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You pick up the scroll labeled “LishaDragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WtYZ6SirScarletSicknessAdult (m)5,6531,32943
bQSOMArsenicKissesAdult (f)4,45743419
w1a2u(w1a2u)Adult (m)4,9256120
b7bBLeetle Tree Among The DragonsEgg (F)
Dg20EDodge Natural TwentyAdult (m)
FwfcsFor Frig's SakeAdult (f)
RSuIDQuite RudeAdult (m)
3VuHwWho Are You DearAdult (f)10,0608300
Zo6EqZone Shift In GameAdult (m)5,9201,2103
FW1YCFor Their WinAdult (m)6,8697212
fkLbTFreking Lost BoyAdult (m)7,6017014
L2aMOLaughing Ass Mine OffAdult (f)6,92175128
C2nQzSirScarletSickness' ClodiusAdult (f)8,7777382
1I43iI Forty ThreeAdult (m)7,3931,1203
QIS1SIris Complicated MoodAdult (f)7,6499422
PvEPCPVP PVE On A PCAdult (m)8,7597370
aQ65OOh Sixty Five Questions AnswersAdult (f)8,7557243
ntDcyNot DanceyAdult (f)7,1041,0904
mGat3My GateAdult (m)7,1338762
eR1CzEric The Red ZyumorphAdult (m)7,9158941
Y188G(Y188G)Adult (f)6,6797922
8MJkKOy Mate Just KiddingAdult (f)7,9601,1144
sGQejSequel To A SoquelAdult (m)7,1459184
KfC0RCore KFCAdult (f)8,3169501
YnDwdYon DownloadAdult (m)6,2366465
p4hqSHugs Qualify for PSFourAdult (m)8,4127221
sg6vuSon Of A Gun Or WitchAdult (f)8,9359602
XtYm1X to the Y Equals ZAdult (f)8,8178190
e67tr(e67tr)Adult (m)5,8016532
JdqLn(JdqLn)Adult (m)3,7076661
5iKKC(5iKKC)Adult (f)3,7096751
R9fX6(R9fX6)Adult (m)3,8646611
Axk16(Axk16)Adult (f)3,8766550
hohy5(hohy5)Adult (m)5,6826481
jxMM9(jxMM9)Adult (m)6,3109262
6NLnk(6NLnk)Adult (f)4,0146702
3486T(3486T)Adult (m)5,6626781
NtBJP(NtBJP)Adult (m)3,9956801
SvhDD(SvhDD)Adult (m)5,6356441
SQnjY(SQnjY)Adult (f)3,8756281
X3UkC(X3UkC)Adult (m)3,7446642
Osa5y(Osa5y)Adult (f)4,6506781
bLBYo(bLBYo)Adult (m)4,4556692
tGIKLSeriously Knot A GirlAdult (m)5,2435252
7E3OtSeven Out of Three LootAdult (f)5,9446851
QDQTHMay I have a Vowel PleaseAdult (f)6,8086182
izQTd(izQTd)Adult (m)5,7996432
36Tc3(36Tc3)Adult (f)5,9646521
pFH19PH Factor of NineteenAdult (f)6,1335160
mXnTMMint Maybe NotAdult (m)6,4849103
IHU6vI Hug You Six TimesAdult (f)6,2128781
QnYRmQuestion WhyAdult (f)6,8267330
uTU1ITea For You OneAdult (m)5,8136441
rvAdpFlavored PavingAdult (f)5,4036781
rfqFWRequest For The WinAdult (m)7,4117881
Sk1VsSkateboarding Versus Ice SkatingAdult (f)6,3045832
lhKs1Okay SeriouslyAdult (m)5,4606522
p1ktePlease Allow Me ToAdult (f)5,5096711
BaXIeIntroduce MyselfAdult (f)5,5846611
CZLQII'm A Man Of WealthAdult (m)4,9876164
sLsOUAnd TasteAdult (f)5,2176332
w5mbfI've Been Around ForAdult (m)5,5936711
GA6sKA Long Long YearAdult (m)5,5986491
GFeOHStole Many A Man'sAdult (m)5,4786921
9Rx1WSoul And FaithAdult (f)5,5516870
FEUGAPlease To Meet YouAdult (f)4,4346841
70UrmHope You Guessed My NameAdult (f)3,6495112
WJwoK(WJwoK)Adult (m)4,6636572
