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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Lady Dragoon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PhsJbStop the infintie DragonfightAdult (m)2,5435484
7FFlvDreaming about TimeAdult (f)5,4959522
Np42PSuch is the Price of CuriosityAdult (m)4,3241,0931
WPTTQFear for the Coming of TimeAdult (f)4,9689291
cuYIFDance with the spirit of the airAdult (m)3,5747281
lV9ZMfloating in the moonlit skyAdult (f)3,5807380
8nyiFand sing in agonyAdult (m)3,7437181
t9s19Wisdom he holds to be foundAdult (m)4,7431,4255
AuiBmFlyin' high flyin' lowAdult (m)4,0009661
mWE2RHope and glory onlyAdult (m)3,7289461
V5dAiyour wings in the moonlightAdult (m)3,5548443
IuazUOn a cold winters nightAdult (m)3,4968782
ItoxI(ItoxI)Adult (m)3,5587532
cmRNt(cmRNt)Adult (f)3,7067642
KSAcBranwen PaleskinAdult (f)1,2985127
BbCSKeep the Sunlight Away From MeAdult (f)2,7434745
wTpenI'm totally a VampireAdult (f)1,6227632
Gfu23Colors for All EmotionsAdult (m)3,1086611
YYAOSMei Jian NortonAdult (f)2,7257101
vnZllGo away I'm eatting FruitsAdult (m)2,2335872
1g7F7Emotional SpadeAdult (f)2,8106210
CQP2uExcuse me Care to repeat thatAdult (m)2,7766031
oIhjYAt the turn of the tideAdult (f)3,7687071
fXp0bAbout to roll around laughingAdult (m)2,5348290
tAPflI am not red in embarrassmentAdult (m)2,4298151
3sLw4How are you doingAdult (f)2,4928220
45YsiI am doing greatAdult (m)2,4588300
QWXuKBlue-ish GreenAdult (f)2,4007831
JvdEbJavid EirabirAdult (m)2,4018372
osmQeNo I didn't eat any blueberriesAdult (f)2,4878470
OF8jcOf Bejazzed RomanceAdult (f)4,7798171
QQF2xHappily Laughing about LifeAdult (m)4,8828111
FsL91Protector of the UnderdogAdult (m)3,2406300
uEfXgIt's cold outside not leavingAdult (m)3,1677161
VZfRpBluberry MilkshakeAdult (f)3,4886881
xtBVCOnly then will you know peaceAdult (f)3,6477610
frfC5Robb ArrinsraAdult (m)3,5487032
sVFqLhey SOLAR FLASHAdult (m)3,3636211
uDWDiHunting down WaterAdult (m)3,0906451
kzK3EEnderizeAdult (f)3,3056823
MYnKSMyianksAdult (m)2,5286301
lVceFGive me your poison kissAdult (m)5,0148472
BGmzfMeteor CrashAdult (m)6,1161,0713
hn7JBin surprise when you hear theseAdult (m)4,4076431
qPujXThe road be paved by my mistakesAdult (m)4,2841,0894
XkFQ3Keep the vampires from your doorAdult (f)4,7999733
FZnmDwe unite the blood-red skyAdult (m)3,7536463
Ixilxshadow of the darkened spireAdult (f)3,7817080
drzG4Your light will shine our wayAdult (m)4,5411,3572
ktjjf(ktjjf)Adult (m)3,4027291
cyRxl(cyRxl)Hatchling (F)9581371
kOiQT(kOiQT)Adult (m)3,1037681
CVGTM(CVGTM)Adult (m)3,1727792
kZITc(kZITc)Adult (m)3,1217611
IxkBYMystery of grand empireAdult (f)4,6231,4115
4gD1zIn the wake of an army brokenAdult (m)4,5161,3474
PxOwHin search of the untold liesAdult (m)4,8171,3954
8UrTtIn the words of a spell unspokenAdult (f)4,5961,3882
QhZwCa world of visions unseenAdult (m)4,9541,3961
QlvYZA soul sets sail to wander freeAdult (m)3,1051,0612
Ohi6Lady LiuAdult (f)3,1401,71837
MtTmLike I Better than Like YouAdult (f)2,5631,32359
