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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ladyduet,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tUAR(tUAR)Adult (m)2,10153529
RPmk(RPmk)Adult (f)2,74770825
c7Qe(c7Qe)Adult (m)1,88944112
FGDc(FGDc)Adult (f)4,4243165
8Lm9(8Lm9)Adult (m)4,1042762
qjhF(qjhF)Adult (f)1,93470623
ESOo(ESOo)Adult (m)2,76451540
oCaX(oCaX)Adult (f)3,9712703
ICYM(ICYM)Adult (f)3,6332451
BVVd(BVVd)Adult (f)3,6622471
R9rP(R9rP)Adult (f)4,1793108
c8iG(c8iG)Adult (m)4,8233227
W8L3(W8L3)Adult (m)2,13865220
LXqn(LXqn)Adult (f)4,5609679
uUlX(uUlX)Adult (m)2,12053933
WoYJ(WoYJ)Adult (m)3,0642144
QD8A(QD8A)Adult (m)1,88144016
fR0A(fR0A)Adult (m)3,6452446
criN(criN)Adult (m)3,9162631
hdc0(hdc0)Adult (m)4,6003149
3tKM(3tKM)Adult (f)3,6602447
hueA(hueA)Adult (f)4,1993083
aiRW(aiRW)Adult (m)3,6902466
8gLI(8gLI)Adult (m)2,14353819
fgp8(fgp8)Adult (m)4,8743267
Kvhu(Kvhu)Adult (f)1,33041319
QmWH(QmWH)Adult (f)3,5711,09723
98va(98va)Adult (m)1,3416735
s7wT(s7wT)Adult (m)2,51453122
DHzV(DHzV)Adult (m)2,81251838
EJVk(EJVk)Adult (f)2,80186428
X42e(X42e)Adult (f)3,7052474
Ui4p(Ui4p)Adult (f)1,287344133
I6dT(I6dT)Adult (f)1,6555610
V2fS(V2fS)Adult (f)2,48952023
uSFY(uSFY)Adult (m)3,0297824
uu5J(uu5J)Adult (f)2,1963602
1gsv(1gsv)Adult (f)1,88744213
8d5S(8d5S)Adult (m)3,6982515
Pi8d(Pi8d)Adult (f)89350611
EdW3(EdW3)Adult (f)8,4281,26115
orIp(orIp)Adult (m)3,4802994
csWO(csWO)Adult (m)8,9131,30610
2Nrb(2Nrb)Adult (f)2,64949936
Ydhy(Ydhy)Adult (f)1,3326714
aRnl(aRnl)Adult (f)3,0317804
1boD(1boD)Adult (m)2,11153730
Uk4d(Uk4d)Adult (f)4,3751,2045
sTNK(sTNK)Adult (f)2,34679026
KWjM(KWjM)Adult (m)2,56954625
RX3J(RX3J)Adult (m)7,8011,2869
5Ckk(5Ckk)Adult (f)2,89445039
5Yo6(5Yo6)Adult (m)2,11255219
sK7q(sK7q)Adult (m)2,80086026
4KM8(4KM8)Adult (f)1,3486984
SPo5(SPo5)Adult (f)2,4613652
CIUN(CIUN)Adult (f)5,30635512
ubdf(ubdf)Adult (f)2,2824913
3qWM(3qWM)Adult (f)1,22349215
0ajI(0ajI)Adult (m)2,10753429
Ypse(Ypse)Adult (f)4,0602717
7amN(7amN)Adult (f)1,88844213
XZtk(XZtk)Adult (m)3,0297794
TOCb(TOCb)Adult (m)2,79586726
0PGf(0PGf)Adult (f)4,3372916
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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