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You pick up the scroll labeled “LunarWisp,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sIo6(sIo6)Egg (F)
RiH6Andromeda the Spacial GuardianAdult (f)2,5726574
GtdoCreep the Bothersome OneAdult (m)1,1835421
lcluFreak the Bothersome OneAdult (m)1,7405424
EH5bTrance the Nighttime DancerAdult (f)1,9335742
eFZ9Dance the Midnight TranceAdult (f)5,5905354
UXFO0Foomin the JoyousAdult (m)3,5104531
8rQlWho the DevilAdult3,31755311
14GuJSolarus the Pheonix LordAdult (m)4,3124460
uRTfVSolana the Solar QueenAdult (f)4,6363522
HWF3William the one who is evilAdult (m)1,8895933
OXbINot Actually LavaAdult (f)4,6615093
1vXTKatherine the Firey PriestessAdult (f)2,04574513
w4vgWayfur the CookieAdult (f)2,40596218
ozsRJonathan the Sunlight DemonAdult (m)2,8831,60613
qoRESummer the Midday KillerAdult (f)3,84953312
KsLlMina the Little WitchHatchling (f, F)3,1719937
BnXJJoker the Grinning MenaceAdult (m)1,9119859
QdGlJay the Mage of RageAdult (m)2,1379731
h4fZQuarter the NickelAdult (f)2,2334153
Qb2BGMistrust the NightStallionAdult (m)2,7874614
FG6HVolcana the Obsidian DemonAdult (f)2,1967934
hFZNP(hFZNP)Adult (m)2,8455268
VsZNWierdo the Bothersome OneAdult (f)1,3994062
YkCnTiny Terror the Bothersome OneHatchling (f, F)2,1956973
sRv9Devil the Bothersome OneAdult (f)2,2094793
DvXSDemoness the Bothersome OneAdult (f)2,2085002
QiA4Kia the Autumn FlamesAdult (f)2,6905432
haKjJanine the HackAdult (f)3,4035013
TIZ9Salad the Crouton of DoomAdult (f)2,5601,02325
cpGWSelene the Bossy PrincessHatchling (f, F)1,6076505
0UG0Lettuce the Soft Shell TacoAdult (f)1,1367534
voleMiles the Blue-Striped EnforcerAdult (m)1,9413392
nRUKRook who Plays ChessAdult (m)1,40556515
9KquKyle the Autumn SaladAdult (m)1,2154682
LQVeDaniel the Autumn LoveAdult (m)3,5005343
mhokLou the ScorpionAdult (m)3,7425433
1Cd9Pickel the JudgementAdult (m)3,2415025
R2l3B(R2l3B)Adult (f)3,3195343
0qmZCrabla the Crabby SaviorAdult (f)1,7886016
9sAWNine the SawAdult (m)2,7824022
LrOORoo the Pale KangarooAdult (m)1,49668016
pHggRed the Pyramid ResearcherAdult (m)1,0415084
NzTkNathan the Cowboy of DoomAdult (m)1,0745101
c4F4Splode the Explodey GirlAdult (f)1,1055334
3SLQAsh the Spontanious CombusterAdult (m)1,2213445
5EXCWesley the One who SquealsAdult (m)1,9475462
SRfbSanders the Food EaterAdult (f)1,5733612
TaZGTaz the WarriorAdult (m)1,6754375
8UKeWikipedia the LiarAdult (m)1,7053743
41oJSelki the Moth flying in my faceAdult (f)3,4844176
u5EcFive the SecondsAdult (m)1,8074362
EowGMiss PeanutAdult (f)1,44266411
I79jMister PeanutAdult (m)1,5844735
