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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Majick,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BC8mdAether Wyv M1 CBAdult (m)2,4574684
mIGabAether Wyv F1 CBAdult (f)2,6084932
4j3pT(4j3pT)Adult (f)4,3893683
1aRbBlanca Whitewing CBAdult (f)3,09449668
1AEgNaked Prince CBAdult (m)3,12558110
cLiHNNude Archer CBAdult (m)6,8041,3721
rJeXpThe Fleshy Guy CBAdult (m)6,7441,2351
vLNVcNaked Princess CBAdult (f)7,4441,3712
OvQbuMajick's Jevvi PBAdult (f)3,4733751
4MAMTFlesh Gordon CBAdult (m)3,8984061
qYtfIFlesh Gordonya CBAdult (f)3,9743002
vOMXsNaked Starlord PBAdult (m)4,0653041
Qc6JqFallen Archeress CBAdult (f)3,2235531
A2U7gGalaxy Watcher CBAdult (m)1,7056960
BYum2Wolf Star CBAdult (m)2,1587141
FhUhTRedEye McGee CBAdult (m)2,7314090
bHxif(bHxif)Adult (f)2,6318032
H08LN(H08LN)Adult (f)3,2003071
H5NqyLady Celestine CBAdult (f)4,5996992
r1sb3Lord Almandine CBAdult (m)4,5597261
2HlilLady Chrysocolla CBAdult (f)6,3207151
wgqobLord Sardonyx CBAdult (m)6,1617181
GGid2Lord Hessonite CBAdult (m)6,9687641
B53kPLady  Lazuli CBAdult (f)6,9238320
19QxcLord Pyrope CBAdult (m)7,3937692
O9mYrLady Euclase CBAdult (f)7,4837633
wnIhULady Indicolite CBAdult (f)5,3477884
3PB5WLord Tugtupite CBAdult (m)5,3787882
7qqOrLord Carnelian CBAdult (m)5,3666612
V6FQtLady Bluebell CBAdult (f)5,1296211
Ms6KJLady Starswirl CBAdult (f)4,9876330
wHwJqLord Red Divinity CBAdult (m)5,9906681
6b7pjLady Blue Fuu CBAdult (f)6,0986220
mxJC4Lady Blue Yuu CBAdult (f)3,6465145
UF1kuLord Red Tide CBAdult (m)4,1798552
bBYkQ(bBYkQ)Adult (m)3,7321,0013
w4u7q(w4u7q)Adult (f)4,6547732
u0BNmAntaaros CBAdult (m)4,0967641
qzwEMAntaara CBAdult (f)4,1177621
eLMIqAntaarix CBAdult (m)3,9747641
mBtNAAntaariis CBAdult (f)4,1107970
HaOjoAntaarus CBAdult (m)6,1206231
TkDRmAntaarys CBAdult (m)4,6946985
Vq5bbAntaares CBAdult (m)3,8555582
l1SlwAqualis Fem CB AAdult (f)2,4817791
mV85vAqualis Fem CB BAdult (f)2,4867671
2XUjJAqualis Male CB AAdult (m)2,7087710
jbxFMAqualis Male CB BAdult (m)2,7397780
Ctc5V(Ctc5V)Adult (m)2,4898061
8wSuk(8wSuk)Adult (m)2,5038160
72JTx(72JTx)Adult (m)2,5738381
ReI9m(ReI9m)Adult (f)2,5578200
83wsL(83wsL)Adult (m)2,4408091
t38TMirabella HaughtAdult (f)3,27037350
ap3KSakura AkimotoAdult (f)3,39165877
gklcCresceliaAdult (f)2,94933932
wxcq8Evander CBAdult (m)5,3076086
JB7fTEnaani CBAdult (f)5,3986014
Kv0LFXantaro CBAdult (m)5,2386643
