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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leigheasoir,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Bn5TCeltic TwoHeaded MatriarchAdult (f)3,8532,02115
0wvmCeltic TwoHeaded PatriarchAdult (m)1,97891020
gZrlgCeltic TH CB M1Adult (m)3,63139110
lWHXMCeltic TH CB F1Adult (f)4,50443812
DfHEDCeltic Baby THHatchling (F)2,24733419
e9PSRCeltic TH Lindwurm PatriarchAdult (m)2,5904626
t1l50Celtic TH Lindwurm MatriarchAdult (f)2,6644674
xFMAxCeltic TH Lindwurm CB F1Adult (f)5,3801,1001
3nTHUCeltic TH Lindwurm CB M1Adult (m)5,7021,1601
sFRrvCeltic Aeon Wyvern MatriarchAdult (f)5,5581,0284
TnPF2Celtic Aeon Wyvern PatriarchAdult (m)5,9761,1424
E67xeCeltic AetherW MatriarchAdult (f)3,0725021
EQvAECeltic AetherW PatriarchAdult (m)3,3675552
kYxyCeltic Albino MatriarchAdult (f)2,0761,22940
CTeQCeltic Albino PatriarchAdult (m)1,76485722
xo9H8Celtic Almerald PatriarchAdult (m)5,6431,0721
bOUZhCeltic Almerald MatriarchAdult (f)5,3821,0455
MsLt8Celtic Anagallis MatriarchAdult (f)6,7381,2024
t5WgmCeltic Anagallis PatriarchAdult (m)5,9871,1153
l5eCzCeltic Antarean PatriarchAdult (m)5,4481,0151
BbzzXCeltic Antarean MatriarchAdult (f)5,7621,0550
guPvECeltic Aria MatriarchAdult (f)4,4901,1464
37XNJCeltic Aria PatriarchAdult (m)4,9051,1781
sHpXNCeltic Ash Dragon PatriarchAdult (m)8,8381,4052
ZZpZWCeltic Ash Dragon MatriarchAdult (f)8,4751,3771
WT732Celtic Azure Glacewing PatriarchAdult (m)6,2501,2433
MvQ7qCeltic Azure Glacewing MatriarchAdult (f)6,2191,2240
waraSCeltic Green Baikala MatriarchAdult (f)8,4221,1232
nKLZFCeltic Green Baikala PatriarchAdult (m)6,1291,1601
6z9OaCeltic Blue Baikala MatriarchAdult (f)8,8841,2213
gVqYTCeltic Blue Baikala PatriarchAdult (m)5,3761,0473
kj1isCeltic Balloon PatriarchAdult (m)3,35642718
u9VZRCeltic Balloon MatriarchAdult (f)3,02039119
fsaGeCeltic Bauta PatriarchAdult (m)6,2418673
VrrPeCeltic Bauta MatriarchAdult (f)6,4828812
VLJklCeltic Black Dragon MatriarchAdult (f)3,09147619
sVNhCCeltic Black Dragon PatriarchAdult (m)3,55940916
MpuwICeltic Black Dragon M1Adult (m)2,13642113
DzEagCeltic Black Dragon CB F1Adult (f)3,2829683
aDfTeCeltic Black Dragon CB M2Adult (m)3,8939522
BvNk8Celtic Black Dragon CB F2Adult (f)3,6171,1261
mEdjFCeltic Black Dragon CB M3Adult (m)5,7871,2332
aTdiMCeltic Black Dragon BabyHatchling (f, F)3,8709741
lJhaECeltic Black Tea PatriarchAdult (m)3,02049117
jmuOVCeltic Black Tea MatriarchAdult (f)2,70346013
szqVVCeltic Black Tea CB F1Adult (f)2,71850617