q6MKDesu the Pillow of FluffinessAdult (m)1,6674702
YakeJake the Origami AngelAdult (m)1,84653750
Fj7eChester the Origami CherubHatchling (F)1,0083593
0a62(0a62)Adult (m)1,3135753
Y9pk(Y9pk)Adult (f)3,50751111
e4on(e4on)Adult (m)2,0065255
pg3m(pg3m)Adult (f)3,4691,0674
Pioa(Pioa)Adult (m)1,6643673
3CSZS(3CSZS)Adult (m)3,5823810
Yji5Potato the Sylph of the HarvestAdult (f)1,7814865
MQtnVirtue the Golden DefenderAdult (m)1,67195811
OnrIMight the Golden MageAdult (m)1,82079611
97F6Nugget the Chicken FarmerAdult (m)2,5891,11212
dREvRevenge the Vengeful PeanutAdult (m)1,44666711
tsHSRikki the Epic WalnutAdult (m)1,1045292
BUgsAnt the Crazed AlmondAdult (f)1,7925763
aSMSSunlight the Glass GoddessAdult (f)1,7055141
g4HzAura the Golden SunAdult (f)2,48354835
XXfZAurum the Gleaming PrincessAdult (f)3,9451,19513
FQrJeFarquaad the Meme LordAdult (m)3,4624723
KklOkk 2teal2 hand2Adult (m)1,84751620
5QmSQuantum the ScreamerAdult (m)1,60662310
YgTnYale the SaleAdult (m)3,7381,53636
ZxLKYard the SardAdult (m)2,21559711
WdzlDiesel WeaselHatchling (m, F)1,2334123
g83TToby the GatekeeperAdult (m)3,3699357
JmIA6Sheldon the Dark DemonAdult (m)2,8133711
TRaC(TRaC)Adult (f)2,18360616
WcV4(WcV4)Adult (f)1,6139416
Ezca(Ezca)Adult (f)1,9641,1118
srVO(srVO)Adult (f)2,4809817
apU3(apU3)Hatchling (f, F)1,6041,0283
XVud(XVud)Adult (f)1,7875662
GJBv(GJBv)Adult (f)3,4251,3617
divS(divS)Adult (f)3,85883910
SMmp(SMmp)Adult (f)2,3957927
koIB(koIB)Adult (f)1,4413724
fnSr(fnSr)Adult (f)3,1498348
sZAGNeophytos the Forest DruidAdult (m)1,57550411
MwMNFluffy the Silly PrinceAdult (m)4,4441,77211
Ktxe(Ktxe)Adult (f)1,6935069
r5Oi(r5Oi)Hatchling (f, F)1,14582314
9meW(9meW)Adult (m)2,1686505
P70J(P70J)Adult (f)1,8354714
3geA(3geA)Adult (m)2,30666232
Wq95(Wq95)Adult (m)1,84565610
2KSz(2KSz)Adult (m)2,9631,24729
S4tC(S4tC)Adult (m)1,4068887
MYNI(MYNI)Adult (m)2,8331,36918
a8o5(a8o5)Adult (m)2,1351,33614
6PzJ(6PzJ)Adult (f)1,9308396
P1ZA(P1ZA)Adult (f)3,16680316
77vQ(77vQ)Adult (m)8,1991,2087
p6Kd(p6Kd)Adult (m)1,5445464
e1mi(e1mi)Adult (f)2,26666033
hyDw(hyDw)Adult (f)1,89056712
BT8m(BT8m)Adult (f)1,4746537
jAaF(jAaF)Hatchling (f, F)1,8833845
v9m6(v9m6)Adult (m)3,3301,36811
dRnT(dRnT)Hatchling (m, F)2,7357723
R4CK(R4CK)Adult (f)2,5322856
Ua66Holly Jolly OllyAdult (m)2,4055788
17s6(17s6)Adult (m)1,2023462
EqYR(EqYR)Hatchling (m, F)1,0363293
99NoNo thats SillyAdult (f)1,7274561
3JVGHoliday the GiftAdult (f)3,5161,0652
T7tgb(T7tgb)Adult (f)2,9874482
xTGd(xTGd)Hatchling (m, F)1,6056095
1ceE(1ceE)Adult (f)1,7245707
SRAq(SRAq)Adult (f)2,28151623
LCuH(LCuH)Adult (m)3,3075913
grNa(grNa)Adult (f)6,3586341
