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You pick up the scroll labeled “LishaDragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
iigZo(iigZo)Adult (m)3,5094731
neBu3(neBu3)Adult (m)3,00771112
uLagp(uLagp)Adult (m)3,2805517
nu5i0(nu5i0)Adult (m)3,4515815
XQokH(XQokH)Adult (m)3,5056065
epSYO(epSYO)Adult (m)3,1245611
2a3ql(2a3ql)Adult (f)5,1017661
oVpi7(oVpi7)Adult (f)5,0777631
8Vz4g(8Vz4g)Adult (m)3,1705251
0UKBQ(0UKBQ)Adult (m)3,3795291
klZZc(klZZc)Adult (m)4,8617192
Ucz51(Ucz51)Adult (m)4,8807442
WtYZ6SirScarletSicknessAdult (m)5,6531,32943
Fx621(Fx621)Adult (m)7,8247373
bnJ8a(bnJ8a)Adult (m)7,2897062
b7bBLeetle Tree Among The DragonsEgg (F)
Dg20EDodge Natural TwentyAdult (m)
FwfcsFor Frig's SakeAdult (f)
3VuHwWho Are You DearAdult (f)10,0608300
Zo6EqZone Shift In GameAdult (m)5,9201,2103
FW1YCFor Their WinAdult (m)6,8697212
fkLbTFreking Lost BoyAdult (m)7,6017014
L2aMOLaughing Ass Mine OffAdult (f)6,92175128
C2nQzSirScarletSickness' ClodiusAdult (f)8,7777382
PvEPCPVP PVE On A PCAdult (m)8,7597370
aQ65OOh Sixty Five Questions AnswersAdult (f)8,7557243
ntDcyNot DanceyAdult (f)7,1041,0904
mGat3My GateAdult (m)7,1338762
eR1CzEric The Red ZyumorphAdult (m)7,9158941
sGQejSequel To A SoquelAdult (m)7,1459184
KfC0RCore KFCAdult (f)8,3169501
p4hqSHugs Qualify for PSFourAdult (m)8,4127221
sg6vuSon Of A Gun Or WitchAdult (f)8,9359602
XtYm1X to the Y Equals ZAdult (f)8,8178190
tGIKLSeriously Knot A GirlAdult (m)5,2435252
7E3OtSeven Out of Three LootAdult (f)5,9446851
QDQTH(QDQTH)Adult (f)6,8086182
pFH19(pFH19)Adult (f)6,1335160
mXnTMMint Maybe NotAdult (m)6,4849103
IHU6vI Hug You Six TimesAdult (f)6,2128781
QnYRmQuestion WhyAdult (f)6,8267330
uTU1ITea For You OneAdult (m)5,8136441
rfqFW(rfqFW)Adult (m)7,4117881
Sk1VsSkateboarding Versus Ice SkatingAdult (f)6,3045832
lhKs1Okay SeriouslyAdult (m)5,4606522
uv9GD(uv9GD)Adult (f)3,2584251
ZIMGMGM ZimAdult (f)3,6504351
gbN6U(gbN6U)Adult (m)3,7353651
OVhPY(OVhPY)Adult (f)3,8404301
7VDdZ(7VDdZ)Adult (m)4,7624111
9DaCB(9DaCB)Adult (f)3,7063751
MgKqo(MgKqo)Adult (m)3,7733791
M2xbC(M2xbC)Adult (f)6,0625601
bWr2t(bWr2t)Adult (m)6,1925362
FhTCC(FhTCC)Adult (m)4,9094891
GGsN2(GGsN2)Adult (f)4,4665001
W5z4c(W5z4c)Adult (m)5,3338013
tHS1NThis SinAdult (f)5,1718031
3XKqFSecure Your Password AgainAdult (f)4,3555590
wp69zComplete WipeAdult (m)4,3205641
4XmChAren't We A Fine Stubborn LotAdult (m)5,1955310
vz12hA Bit Brighter Than ExpectedAdult (f)6,0885963
3r9cgNo Tags BackAdult (f)3,0374231
KPGcxIt's A Cold Dark NightAdult (m)3,4424121
u22BZNope None To GiveAdult (m)3,0224091
1MLn1Ten Pounds of TwentiesAdult (m)3,6974841
aTgsGTags You're ItAdult (m)6,0227451
