,5251,2411
VdutxDuotone 005Adult (m)5,1061,2302
WYP4MDuotone 006Adult (f)7,1931,3221
UdZj9Duotone 007Adult (m)5,4231,1251
GxYluDuotone 008Adult (f)5,7611,2750
xWejuDuotone 009Adult (m)7,2421,3454
zkyEkDuotone 010Adult (f)5,3201,2780
gn4mpElectric 001Adult (m)4,2119573
cDumuElectric 002Adult (f)9,4941,1996
iDXIZElectric 003Adult (m)4,6519511
nDs7hElectric 004Adult (f)9,6141,7864
h0VmCElectric 005Adult (m)9,0801,3131
hDd6NElectric 006Adult (f)7,7701,4154
TulBaElectric 007Adult (m)6,6631,1881
PZ6dDElectric 008Adult (f)7,1221,4112
6s6BpElectric 009Adult (m)6,8761,0855
fa4V1Electric 010Adult (f)4,8506340
FNbGEmber  001Adult (m)6,3401,1474
hBTjEmber  002Adult (f)8,9671,4046
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