uv9GDBlackened My ValentineAdult (f)3,2584251
ZIMGMGM ZimAdult (f)3,6504351
ytMNaSizzling Away Time AgainAdult (f)4,7655481
Yvn3PNot Questioning Myself AgainAdult (m)4,2704931
UQdxUYou Questioned Yourself AgainAdult (f)3,9134652
NrQvP(NrQvP)Adult (f)2,5424082
xoDNEDone XAdult (f)4,8705891
sm6qeSquee MeAdult (m)6,2975733
R0kwCHey Kid Rock and Roll Rock OnAdult (f)5,5115413
DmJhmGjembe DrumAdult (m)7,2568024
MtJWdMt Dew LiveWireAdult (f)4,2304333
8ZQRqRed HabitsAdult (f)3,0003322
RMwd0Rat Race In The GrooveAdult (m)4,0524392
srNuISir Null and Void NotAdult (f)6,4136232
26wY5Pumic WyrmAdult (m)3,1514574
3uBPC(3uBPC)Adult (f)2,6834383
45h7MFourty Five Hours Seven MinutesAdult (m)2,4476102
nWIyxNot Witty EnoughAdult (f)3,9724743
cm5UTSilly Little Sum ClutzAdult (f)3,6855320
dvMJqJust Question DMVAdult (m)3,7964735
zv0sM(zv0sM)Adult (f)3,0954543
xYUzV(xYUzV)Adult (m)4,9045971
InbTC(InbTC)Adult (f)4,6965742
hjgdqLet's Not Talk About Taxes AgainAdult (m)5,9139454
IWv1XYon Garden III FreakyAdult (m)2,9775363
FtljQLeafy WyrmAdult (f)3,2044492
q8wvQNot A RogueAdult (f)2,8635481
jaTeWMr Benson I PresumeAdult (m)5,0825001
YV7luRegalia VeraAdult (f)4,0123823
MJI6H(MJI6H)Adult (m)4,8565721
vvrcoLil' ValiasHatchling (m, F)2,6493331
oOBNSBaby ElliHatchling (f, F)4,5433422
Th8FZYon Vampiric In NatureAdult (m)4,1405701
ghenN(ghenN)Adult (f)4,4626131
HCYCEMisser VampyricAdult (m)4,6905742
DdbzWNight's Little KissAdult (f)4,0315253
sNNjsSirScarletSickness' SinsAdult (m)2,5884982
gQT6fSirScarletSickness'  LadyAdult (f)3,1814731
whw3FSirScarletSickness' TeamMefitAdult (m)3,2994833
Ix6AkIxaBlatFurAKAdult (f)3,2004573
JMeV3SirScarletSickness' Lil ValAdult (m)5,4903661
H0tZcSirScarletSickness' Lil ElAdult (f)4,6953941
rvdJpSirScarletSickness' Bled BiteAdult (m)4,1923522
dBKFBSirScarletSickness' Blood BiteAdult (f)4,6193302
8H4vYSirScarleSickness' Dark BiteAdult (m)4,0994243
B30DpLittle EllizabethAdult (f)3,9173282
mFqlgSirScarletSickness' Bruised BiteAdult (m)3,3913451
r3MbiEllizabethAdult (f)3,9893482
sA7X4ScarletSickness' Bad BoyoAdult (m)3,7643874
NWmALScarletSickness' Good GirlAdult (f)5,1583443
eeZvUScarletSickness' Bad BiteAdult (m)4,0133682
VeN6kLadyEllizabeth's BiteAdult (f)3,5904291
t4L0CScarletSickness' BitAdult (m)3,2623332
f7V5ULittle ElliAdult (f)4,5663121
fREVPValias ScarletSicknessAdult (m)4,3922931
FpqVMLora ScarletSicknesAdult (f)4,7263164
2aqJQValias D'RogueAdult (m)4,8983272
3IEn8N' Lil' IzzaAdult (f)4,9613325
dFYhKValias MhorgrimierAdult (m)4,0242691
rQbK1Lady EllizabethAdult (f)4,0763503
FkkUrSirSickScarletAdult (m)3,0243161
VUgfRScarletSicknessAdult (f)4,1504931
h2kBbSirScarletSickness' BiteAdult (m)3,6513052
WsXCKLady IzabolAdult (f)4,3923274
I7nNcMatthew MhorgrimiereAdult (m)4,2762862
