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You pick up the scroll labeled “Leelith,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nLmHO(nLmHO)Dead Egg000
ydZ5E(ydZ5E)Hatchling (m)7,9258776
Ib0Ee(Ib0Ee)Hatchling (m)5,4159272
EUnIc(EUnIc)Hatchling (m)6,5939362
t5enF(t5enF)Hatchling (m)8,0491,1209
p5gAm(p5gAm)Dead Egg111
0Ps2r(0Ps2r)Hatchling (m)10,3491,0934
Lfbcz(Lfbcz)Hatchling (f)10,8931,1297
IqDnz(IqDnz)Dead Egg000
2g9Ze(2g9Ze)Dead Egg110
zksYn(zksYn)Hatchling (m)8,1861,0043
FsZgLeelas Little Sweet NothingHatchling (f, F)1,5005662
vhzOhLeelas Masile OlgluriumAdult (m)11,5381,1934
ANg0v(ANg0v)Adult (m)12,0711,2735
vy7IYLeelas Girl Loves to be CheerfulAdult (f)7,0949783
qqVXkLeelas Boy Loves to GiggleAdult (m)6,9929173
pAJGpLeelas Mystique the Gentle GleamAdult (f)11,6011,4744
gucAHLeelas DrakemdomuAdult (m)14,9331,4240
mc5nDrache der rosigen Zeiten IBAdult (f)2,69599038
8r1ALeelas 1st Gift of Frigga G12 IBAdult (f)3,63891133
3iDQRosa Mondschein 11G IBAdult (f)2,8911,09610
OX6QaLeelas Eness Ibalda 3EAdult (m)12,8711,2243
ZlPvVLeelas I believe in IntegrityAdult (f)14,8741,4182
m02t0Leelas Love my ValentineAdult (f)3,3221,02813
AfpH2Leelas Hug my ValentineAdult (f)3,2711,01412
Nit9HLeelas Icy Val 3EAdult (f)6,2561,28717
XbuAeLeelas Pyral Val 2EAdult (f)5,0511,38120
i1msWLeelas Frilly Val 2EAdult (f)6,5051,5172
nEj6GLeelas Frilly Charlie 2EAdult (f)6,2081,5541
GPA2ELysithea the pink Moonstone 3EAdult (f)6,2221,6739
BEtF6Leelas Valentina Ravenstone 2EAdult (f)5,0241,48112
KH7KWNephele the hidden Undine 2EAdult (f)7,1901,7645
moNGBLeelas Valee Sternenglanz 2EAdult (f)5,9731,4434
weavXLeelas Freed Valentine 2EAdult (f)6,3851,3732
tkQkoLeelas Snuggle my Baby ValHatchling (F)1,6353663
bspe8Leelas Little HeartbreakerHatchling (f, F)4,4681,0791
CveMLeelas pfiffiges SchwebewunderAdult (m)3,5171,37937
YwAZVLeelas I believe in EmpathyAdult (m)9,6541,1603
7ZgoMLeelas I hope for HumanityAdult (m)8,0621,3683
LVV4fLeelas Wamire StruqlissiannaAdult (m)10,0911,2455
7zi4Leelas Drache des ZwiespaltsAdult (f)3,2971,40738
SHKpLeelas Schmetterflug E2Adult (m)3,4711,73130
CtbhLeelas Cuirt An Mheon OidhcheAdult (m)2,70496418
QfYCLeelas Lost FabergesAdult (m)3,6929889
FZpdLeelas Romanov Tragedy FabergeAdult (m)3,8451,07313
Z3TVLeelas Genievieve d'AvalonneAdult (f)4,1731,1787
OllgLeelas Aude Or'Fea Aristide 3EAdult (f)4,4261,1894
3kquLeelas Dharma Yogcara Mudita 5GAdult (f)4,2311,26910
nUsVLeelas Bernadette AuxyeuxvertsAdult (f)4,7441,29214
jljiLeelas Lord Dimitrj Gruschow 2EAdult (m)3,7941,00116
rtUNLeelas Ciarmaic Or'Feo AristideAdult (m)5,8531,4258
la6cLeelas Hippolyt Or'Feo AristideAdult (m)5,1711,3178
HOTLLeelas Breena Or'Fea AristideAdult (f)4,8511,2478
PmUKLeelas Cyrill Or'Feo AristideAdult (m)6,3821,63210
imtSLeelas Cendrille OrFea AristideAdult (f)5,9891,63512
VkRjLeelas Prince Silvermount 3EAdult (m)4,6621,35622
gkTfLeelas Anatole Aristide 2EAdult (m)3,75597216
