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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lauren94,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
86TH(86TH)Adult (m)2,14641010
kbG2(kbG2)Adult (m)2,1434143
7Vkd(7Vkd)Adult (m)3,00529412
AT2m(AT2m)Adult (f)2,9693712
lDVh(lDVh)Adult (m)2,7373934
doXD(doXD)Adult (m)9434701
gPHG(gPHG)Adult (m)3,6384064
DbTX(DbTX)Adult (m)4,98942012
rOsU(rOsU)Adult (f)2,4613775
o6DE(o6DE)Adult (m)2,8653704
a3NG(a3NG)Adult (m)4,80142013
trW8(trW8)Adult (m)4,5844543
d4TG(d4TG)Adult (m)1,6953844
kigU(kigU)Adult (m)2,5413514
UDXV(UDXV)Adult (m)2,9603174
lrs6(lrs6)Adult (m)2,8443828
kLo0(kLo0)Adult (m)3,23730010
a47d(a47d)Adult (m)5,3094639
L99P(L99P)Adult (m)4,2354126
VPdY(VPdY)Adult (m)3,2063203
5vEe(5vEe)Adult (f)4,08538012
218R(218R)Adult (f)2,2034403
5G8r(5G8r)Adult (f)2,2294394
KjIV(KjIV)Hatchling (F)4622125
aeb8(aeb8)Adult (f)2,4143176
k2Hp(k2Hp)Adult (m)2,4553583
Zvoq(Zvoq)Adult (m)3,15448015
QL5i(QL5i)Adult (m)1,7944204
1pq9(1pq9)Adult (f)3,1332938
J4kP(J4kP)Adult (f)2,7453993
AW0r(AW0r)Adult (m)3,3784044
3Dho(3Dho)Adult (f)2,3953277
j7hu(j7hu)Adult (f)1,2884325
pcco(pcco)Adult (m)3,6573917
UBsj(UBsj)Adult (f)3,2943192
52mH(52mH)Adult (f)3,58533616
Q5OM(Q5OM)Adult (m)3,20429611
Nvln(Nvln)Adult (f)4,93441612
3OK0(3OK0)Adult (m)3,2863182
AGTu(AGTu)Adult (f)3,8474055
SqbL(SqbL)Adult (f)1,7113975
Ii2g(Ii2g)Adult (m)2,2803476
TQqH(TQqH)Adult (f)2,0584228
ZkCd(ZkCd)Adult (m)2,47448811
CDE6(CDE6)Adult (f)1,7184015
p8fI(p8fI)Adult (f)1,1294517
k84T(k84T)Adult (m)7894013
nKH1(nKH1)Adult (f)3,4364005
OoHZ(OoHZ)Adult (m)2,4323215
Bn2V(Bn2V)Adult (f)2,7143572
D5oI(D5oI)Adult (f)3,0573202
QtqI(QtqI)Adult (f)2,9293712
EZMG(EZMG)Adult (m)1,2654167
AGhZ(AGhZ)Hatchling (F)1,4252038
TNYa(TNYa)Adult (m)2,9253754
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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