1DcQFCeltic Black Tea CB M1Adult (m)3,8009293
XDfmRCeltic Blacktip MatriarchAdult (f)2,34651111
lShVSCeltic Blacktip M1Adult (m)2,47349218
80klACeltic Blacktip PatriarchAdult (m)4,4105545
tLPgTCeltic Blacktip CB M2Adult (m)4,6531,1012
1qw3nCeltic Blacktip CB F1Adult (f)5,8401,1171
IYvMlCeltic Black Truffle MatriarchAdult (f)8,1771,3852
dFUc4Celtic Black Truffle PatriarchAdult (m)5,4261,0214
xPgOwCeltic Bleeding Moon CB M1Adult (m)3,1164668
Rz8NGCeltic Bleeding Moon MatriarchAdult (f)3,8994779
A31eKCeltic Bleeding Moon CB F1Adult (f)3,63647117
W1FonCeltic Bleeding Moon PatriarchAdult (m)3,50445313
LjhvnCeltic Bleeding Moon CB F2Adult (f)5,8951,2172
0MXpVCeltic Bleeding Moon CB M2Adult (m)4,6961,1251
LWQOpCeltic Gilded BS MatriarchAdult (f)2,04850814
R4HecCeltic Gilded BS PatriarchAdult (m)1,66050213
1US4UCeltic Gilded Bloodscale CB M1Adult (m)5,8701,1791
f02G5Celtic Gilded Bloodscale CB F1Adult (f)6,3571,2633
0vlLtCeltic Blue-Banded MatriarchAdult (f)5,0501,1111
avlpTCeltic Blue-Banded PatriarchAdult (m)5,4151,1361
RxC6nCeltic Sinii Krai MatriarchAdult (f)6,7781,2054
tiRaKCeltic Sinii Krai PatriarchAdult (m)7,0381,2322
cvEIWCeltic TF Bluna 1st Gen F1Adult (f)3,08143321
7eVANCeltic TF Bluna 1st Gen M1Adult (m)2,85843511
Y8KguCeltic TF Bluna F1Adult (f)3,57934018
GJt14Blusang Celt F1Adult (f)2,39040619
n95A3Celtic Blusang PatriarchAdult (m)5,2091,2691
FKFSlBlusang Celt F2Adult (f)5,5951,0542
OuP18Celtic Blusang MatriarchAdult (f)4,4651,0332
OWSxQCeltic Blusang CB M1Adult (m)6,2881,1151
PGqQuCeltic Blusang CB F1Adult (f)5,1731,0791
FD7KaCeltic Bolt PatriarchAdult (m)6,3101,0189
PeOIaCeltic Bolt MatriarchAdult (f)6,1911,0253
Da8DnCeltic Boreal MatriarchAdult (f)6,5541,2756
B39y6Celtic Boreal PatriarchAdult (m)5,2761,0993
g6TTCeltic BB Wyvern MatriarchAdult (f)1,36072918
D4rUWCeltic BB Wyvern PatriarchAdult (m)2,47438421
hoSiOCeltic Brimstone PatriarchAdult (m)4,8573339
dOYnpCeltic Brimstone MatriarchAdult (f)4,68632210
E6pGUCeltic Brimstone BabyHatchling (F)3,8486552
RQi8vCeltic Brute MatriarchAdult (f)4,4911,1821
NUyySCeltic Brute PatriarchAdult (m)5,5741,0351
XQTfaCeltic Brute CB F1Adult (f)5,0731,1551
Uh6L3Celtic Brute CB M1Adult (m)4,8201,0871
X0HofCeltic Brute CB M2Adult (m)4,8081,2545
auozgCeltic Brute CB F2Adult (f)4,6671,2601
3CstWCeltic Candelabra MatriarchAdult (f)4,7041,1774
TE2S5Celtic Candelabra PatriarchAdult (m)4,7631,1633
7CX1Celtic Canopy MatriarchAdult (f)1,0065851
O77ZCeltic Canopy PatriarchAdult (m)1,3386501
RnZ98Celtic Carina MatriarchAdult (f)6,6648396