SguG7Hevishta CBAdult (f)4,9917240
X1E35(X1E35)Adult (f)6,0386650
RYFPV(RYFPV)Adult (m)3,6235441
Fg9Ia(Fg9Ia)Adult (m)4,2028494
om2c9(om2c9)Adult (m)4,5449253
JCDNl(JCDNl)Adult (f)4,4009443
C9tKARosalynn ValentineAdult (f)2,0174323
VnIZYGwendelynn ValentineAdult (f)2,6394263
kn3dBRosa StormAdult (f)5,3659533
n8Slw(n8Slw)Adult (f)2,7364701
zOgp0(zOgp0)Adult (f)2,9764694
28JY6(28JY6)Adult (m)2,8445091
iUA5H(iUA5H)Adult (m)4,1778712
aKxM6(aKxM6)Adult (m)4,1758561
yBDJk(yBDJk)Adult (m)3,4123051
WOQpY(WOQpY)Adult (f)4,5317490
GA6fs(GA6fs)Adult (m)4,3707632
peUIjGlaecia CBAdult (f)3,8586220
tKjEwArvaani CBAdult (f)3,8266190
Y7mXF(Y7mXF)Adult (m)3,5593786
N74Mo(N74Mo)Adult (f)2,5367822
HA9tN(HA9tN)Adult (f)5,9789756
mX2BD(mX2BD)Adult (f)8,5771,0704
WTo0Helium Project CBAdult (f)2,89934043
gkYYRed Rising Balloon CBAdult (m)1,83147316
kKVRhLost Balloon of Dream Showers CBAdult (f)4,3281,1872
ggDHb(ggDHb)Adult (f)7,0525220
fpsWe(fpsWe)Adult (f)6,6469184
bU8Ul(bU8Ul)Adult (m)5,6448221
Mb04F(Mb04F)Adult (m)5,6028412
iTvEp(iTvEp)Adult (m)4,6044104
QZm9V(QZm9V)Adult (f)3,7013812
w6JjT(w6JjT)Adult (f)5,6517561
TWQlx(TWQlx)Adult (m)5,7567541
AvFPr(AvFPr)Adult (f)3,1471,0120
EbBEV(EbBEV)Adult (f)3,6349330
SXoBa(SXoBa)Adult (f)4,7749141
CNZHi(CNZHi)Adult (f)5,3396530
usWT2(usWT2)Adult (f)5,3376610
x1Czv(x1Czv)Adult (m)5,6326611
Ti5sQ(Ti5sQ)Adult (m)1,8234600
UICcL(UICcL)Adult (m)2,5173482
d39EArmand Black CBAdult (m)5,35546956
Ax53Obsidian Gold CBAdult (m)4,05943039
FARTThe Mighty Stinker PBAdult (m)6,37496367
j0jFMajick's Black Prince PBAdult (m)7,0371,3288
YnOXpI Betray The Night Ai PBAdult (f)2,8581,0373
osCVzVishasa CBAdult (f)4,1453152
Oqil2Fenryr CBAdult (f)4,0112802
Hb8wOWindygo CBAdult (f)2,9673732
jhmiYJokyr CBAdult (m)2,8541,0203
8JA0cHarliqynn CBAdult (f)2,9711,0202
xomB4Jezza CBAdult (f)2,8768613
DrDAjIzzalia CBAdult (f)3,8893400
VulKqKitaan CBAdult (m)3,0433614
U7l6cVoodoo CBAdult (m)4,6529042
4vLjaThe Little Black Knight PBAdult (m)4,5821,2725
dQq3nBlack Lady of War and Peace PBAdult (f)4,6291,2633
xaJU6The Little Black Prince PBAdult (m)6,7837265
sMPf6Stormshire CBAdult (m)4,0201,0673
SsuPlBlack Smaug CBAdult (m)3,2231,09319
k79KZBlack Iris CBAdult (f)5,3706006
MDgYa(MDgYa)Adult (f)5,5799181
RTkpy(RTkpy)Adult (f)5,1869316
KflIw(KflIw)Adult (m)3,8115554
TmR6w(TmR6w)Adult (f)3,6898074
zGIDI(zGIDI)Adult (f)2,5454852
Qgn1Camina Gold-Blossom PBAdult (f)3,18640946
VjqASirius Gold-Blossom PBAdult (m)2,0786997