684ZBIzabol MhorgrimiereAdult (f)4,3462902
LmblNLordSneakySneakAdult (m)4,2442836
0PvFBEllizabeth MhorgrimiereAdult (f)3,9802881
8fImZDraconian VampyreAdult (m)3,1843692
YHC3KJean DragonweirdAdult (f)3,0125661
YKrTEmaciated BoyAdult (m)69849228
4rnMJeannette d'AvignonAdult (f)60643028
jUhFLe Lost BoyAdult (m)60841429
8HfMSweet T'TeethAdult (f)54941927
UueVVampiric N NatureAdult (m)66047227
lUrMBad Gr'GirlAdult (f)1,18368940
JcDOMisser Vampyre DraconianAdult (m)1,63786739
9DaCBShiny Purple HollyAdult (f)3,7063751
OVhPYWinniferdAdult (f)3,8404301
7VDdZPeppermint Holly SevenAdult (m)4,7624111
gbN6UNot Mama LagAdult (m)3,7353651
MgKqoPurple Shiny HollyAdult (m)3,7733791
bDLLIKiru's Heart Shaped HollyAdult (m)3,0285001
ObN7DSuch The Boney AngelAdult (f)1,8705381
1jTsrChristmas Rarity For RitaAdult (f)2,2156460
nHPMzRita's Lovely GarlandAdult (f)2,4546530
etBc2SirScarletSickness'  GarlandAdult (f)2,0926450
KMyjwSirScarletSickness'  GraceAdult (m)2,8065072
7ntMZSirScarletSickness' MistletoeAdult (f)3,4854411
sd7r4Christmas' SolsticeAdult (f)4,3724381
MZ76aChristmas' Beautiful WrappingAdult (m)3,1294921
P6fTMChristmas o' WishAdult (m)4,9034011
rkBgChristmas Ribbon TangleAdult (f)3,86186917
ZdssChristmas Eve's AngelAdult (f)3,96895922
UyWSfEreal's RarityAdult (f)3,1184880
megXhSirScarletSickness' ErealAdult (m)3,2874611
569sChristmas Eve's PresentAdult (m)4,1561,00716
LFEzjRita's SirScarletSicknessAdult (m)3,4201,0902
cEUPGRita's StrengthAdult (m)3,0745232
yZkZORita's Ornament of Silvery SnowAdult (m)3,4623931
xtLXURita's MistletoeAdult (f)3,2414342
M5hmjRita's SolsticeAdult (f)4,3724181
ZQv9bRita's Artful Christmas WrappingAdult (m)4,3395011
P0BvsRita's WishAdult (m)3,4034101
8SOeRita's Christmas RibbonAdult (f)3,86187423
6t4BRita's Christmas AngelAdult (f)3,82470429
E4spdSirScarletSickness' Rare GiftAdult (f)3,3374561
MfdCRita's Christmas PeppermintAdult (m)3,92770324
0zJqoRita's EleganceAdult (m)3,6414841
KMhibSirScarletSickness' Old SiblingAdult (f)3,0924751
k7f8ESirScarletSickness'  SnowballAdult (m)3,8343861
ZRXaEStranger Things To HideAdult (f)2,5004401
Ft36nPurple Peppermint HiddenAdult (m)2,2814261
1w82QSweetSicknessChristmasAdult (f)2,7014691
ukZYuUndead ScarletAdult (f)2,6014571
1NuvrKissed RarenessAdult (f)2,6054351
rzX9L(rzX9L)Adult (m)4,3671,2271
2R6sY(2R6sY)Adult (f)4,4211,2771
daWPs(daWPs)Adult (m)4,2451,2151
RBdWd(RBdWd)Adult (f)4,3121,2661
Vodrb(Vodrb)Adult (m)4,3481,2241
AWy8H(AWy8H)Adult (f)4,1951,2001
qFvxV(qFvxV)Adult (f)4,2451,2330
tAOaw(tAOaw)Adult (m)4,4391,2522
OxZuQ(OxZuQ)Adult (f)2,9966421
Rnq7b(Rnq7b)Adult (m)3,1086692
6ukKT(6ukKT)Adult (m)3,6131,1213
XoEpZ(XoEpZ)Adult (m)3,7771,1293
MfLQ4(MfLQ4)Adult (m)2,6458082
8BreK(8BreK)Adult (m)3,4779461
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