wLkyICeltic Carina PatriarchAdult (m)7,1951,0736
s1eNTCeltic Carmine PatriarchAdult (m)4,9691,1292
xA2aJCeltic Carmine MatriarchAdult (f)4,9461,1463
aLAZgCeltic Cassare PatriarchAdult (m)5,0581,1693
fXntaCeltic Cassare MatriarchAdult (f)5,1031,1561
SX1XKCeltic Celestial MatriarchAdult (f)6,7281,2045
anPDXCeltic Celestial PatriarchAdult (m)6,4861,2735
8GKhTCeltic Celestial CB F1Adult (f)5,4951,1014
vkaW1Celtic Celestial CB M1Adult (m)5,4271,1033
tW4qCeltic Cheese DragonAdult1,1385025
kRM2BCeltic Cheese Dragon 2Adult2,53240017
QrWPnCeltic Cheese Dragon 3Adult2,58734813
GQ7mICeltic Cheese BabyHatchling (F)4,2263320
qhGAiCeltic ChickHatchling (F)61028013
eEXVChristmas Celt 2008Adult (m)1,3966542
pM8YChristmas Celt 08Adult (m)1,57564220
P1kACeltic Christmas 2009Adult (f)1,1615752
hI1rCeltic Christmas CB 09Adult (f)1,1075641
EEnroCeltic Christmas CB3 09Adult (f)4,7236762
vQ0sCeltic Christmas 2010Adult (f)1,60563513
THKdCeltic Christmas CB 10Adult (f)1,62364116
lbiJbChristmas Celt 2011Adult (m)4,32130811
Sqb3mChristmas Celt 11Adult (m)4,0592869
kVliOCeltic Christmas 2012Adult (m)3,50440418
9mYYXCeltic Christmas CB 12Adult (m)2,94435021
ERcKDCeltic Christmas 2013Adult (f)5,2591,3593
zUwZQCeltic Christmas CB 13Adult (f)5,1481,3922
mHLPbCeltic Christmas 2014Adult (f)5,3261,2044
128mwCeltic Christmas CB 14Adult (f)3,5659565
1XSKyCeltic Christmas 2015Adult (m)4,5401,2061
c4Ok0Celtic Christmas CB 15Adult (m)4,6371,2093
yZwViCeltic Christmas 2016Adult (m)5,5471,3052
yoRYHCeltic Christmas CB 2016Adult (m)6,0931,3311
zlzZ9Celtic Christmas 2017Adult (f)4,7051,2311
L38B1Celtic Christmas CB 2017Adult (f)5,1081,2562
ssoCCeltic Waverunner MatriarchAdult (f)1,24366722
scglCeltic Waverunner PatriarchAdult (m)1,37271916
PaHX8Celtic Waverunner CB F1Adult (f)6,4019304
lvlIdCeltic Waverunner CB M1Adult (m)6,6379343
rRDDoCeltic Waverunner CB M2Adult (m)11,2991,3001
Q7K3DCeltic Plated Colossus MatriarchAdult (f)5,7631,3051
HNIYMCeltic Plated Colossus PatriarchAdult (m)5,7481,3321
0rE1yCeltic Copper Liver MatriarchAdult (f)2,70142715
X5Y6aCeltic Copper Liver PatriarchAdult (m)2,87048714
m16idCeltic Copper Verdigri PatriarchAdult (m)5,4111,2772
rCOWDark Green Celt M1Adult (m)96451115
FmPZBCeltic Dark Green MatriarchAdult (f)1,13048733
sWZneDark Green Celt F1Adult (f)2,83839221
XeEdCCeltic Dark Green PatriarchAdult (m)3,17347924
vvGmTDark Green Celt F2Adult (f)3,50543213
YdnfhCeltic Dark Green CB M2Adult (m)3,81340715
z4fMUCeltic Dark Green CB F3Adult (f)3,44942311