4tvnUJoqynn PBAdult (f)5,1544783
9FTaFha'DraminaAdult (f)2,73578010
prUrFha'DramaroAdult (m)2,8147829
XJfKFha'DrafirsaAdult (m)2,3087939
CgoAFha'DradridoAdult (f)2,4577798
1biFFFha'DrasykoAdult (f)4,9961,7845
16DpHFha'DralunAdult (m)4,8481,7278
gfT9wKrillexus CBAdult (m)3,9192632
QCcw7Lil Lady Rosebud CBAdult (f)2,8156360
MheTsTealaa CBAdult (f)1,7496713
ZKk5XTealo CBAdult (m)5,7137321
yEyVVJamina CBAdult (f)5,3068723
31fErChai Pillow Mints CBAdult (m)7,2848033
O5xeYJaarvis CBAdult (m)3,6759932
9Uam0Kaana CBAdult (f)5,6737992
jmTFDKylala CBAdult (f)5,3508741
jxAAISalia CBAdult (f)5,3678761
ySYhu(ySYhu)Adult (m)6,2409083
tw501(tw501)Adult (f)4,3938712
Jsbth(Jsbth)Adult (f)4,5458752
SfaaB(SfaaB)Adult (m)4,4388563
b97jsWavewhisper CBAdult (m)3,7973363
PAF7WFela CBAdult (f)2,9581,0250
MkUmXLuuk CBAdult (m)5,1544761
QWt6WRanaa CBAdult (f)5,1164831
YIcUQCrif CBAdult (m)3,9742790
PtsUWSkoff CBAdult (m)2,7966030
SkgYeLorii CBAdult (f)2,0896040
awHkVGukk CBAdult (m)3,9143533
5qPRMHeath CBAdult (m)3,3543813
9yBNzCariina CBAdult (f)2,4814382
K2BZMCamiina CBAdult (f)3,6148202
qPoAFVastu CBAdult (m)4,5589221
rTLndRosaria CBAdult (f)5,2856570
BQERiTalcom CBAdult (m)5,4816571
ztjadDuuk CBAdult (m)5,2616570
TmR0qBhella CBAdult (f)5,1376710
WymoN(WymoN)Adult (f)10,5121,0148
zLhf7Hiila CBAdult (f)2,5066110
iuL7THiica CBAdult (m)2,2066120
s0PsJNaana CBAdult (f)4,1962861
0eQydMaana CBAdult (m)3,9623182
Jp7yiGaaza CBAdult (m)5,3358893
CRTGCJaava CBAdult (m)5,5097960
g5oRINaara CBAdult (f)4,6906891
AlR9GDaana CBAdult (f)5,0816431
llMIl(llMIl)Adult (f)8,2881,3329
l7pIn(l7pIn)Adult (f)4,8348582
wk3Na(wk3Na)Adult (m)3,3337442
qYi29(qYi29)Adult (f)2,8053701
Qw78vLohkii CBAdult (m)3,0719921
7OfiMLatalia CBAdult (f)2,3319942
wzy3tThohr CBAdult (m)4,8287731
MRLopNyxx CBAdult (f)4,8037450
8HFW3Noxys CBAdult (m)3,9009841
SGOdjWhysteria CBAdult (f)3,7959890
oYFW0Haana CBAdult (f)3,7599900
eVkdkAmaarra CBAdult (f)4,9349552
1gJqtJema CBAdult (f)4,9279551
UwnVBFhi'Tz CBAdult (m)4,0019150
mtzULGem'Ma CBAdult (f)4,1649230
45PMiCloraa CBAdult (f)5,5457661
Fy3sPClaara CBAdult (f)5,0258021
gLjKwNeeva CBAdult (f)5,0078001
dIoVY(dIoVY)Adult (f)5,8727302
YTduL(YTduL)Adult (f)3,5277196
SPNyK(SPNyK)Adult (f)4,6733761
U90CrJaxxon CBAdult (m)1,8453891
nlM4G(nlM4G)Adult (f)4,0767621
eNCUc(eNCUc)Adult (f)3,8097440
0yPtH(0yPtH)Adult (f)3,8117350
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