4ubpLeelas Berenice Crochuegriffe3GAdult (f)3,59127913
Z1JfLeelas Iphigenie Vorix 2EAdult (f)7,98670112
W3vpLeelas Giane Or'Feo Aristide 2EAdult (m)2,8701,1647
6dhRLeelas Gento Rubinstein 4EAdult (m)6,4842,07212
v2bELeelas Tiphaine Aristide 3EAdult (f)3,8421,1594
ShPWLeelas Lost Faberge of 1889 3EAdult (f)4,0841,3506
BIikLeelas Lost Empire Faberge 2EAdult (f)2,5981,16416
4pK6Leelas Vawndoleia Aristide 2EAdult (f)9786062
pWZULeelas Eistir Ap Annwvyn 2EAdult (f)3,2771,12919
bEcoLeelas Bertille Crochuegriffe4GAdult (f)3,7411,10814
mTRELost Faberge St Petersburg 1885Adult (f)3,2851,00116
Ak27Leelas Lost Faberge of 1888 3EAdult (m)2,55772321
pKo2Always think of Ana Faberge 3EAdult (f)2,89777310
rk2YLost Necessaire Faberge in 1889Adult (m)2,3417389
k10OLost Faberge of 1886 4EAdult (f)2,20973313
QRmaLost Mauve Faberge of 1897 4EAdult (f)1,5144883
Qh6YBerthe Crochuegriffe 3GAdult (f)1,4654503
ms8COCendrille Makto Aristide 2GAdult (f)4,4311,0597
1W9PFDiamede Mathil Crochuegriffe 4GAdult (f)5,7321,20113
gqec5Dia Tallumede Crochuegriffe 4GAdult (f)4,86495910
0dJr2Crussolle Brissac Aristide 2GAdult (m)3,1105283
fp8fpAnatine Or'Fea Aristide 3GAdult (f)3,2995383
Q02qs1897 Faberge Lost Precious 4EAdult (m)2,7217094
ufDEV(ufDEV)Adult (m)3,1257256
Y9X3P(Y9X3P)Adult (f)3,2086764
JhP0I(JhP0I)Adult (m)2,9086415
DUVkOCenlin'To Avalonne Aristide 3GAdult (m)3,74897716
JVpvl(JVpvl)Adult (m)3,61997612
AbPKq(AbPKq)Adult (f)2,9857113
SXdrN(SXdrN)Adult (m)3,0357174
D2E3F(D2E3F)Adult (f)3,1427644
Fjdrb(Fjdrb)Adult (m)3,0766621
HWP2g(HWP2g)Adult (f)2,9226752
4CblM(4CblM)Adult (m)2,9776902
HX0IO(HX0IO)Adult (f)3,5307993
2fJL3(2fJL3)Adult (f)2,7548429
KkfK6(KkfK6)Adult (m)2,6358097
HLJPF(HLJPF)Adult (f)2,6618368
ZkyD0(ZkyD0)Adult (f)2,7158348
1tuO3(1tuO3)Adult (m)2,8647744
5JrmK(5JrmK)Adult (f)2,8387674
Co8fi(Co8fi)Adult (m)2,2896461
kIDE0(kIDE0)Adult (m)2,7666572
rZupE(rZupE)Adult (m)2,3536054
jcLXI(jcLXI)Adult (f)1,9477964
MtSYi(MtSYi)Adult (m)2,4176734
nHyDs(nHyDs)Adult (m)2,4256938
n1nabLeelas Radagast Istari II E3Adult (m)4,96383216
xtZQvLeelas Nasbiel the DarkAdult (f)7,6331,15018
Aj6CCLeelas Antiste Crochuegriffe G5Adult (m)6,6391,31424
p6Nu0(p6Nu0)Adult (m)8,0511,1166
9aP8S(9aP8S)Adult (f)6,1951,33915
EM28x(EM28x)Adult (f)6,2441,33315
BXNp1(BXNp1)Adult (m)8,0521,1775
Pd3c7(Pd3c7)Adult (m)8,0291,1453
S3R9W(S3R9W)Adult (f)8,0551,2266
e0tYKind des Schattens IIHatchling (f, F)2,7708194
rCoKKind des SchattensHatchling (f, F)1,1634054
HD90Little CuirtHatchling (m, F)1,8586558
l4h0THE ROYAL  HATCHERYHatchling (F)4872165
HhuPREALLY NICE THINGSHatchling (F)1,20928515
kk9WOTHER FAMOS FAMILIESHatchling (m, F)1,88867523
87L5DORKFACE'S KNOWN ALL OVER TOWNHatchling (m, F)1,7274581
4KhNTHE ROYAL NURSERYHatchling (F)1,5151012
UQIRCedrill Or'Feo Aristide BrissacHatchling (m, F)1,66977813
nRV1Little Parzival Aristide IHatchling (F)6971714
iQGCSOMETIMES YOU FINDHatchling (F)6461747
