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You pick up the scroll labeled “MIGOR,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameStageViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xxxxx Welcome xxxxxHatchling (F)1,2952311
xxxxxxxxx FOR TRADE xxxxxxxxxHatchling (F)2,0642931
UnnamedHatchling (f)9,4377692
xxxxxxxx FOR FRIENDS xxxxxxxxHatchling (F)2,0554181
xxxxxxxxx MY BABIES xxxxxxxxxHatchling (F)2,0884922
xxx Shinies xxxHatchling (F)1,8101982
BorsusHatchling (m)11,7938133
Brangaine IVHatchling8,4945823
Verbeia IVHatchling (f)11,2928112
NemaususosHatchling (m)9,8819916
xxx Not Shinies xxxHatchling (F)3,6946485
Valen 17 AnyaAdult (f)9,1489895
Tine 17 AnyaAdult (f)9,2001,0123
Rhino Iggy IIIAdult (m)8,6429120
Rhino Iggy IIAdult (m)5,1478570
Rhino Iggy IAdult (m)6,4979163
Rhino Anya IAdult (f)9,9338493
Rhino IggyAdult (m)5,4159982
Rhino AnyaAdult (f)5,5549711
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)6,7567201
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)4,0378461
Rhino Iggy jrAdult (m)10,0647801
Rhino Anya jrAdult (f)5,7659671
 Egg (F)000
xxxxxxxx MY BEAUTIES xxxxxxxxHatchling (F)1,7915161
Iggy UntamedAdult (m)11,2451,1914
Untamed IggyAdult (m)10,13769531
Untamed AnyaAdult (f)11,1721,22437
Created IggyAdult (m)11,1498476
Created AnyaAdult (f)11,2278606
UnnamedHatchling (F)5,7586031
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)8,3138637
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)9,0198063
Created Iggy jrAdult (m)11,7419543
Created Anya jrAdult (f)8,8541,0204
Changed IggyAdult (m)10,3821,0311
Changed AnyaAdult (f)10,3369893
UnnamedHatchling (F)5,4845561
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)8,8648514
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)8,8658411
Changed Iggy jrAdult (m)9,9268867
Changed Anya jrAdult (f)10,7338516
Destructed IggyAdult (m)10,0219062
Destructed AnyaAdult (f)10,1439504
UnnamedHatchling (F)5,1645641
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)8,6378625
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)9,2477862
Destructed Iggy jrAdult (m)10,2269212
Destructed Anya jrAdult (f)6,3901,0743
Golden IggyAdult (m)9,76895129
Golden AnyaAdult (f)9,7241,48520
UnnamedHatchling (F)1,8035354
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)6,3777603
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)6,2057533
Golden Iggy jrAdult (m)9,23691421
Golden Anya jrAdult (f)9,1171,1649
Iggy the LegendAdult (m)9,6547706
Anya D'LegendaryAdult (f)9,58277818
Legendary IggyAdult (m)9,6442,10143
Legendary AniaAdult (f)9,15894322
UnnamedHatchling (F)4,7926203
UnnamedHatchling (m, F)7,3758254
UnnamedHatchling (f, F)6,7546854
Legendary Iggy jrAdult (m)7,9348822
Legendary Ania jrAdult (f)8,5779312
AbelliososAdult (m)10,8507776
BeiranaAdult (f)12,65784410
NiamanaAdult (f)9,6609445
DoenasaAdult (f)12,2048496
AfallachAdult (m)11,9918456
BalinosAdult (m)11,1658775
AmphiusAdult (m)8,1958126
ThersitesosAdult (m)9,9118096
LoholtosAdult (m)12,2108141
FinngualasaAdult (f)12,4658315
TribhuwanaAdult (f)10,5887214
TuirennosAdult (m)9,7318795
CriusosAdult (m)11,4258138
DrusillasaAdult (f)9,2778177
Nyi Ageng SerangAdult (f)7,8277246
AscalaphusAdult (m)10,4357096
UnnamedAdult (m)9,7987337
BorislavaAdult (f)10,6127276
SinopeaAdult (f)10,63570911
NastesosAdult (m)10,8357289
LiberalitasaAdult (f)9,78173613