1hJ1Glow the TaurusAdult (m)3,5988979
YJAk(YJAk)Adult (m)2,6116693
UjLOWho the HellAdult2,32166041
p7bSWho the FiddlesticksHatchling (F)1,7448207
JYGZ(JYGZ)Adult (m)1,7535073
nvytt(nvytt)Adult (m)3,9595713
3X77L(3X77L)Adult (m)3,4385423
gnKM(gnKM)Adult (m)3,2251,46517
tObS(tObS)Adult (f)2,6571,0984
CnbY(CnbY)Hatchling (f, F)1,0913463
QMAz(QMAz)Adult (f)1,57661518
QYzSAnubis the JudgeAdult (m)1,94185411
3ManThree Men in a Trench CoatAdult (f)4,1424605
FJcmFred the LizardAdult (m)2,38260920
BJaf(BJaf)Hatchling (f, F)1,1915338
JOm5(JOm5)Adult (m)1,2565897
uzIy(uzIy)Adult (m)1,58150526
ie2vRibbon the GiftwrapperAdult (f)2,6727581
6lk1Happy the Satin RibbonAdult (f)2,6367313
MA8Z(MA8Z)Adult (f)1,2294916
NOIR(NOIR)Adult (f)2,2364402
pUnN(pUnN)Adult (f)2,7274273
kUKa(kUKa)Adult (m)2,40265718
bjDO(bjDO)Adult (m)1,78854439
qlVR(qlVR)Hatchling (m, F)1,9015377
lGlG(lGlG)Adult (f)2,3817219
6s5B(6s5B)Adult (f)2,6705222
WH0OAWW YEAH BROTHAAdult (f)2,7155071
Y8IRc(Y8IRc)Adult (m)4,1974691
Q0eq0(Q0eq0)Adult (m)4,0533391
J6l6(J6l6)Adult (m)1,8415662
nbaMBLumiera the LightAdult (f)2,4175571
jtj7sAisling the AngelAdult (m)2,2785012
Dvb2Imagine the DaydreamerAdult (f)3,3031,3627
hdIIElise the Waking DreamAdult (f)1,6316921
PPJlIllusion the Fading DreamAdult (f)2,6525441
7jgeJennifer the MiseryAdult (f)1,9683255
cEUdRose the DarknessAdult (f)2,4885253
SrfuDietfried the Geeky GuardianAdult (m)2,31967533
eNcJ(eNcJ)Adult (f)2,54458343
2oq7(2oq7)Adult (m)1,81283211
dTxvHeath the Guardian AngelAdult (m)1,1805669
Qcbl(Qcbl)Adult (f)2,5469325
weII(weII)Adult (m)2,6541,0394
BIsj(BIsj)Hatchling (F)4663422
2H5k(2H5k)Hatchling (f, F)1,4195771
s4RU(s4RU)Adult (m)3,0935842
1B5p(1B5p)Adult (f)9,3106683
oI5T(oI5T)Adult (f)1,8514054
MU25(MU25)Adult (f)2,8354823
2oaA(2oaA)Adult (f)1,5354261
NgHQ(NgHQ)Adult (m)1,7954721
kYu2(kYu2)Adult (m)1,7805798
BRVx(BRVx)Hatchling (m, F)5,99344017
x3h5XStanley the MoonStruck KillerAdult (m)3,2404282
BnYI0(BnYI0)Adult (m)3,4545531
LCHu(LCHu)Adult (m)2,0021,2298
d1Wr(d1Wr)Hatchling (m, F)1,25254312
DjGe(DjGe)Adult (m)1,9714143
BnrQ(BnrQ)Adult (f)1,51149013
sNfD(sNfD)Adult (f)1,7541,02413
XAYd(XAYd)Adult (f)1,7208017
3j6t(3j6t)Adult (m)4,3864532
eGfqH(eGfqH)Adult (m)2,8655352
dimls(dimls)Adult (m)4,4234250
Fa730(Fa730)Adult (m)3,3875614
uN9R0Mitsuki the MoonlightAdult (f)3,8174340
xqbyY(xqbyY)Adult (m)3,2925714
ebgM(ebgM)Adult (f)1,3165091
NBsl(NBsl)Adult (m)2,1656805
kRknDani the KrakenAdult (f)3,2715672
FafY(FafY)Adult (m)6,7346293
iXFR(iXFR)Adult (m)1,9605934
WqBc(WqBc)Adult (f)2,2807849
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