RXupTiny Azova of Lost FabergeHatchling (m, F)8145258
dF0ENEW GENERATION X X XHatchling (m, F)9184237
tobJBaby Aristide IHatchling (F)1,4001746
tV1uTHESE GUYS ARE TRULY IBHatchling (m, F)1,1834818
YNBGBaby RapaelloHatchling (F)1,0214145
ujT8Baby Aristide IIHatchling (F)88249510
7tu6Baby Crochuegriffe AristideHatchling (F)1,01246810
4CvVLittle Parzival Aristide IIHatchling (F)9004346
2lLaLittle Toruk AristideHatchling (F)1,0494193
rCNuLittle Black Ciarmhiac AristideHatchling (F)1,0774283
L0PFLittle Lost FabergeHatchling (F)5612589
AiqmBaby CrochuegriffeHatchling (m, F)2,8549848
IK9NHOUR NEW FRIENDSHatchling (F)1,5981282
rWRIhLittle Lost Faberge IIHatchling (F)1,1134022
8cvgXLittle Lost Faberge IIIHatchling (F)1,2454241
JNh03Baby Crochuegriffe IIHatchling (F)1,1413791
gOcMZBaby Aristide IIIHatchling (F)1,1554032
EiA9sLittle Lost Faberge IVHatchling (F)1,1274516
aLo1OLittle Lost Faberge VHatchling (F)1,0694685
GlOjHBaby Crochuegriffe IIIHatchling (F)1,4876051
ACee4(ACee4)Hatchling (F)1,167901
BlSO7(BlSO7)Hatchling (F)2,4985991
iCAot(iCAot)Hatchling (F)4,5774821
sIgvT(sIgvT)Hatchling (f, F)2,32571114
Zunbt(Zunbt)Hatchling (F)3,2182505
u2Gk1(u2Gk1)Hatchling (F)3,4485797
aXnvBetty Lee LithAdult (f)2,20086729
CtaVEoghan O Tuairisc FiennAdult (m)2,49797026
VQP5Epiphane Lydie CrochuegriffeAdult (f)4,1421,09716
9kpNAfrodita Or'Fea AristideAdult (f)3,75698013
iU69Vlad Tepes Lost The FaithAdult (m)5,6911,39517
omKUEmilien Ote AristideAdult (m)2,7111,0607
0BonJacqui de Le Mans CrochuegriffeAdult (m)2,5111,22722
k9XNDiomede Crochuegriffe 3GAdult (m)2,7171,13020
mopfNikita CrochuegriffeAdult (f)1,4526544
TEQgResquweena Or'Fea AristideAdult (f)1,2465307
eh8pEtienne d'Avalonne 2GAdult (f)1,50671914
1EMtMapolyte Domot'Aristide 2GAdult (m)1,7729297
B4ATFaithful Ciarrai Arstide 2GAdult (f)1,6105689
qFEuFaithful Resquen Feo Aristide 3GAdult (m)3,3571,18326
dXc7Faithful Cyra OrFea Aristide IIIAdult (f)2,62273115
tIRTl(tIRTl)Adult (m)3,1319990
pGjADPM LEELITH IF YOU WANT AN EGGHatchling (F)2,96258211
W6CGh(W6CGh)Hatchling (F)1,7351452
rY79oBELOW US LOOKING FOR NEW HOMESHatchling (F)1,9151532
BTIZg(BTIZg)Hatchling (F)3,8226243
XDRaN(XDRaN)Hatchling (F)1,0591293
PtUm4Leander Blake da Noite 2GHatchling (m, F)2,2517913
7XDKi(7XDKi)Hatchling (F)1,1964368
0lFkM(0lFkM)Hatchling (F)1,1984105
dsNfO(dsNfO)Hatchling (F)1,1394086
x9d55(x9d55)Hatchling (F)1,6755006
PH1XLittle CuirtieHatchling (m, F)2,75481510
6njTBEWARE OF THE NIGHT CREATURESHatchling (f, F)3,8651,01110
ll9JLeelas Oiche Sham'hnaAdult (f)1,4946033
66SoColcannon zu All Hallows EveAdult (f)1,6026697
Sfi4L'Liths Gwyl Calan GaeafAdult (m)1,5066996
YGLpBarmbrack zu All Hallows EveAdult (m)1,8197124
UcHcL'Liths Ciarrai the OtherworldAdult (f)1,1735855
Cc0UL'Liths Will'O'The'WispAdult (m)1,0825506
aqojvLeelas Onee Oiche Val'hna 2EAdult (m)5,9911,51226
2AUiN(2AUiN)Adult (f)8,7321,6063
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