JarrisosAdult (m)7,83599711
MinervasisAdult (f)9,4538415
KaskuhosAdult (m)9,3448383
DecidianaAdult (f)9,5197854
MercuryusAdult (m)10,1687134
PolyxenaisAdult (f)10,9507302
PhyleususAdult (m)10,8157217
SitkamoseAdult (f)10,7237186
ErichthoniusisAdult (m)10,6457267
Dea DiaAdult (f)9,46378914
KaromamaAdult (f)10,7137248
DispaterusAdult (m)10,1977745
AgenorusAdult (m)11,7221,00823
TeutamidesAdult (m)9,9631,02711
FaustitasisAdult (f)11,1121,00710
SkythesAdult (m)9,3991,0179
AntevortaAdult (f)8,6141,1267
FerentinaAdult (f)9,6749767
Aristomache IVAdult (f)5,90240622
Dwyfan IVAdult (m)11,8268317
Ancamna IVAdult (f)12,6728466
Aimend IVAdult (f)9,4559887
Sinonos IVAdult (m)12,3098294
Bellatrix IVAdult (f)10,4067113
Peneleos IVAdult (m)12,0669683
Alisanos IVAdult (m)11,1837816
Yim Wing-chun IVAdult (f)11,2507506
Bathilda IVAdult (f)11,07274310
Zhurong IVAdult (f)10,6317283
Chromisos IVAdult (m)8,5317771
Asantewaa IVAdult (f)10,5547187
Anticlus IVAdult (m)10,1416934
Cebriones IVAdult (m)10,4227125
Hipposa IVAdult (f)11,04881917
Elen IVAdult (f)11,6857793
Imbrius IVAdult (m)10,4317187
Poludamas IVAdult (m)10,3457133
Papaya IVAdult (f)7,5881,2232
Sutekh IVAdult (m)10,8607245
Minerva IVAdult (f)10,9357293
Polyxenais IVAdult (f)10,7857194
Telepinus IVAdult (m)10,8457233
Drusilla IVAdult (f)9,6158609
Februus IVAdult (m)10,4607515
Libera IVAdult (f)10,7577304
Calchas IVAdult (f)7,7017347
Talaus IVAdult (m)10,4917224
Sarpedon IVAdult (m)10,7377254
Pirithoes IVAdult (m)10,8767293
Oileus IVAdult (m)7,4597353
Nehyt IVAdult (f)11,03773812
Meritaten IVAdult (f)10,3487423
Lycurgus IVAdult (m)10,6587298
Henutwati IVAdult (f)8,4586807
Robigus IVAdult (f)10,6737539
Cynortas IVAdult (m)10,6247382
Palatua IVAdult (f)10,5787448
Aegisthus IVAdult (m)11,8521,0614
Anaxagoras IVAdult (m)10,7027381
Carna IVAdult (f)10,2247644
Latona IVAdult (f)10,9807321
Eunostus IVAdult (m)10,88190910
Cresphontes IVAdult (m)8,8661,0418
Ceisus IVAdult (m)9,1021,0515
Luna IVAdult (f)10,5589504
Eileithyia IVAdult (f)9,8058736
Enceladus IVAdult (m)11,6469559
Hedone IVAdult (f)10,8608874
Anna Perenna IVAdult (f)9,8671,0526
Atalanta IVAdult (f)7,80677410
Alcibie IVAdult (f)10,6399217
Themis IVAdult (m)8,2421,1457
Neikea IVAdult (f)11,0549106
Phlegethon IVAdult (m)11,7329594
Eurybia IVAdult (f)8,4621,11123
Agrius IVAdult (m)9,6789578
Lelantos IVAdult (m)9,5391,0335
Palaestra IVAdult (f)9,6599408
Thelxinoe IVAdult (f)9,4209539
Crius IVAdult (m)10,7611,0947
Keuthonymos IVAdult (m)11,3071,28711
Brontes IVAdult (m)9,9179036
Eurus IVAdult (m)10,7261,06613
Smaragos IVAdult (m)12,5458755
Orpheus IVAdult (m)11,7251,0167
Arges IVAdult (m)9,5899118
Liberalitas IVAdult (f)8,5819238
Thalassa IVAdult (f)11,73298410
Askalaphos IVAdult (m)9,91797412
Thoosa IVAdult (f)5,3681,47814
Phonoi IVAdult (f)8,8621,0803
Soter IVAdult (m)12,1209307
Rhea IVAdult (f)9,68797530
Adrastea IVAdult (f)10,2608648
Algea IVAdult (f)9,3919136
Apate IVAdult (f)10,5169745
Demeter IVAdult (f)9,6481,22022
Rhadamanthys IVAdult (m)8,6411,27224
Keres VAdult (m)10,6819505
Eurybia VAdult (f)11,6878994
Hyperion VAdult (m)9,6461,0164
Orpheus VAdult (m)9,0031,0045
Hedone VAdult (f)9,8591,00734
Minerva VAdult (f)10,3677572
Thalassa VAdult (f)8,5921,0983
Soter VAdult (m)7,8359666

If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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