wQb8uDark Green Celt F4Adult (f)1,80636519
Ajyd4Dark Green Celt F5Adult (f)3,57835919
1sK8Celtic Daydream MatriarchAdult (f)1,62675815
LmazCeltic Daydream PatriarchAdult (m)2,09495522
sD92zCeltic Daydream CB F1Adult (f)3,28747816
W1bxtCeltic Daydream CB M1Adult (m)3,3164363
4vXyICeltic Daydream CB F2Adult (f)4,5499960
RW1HQCeltic Daydream CB F3Adult (f)5,7971,1480
BEQvSCeltic Daydream CB M2Adult (m)5,8981,1311
l5JgCeltic Deep Sea PatriarchAdult (m)78554718
APZtCeltic Deep Sea MatriarchAdult (f)9455944
ovwCcCeltic Deep Sea CB M1Adult (m)3,9439422
KSC1DCeltic Deep Sea CB M2Adult (m)4,1011,0051
aaUtpCeltic Deep Sea CB F1Adult (f)4,0399561
Dba8JCeltic Deep Sea CB F2Adult (f)4,1659902
Avm0yCeltic Deep Sea CB F3Adult (f)4,9821,0363
0QKa1Celtic Diamondwing PatriarchAdult (m)6,2311,0448
DPhWFCeltic Diamondwing MatriarchAdult (f)5,3851,0762
XKuKCeltic Dorsal MatriarchAdult (f)2,6581,42425
AuYUCeltic Dorsal PatriarchAdult (m)2,5331,45424
9umZCeltic Red Dorsal PatriarchAdult (m)2,4121,41622
CG99ERed Dorsal Celt F1Adult (f)5,76249614
6apezCeltic Duotone MatriarchAdult (f)4,3254743
HvVe3Celtic Duotone PatriarchAdult (m)4,3204753
4MzlUCeltic Duotone CB F1Adult (f)4,7336751
LTqyWCeltic Duotone CB M1Adult (m)4,5766586
eihxTCeltic Duotone CB M2Adult (m)5,1731,1251
wC4OtCeltic Duotone CB F2Adult (f)6,1781,1790
UL4H4Celtic Duotone CB M3Adult (m)6,7741,3174
jRQnCeltic Electric MatriarchAdult (f)9915731
Xv52Celtic Electric PatriarchAdult (m)1,3045562
fF3K3Celtic Electric CB F1Adult (f)11,2561,1892
PUmSzCeltic Electric CB M1Adult (m)5,0748153
fGYoCeltic Ember MatriarchAdult (f)1,56762317
MOaeCeltic Ember PatriarchAdult (m)1,74157613
a5EGyCeltic Falconiform PatriarchAdult (m)3,6391,1363
FL1iOCeltic Falconiform CB M1Adult (m)3,8391,1122
Y7BXjCeltic Falconiform MatriarchAdult (f)3,6031,1174
6bxZmCeltic Falconiform CB F1Adult (f)4,0231,1612
ssC48Celtic Fell PatriarchAdult (m)5,0619806
1ABVECeltic Fell MatriarchAdult (f)5,1179301
wU0uWCeltic Fever Wyvern PatriarchAdult (m)4,3691,2791
vssXuCeltic Fever Wyvern MatriarchAdult (f)4,2161,2761
aemFPCeltic Fever Wyvern CB M1Adult (m)4,3461,2781
7dkPyCeltic Fever Wyvern CB M2Adult (m)6,4251,0951
8yfJiCeltic Fever Wyvern CB M3Adult (m)4,5021,2140
hAm8HCeltic Fever Wyvern CB F1Adult (f)4,5121,2281
tzTbDCeltic Fever Wyvern CB F2Adult (f)4,6711,2321
HRF7qCeltic Fever Wyvern CB F3Adult (f)5,0091,2112
YnuYpCeltic Blue Fire Gem MatriarchAdult (f)4,6538994
CdASnCeltic Blue Fire Gem PatriarchAdult (m)5,7326954
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