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You pick up the scroll labeled “Luthex,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
o18R(o18R)Adult (m)2,68668510
p1g3(p1g3)Adult (f)3,2451,2129
mdM5(mdM5)Adult (f)2,6469389
rIUV(rIUV)Adult (m)2,9821,0878
HqSu(HqSu)Adult (m)3,5401,3287
QQgr(QQgr)Adult (f)2,0795809
gV3s(gV3s)Adult (m)2,33066811
AhC2(AhC2)Adult (f)2,2146118
lKgD(lKgD)Adult (f)2,1105888
92HI(92HI)Adult (f)1,3985007
sPs7(sPs7)Adult (m)1,4845187
UVIZ(UVIZ)Adult (m)1,6727736
XDp8(XDp8)Adult (f)1,8818688
31AT(31AT)Adult (f)1,7177956
pEuo(pEuo)Adult (m)2,1429396
5VHj(5VHj)Adult (m)2,9246117
SNgo(SNgo)Adult (f)2,8945966
P4rS(P4rS)Adult (m)2,9776247
18a2(18a2)Adult (m)3,1245294
4rre(4rre)Adult (f)3,1797029
fPCI(fPCI)Adult (m)3,1266916
1Qoe(1Qoe)Adult (f)3,2347177
j0Nk(j0Nk)Adult (f)1,88663310
N0RJ(N0RJ)Adult (m)1,7976028
gcnq(gcnq)Adult (f)1,95865911
TurZ(TurZ)Adult (m)1,78462210
q1Bk(q1Bk)Adult (m)3,9611,24410
08ak(08ak)Adult (m)4,0461,2639
n7dl(n7dl)Adult (m)3,9101,22910
ZfEU(ZfEU)Adult (m)1,9795148
Eu3f(Eu3f)Adult (f)1,6958265
N3iO(N3iO)Adult (m)1,8158574
voOI(voOI)Adult (m)2,4851,0345
3r02(3r02)Adult (f)3,9631,3655
9QAN(9QAN)Adult (f)4,2471,4785
kAD1(kAD1)Adult (f)4,2181,83510
taEE(taEE)Adult (m)2,7661,2136
NkPZ(NkPZ)Adult (f)1,0275806
3PW0(3PW0)Adult (f)1,0966855
v44s(v44s)Adult (m)1,1625805
LoJn(LoJn)Adult (f)1,1305685
E84Y(E84Y)Adult (f)1,24961313
RpRS(RpRS)Adult (m)1,4787298
Td9d(Td9d)Adult (m)1,3736593
JBtM(JBtM)Adult (f)1,0665936
a5bc(a5bc)Adult (f)1,0285746
d4BF(d4BF)Adult (f)1,0165674
qk52(qk52)Adult (f)1,1164003
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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