a4XNHYe Of FrustrationAdult (f)3,9454952
A6pKrA Rogue's FrustrationAdult (f)3,6155142
cWUkRA Rogue's DisappointmentAdult (m)3,7215551
GONBvGone ByeAdult (f)4,4844291
quLahQueen LaughAdult (f)3,9834081
Hod5kHood of Five KAdult (f)4,5064171
864BNMore Numbers Than LettersAdult (m)3,7824051
1sOd7First Odd SevenAdult (m)4,7164321
0g44GOgg Forty FourAdult (f)4,4464583
zJ7VJCover Your Ears DarlingAdult (m)3,9834071
Dlz3NMust Be A Peach Of A HandAdult (m)6,0837422
Jpdq6It's All LegalAdult (f)3,6423921
vYtQxI Play For BloodAdult (m)3,4045171
n4lzXI will Be Your HuckleberryAdult (m)2,7854822
NxYlyThat's Just My GameAdult (f)6,5637242
kdtCTSirScarletSickness' HallowAdult (m)3,5195181
CjvH1CH SugarAdult (f)3,6515561
PRS9EPrize PleaseAdult (f)3,4525311
v7BW6Now DodgingAdult (m)3,5675521
DkwlX(DkwlX)Adult (f)5,8445612
WVq30(WVq30)Adult (m)4,4907922
IfN7fNo InfantsAdult (f)3,1994881
3iiZ6A Maybe Wii UAdult (m)3,2395012
LC2GjComputer GraphicsAdult (m)2,9194851
IqwG6Right is DeathAdult (f)2,9694371
LOyKn(LOyKn)Adult (m)5,9945741
ayK7H(ayK7H)Adult (f)4,6125488
Jly3B(Jly3B)Adult (m)5,7825411
ava96(ava96)Adult (m)4,6015310
Bzb9Q(Bzb9Q)Adult (f)4,3985232
lyutVLeft Is LootAdult (m)4,0334933
5hinoShino Like RhinoAdult (m)3,4554421
FkRXRFreking FixitAdult (m)3,3714303
R87b3Rogue Ate My SnackAdult (f)3,6284751
Yvn3P(Yvn3P)Adult (m)4,2704931
UQdxUYou Questioned Yourself AgainAdult (f)3,9134652
8ZQRq(8ZQRq)Adult (f)3,0003322
RMwd0(RMwd0)Adult (m)4,0524392
srNuISir Null and Void NotAdult (f)6,4136232
26wY5Pumic WyrmAdult (m)3,1514574
nWIyxNot Witty EnoughAdult (f)3,9724743
cm5UTSilly Little Sum ClutzAdult (f)3,6855320
FtljQLeafy WyrmAdult (f)3,2044492
q8wvQNot A RogueAdult (f)2,8635481
jaTeWMr Benson I PresumeAdult (m)5,0825001
YV7luRegalia VeraAdult (f)4,0123823
SYARxSquish The Fly DeadAdult (m)3,7665771
10B2UShoo Fly You Bother MeAdult (f)3,6605632
maXQj(maXQj)Adult (f)5,9305473
FtyD7Fidgets FicketsAdult (f)4,0254831
A8bOjObjection Of NormalAdult (m)4,2535621
xvOYyAbby Nor MalAdult (f)4,2595503
3dupwThree Way DupAdult (f)3,5724971
uQRPUQuestionable BurpAdult (f)3,4694882
PIS4HPish Posh FourAdult (f)5,4096864
9nTsONine ToesAdult (m)3,8494852
JcXgT(JcXgT)Adult (f)5,8625372
lUGJrNot Ugly JuniorAdult (f)4,0064761
1Rw99R One Ninety Nine TimesAdult (f)4,2525761
XDYUOYoddlingAdult (m)4,3255772
AyOA9(AyOA9)Adult (m)6,2365501
Drys8(Drys8)Adult (m)6,7616011
q13K1(q13K1)Adult (f)6,4575802
tVLue(tVLue)Adult (m)6,6535611
R0tJD(R0tJD)Adult (f)6,1025421
F3ZeV(F3ZeV)Adult (m)4,5214971
nCS8L(nCS8L)Adult (f)6,1415410
Gd6kMMortal Kombat DamnedAdult (f)3,9674742
vGYNtGo Talk to Your DoctorAdult (f)4,1804651
PZhp7Phaze HitPoints SevenAdult (m)4,2794772
YkUyoYukieOAdult (m)4,8819211
ehVs7Eh Your Victoria SecretAdult (f)4,8169211
pg1pqPage One Paragragh OneAdult (m)3,2145441
Iq2nBCurious MuchAdult (f)2,9775541
lOR3ZLorezAdult (f)4,2284832
5z6JuJustice Room SixAdult (f)2,9224950
sIijcSliced By RogueAdult (m)3,7874822
diZ7X(diZ7X)Adult (f)6,2696422
mVMZIZimm FiveAdult (m)3,2544681
QIU0tQuick QuotesAdult (f)2,8934691
CNLceCee Low Greene DeeAdult (m)3,8324581
Kk3c5KkayAdult (f)3,7164151
30cdmRoll a Thirty DAdult (f)3,6784331
hSf8OHouse of EightyAdult (f)3,2425051
anBLk(anBLk)Adult (f)6,0155550
V0qBzVorpal BatAdult (m)4,1884983
OGfJaOglaffAdult (f)3,8825002
TZfAZTarzan's FezAdult (f)2,8964601
Ci6VxCivics SixAdult (m)3,4614711
TewshSwish TwitchAdult (f)2,9374311
0j868Orange Juice EatenAdult (m)2,7804321
J8XlRJust Ate Your JesterAdult (m)2,6864491
K0IBSShishKabobsAdult (f)3,1424581
QUyaN(QUyaN)Adult (f)3,6143734
r9Ivw(r9Ivw)Adult (m)5,2954532
B7xGM(B7xGM)Adult (f)3,7004432
6bibaSirScarletSickness' CrunchedAdult (m)4,7655411
a5M4wSirScarletSickness' PlatedAdult (f)5,0835591
fILAa(fILAa)Adult (m)3,3924552
BcOVK(BcOVK)Adult (f)6,0947422
T3sXSBenson's StargazerAdult (m)3,2534812
ktpO6Too Cold At NightAdult (m)3,6214722
W2dlHDragonweir's StargazerAdult (f)3,1684703
tvu1g(tvu1g)Adult (m)4,0754901
2qZRj(2qZRj)Adult (f)3,8054652
eHzEDSirScarletSickness' CreekAdult (f)3,8935041
n8uaHSirScarletSickness' RiverAdult (m)4,0564891
7ycTbDoc HollowdayAdult (f)3,9705041
oJVK2Just Kidding VicorAdult (m)6,3405472
ZEfQqSirScarletSickness' FAQAdult (f)6,3646002
z6ArfZarf 6Adult (m)6,3934271
erfWLWell ElfAdult (m)6,4035322
JdVcrJustification VicorAdult (m)3,4904541
QLaFFHave A LaughAdult (m)3,9924283
30PCCPC 30Adult (f)4,2485571
dor1ySirScarletSickness' DohOrlyAdult (m)5,6185341
RglOaRegal OverAdult (f)4,8715002
vlORrSirScarletSickness' LoreAdult (f)4,9105521
YHxg2SirScarletSickness' WhyHexedAdult (m)3,3765201
WlZcTSirScarletSickness' WizTechAdult (f)4,4914211
xCMh4SirScarletSickness' ChemicalAdult (m)3,1505051
AN7ZcSirScarletSickness' LightAdult (f)3,6723041
tXawESirScarletSickness' BlightAdult (m)2,7993353
UlIRsSirScarletSickness' BrightAdult (f)4,1673892
rMUsaRed Tea MuseAdult (f)2,3554991
SehHESirScarletSickness' HeSheAdult (m)3,4233681
7DqYDYou Did It YourselfAdult (f)3,1494891
EWeFFSirScarletSickness' WiffAdult (m)5,1094471
xxft2SirScarletSickness' HorrorShowAdult (f)3,3159451
AiBR5SirScarletSickness' AiredTeaAdult (f)3,1984101
VabwtWombat By ChanceAdult (m)3,9544821
ksh5zCash Five ZillionAdult (m)2,9824841
EJwlbSirScarletSickness' MessAdult (m)2,8524691
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