RolJXiao Qiao the GracefulAdult (f)1,8391,04123
1h2HLady ZhouAdult (f)4,5391,21813
lVWSLady ShangAdult (f)4,2771,32415
dXDXYuan Yi'langAdult (f)1,75168013
fw6ELady MeiAdult (f)2,1514396
IdP5Barrier MaidenAdult (f)1,9156914
UchDLady ZhengAdult (f)1,7175858
n0HHlPrincess NohaehiAdult (f)3,1566573
nVIrGNiviriag the SingerAdult (f)3,0426421
UkBz9dude this guy looks coolAdult (m)3,8465581
egnHnXyrwenysAdult (f)3,7289052
U8mZZDreams are like angelsAdult (m)4,6609081
04mL3Song of Kisses and SpellsAdult (m)4,4358431
2gxuShiina-ChoukoHatchling (f, F)2,64980915
ASVREternalpinkHatchling (f, F)7,8711,0259
RfqsCLet me shower you with loveAdult (f)2,0235492
DJPsvLove is all that mattersAdult (f)2,1545621
HFgVwEmpathy of RomanceAdult (f)5,6701,6033
oh1m3Oh is that rose for meAdult (f)4,2961,1065
JQRcwI gave you my heart and youAdult (f)3,4406570
duuN4Love can be stronger than timeAdult (f)3,8081,0252
AwYnUShower of Love yayAdult (f)3,8531,0102
96IZYValetine Gifts for AllAdult (f)4,2611,2082
S3RTjShot a Arrow through your heartAdult (f)3,0629862
6ULXECan't you feel the love tonightAdult (f)7,0031,3323
AkIArJe te souhaite du bonheurAdult (f)2,9617921
5WruWCute but ShockingAdult (f)3,1227801
m0Hrp(m0Hrp)Adult (f)4,9799971
sT0un(sT0un)Adult (f)5,0499231
IegoT(IegoT)Adult (f)2,9199223
URux0(URux0)Adult (f)2,2767560
TRmYZ(TRmYZ)Adult (f)3,3639572
Ma7Mr(Ma7Mr)Adult (f)3,6129259
gjwOo(gjwOo)Adult (f)3,2568861
wPwxpIn shades of greyAdult (m)3,9708351
bu74uwe bow in sorrowAdult (m)3,9848362
MI98qI can see my fallAdult (m)3,9518981
D6GDeWe will rise out of ashesAdult (f)3,5417161
fx273Dreamfyre the BlueAdult (f)2,8386251
f74MDBalerion the Blue DreadAdult (m)2,9386112
KSFr2Fair MoondancerAdult (f)3,3217062
UFzWBThe Azure Scales of JusticeAdult (f)3,6377481
lpCAbare all the sameAdult (f)4,9316793
MDasxThey lie sleeping in deepAdult (m)5,9501,0852
ZgKQ4Jumping at BirdsAdult (m)3,0206771
MIBHNlong road down the river deepAdult (f)3,1598114
4XSRUp and AwayAdult (m)2,48636110
H8WKOn the Cloud of PeaceAdult (m)2,0295766
Ld3bhHead Caught Up in CloudsAdult (f)2,7391,1902
fXNKTHelp I'm stuck in the cloudsAdult (m)4,2181,0783
8mT7Orise like the phantoms of dustAdult (f)3,9086852
Hhy5lGorwin LorafielAdult (m)3,9376001
tZvQ9your soul seal your doom tonightAdult (f)5,0046923
9SwVDSpooooky Scaaaary SkeeeletonsAdult (m)5,0656893
wSKOpto be together for all eternityAdult (f)4,3181,0750
HW6n6We are bound foreverAdult (f)3,6047922
TdlZGTwisting the blade like a mirrorAdult (f)4,1117930
tYUkgNall is HungryAdult (f)2,9568992
9oi4TFishing For DinnerAdult (f)2,8299790
FGTFFWill the Fisher KingAdult (m)2,0497782
XPJF0Shrimps YUMMYAdult (f)2,0437073
tQxR1Physik SeafoodAdult (m)2,5297903
Q8QL8Eatting Seafood yummyAdult (f)2,4206881
qiVkVTeimarr Qiavakiav IVAdult (f)3,1736621
xqWUEleri JerniganAdult (f)2,2381,25749
WoajYorath JerniganAdult (m)2,6041,34027
D8VySeran JerniganAdult (f)2,28779448
WpBcDinah NefariusAdult (m)2,98893121
ZaviZavi the BlackAdult (m)2,77097613
X4HRLu Li'XiangAdult (m)2,48794414
HsR8Lady NohAdult (f)2,14753815
8rBZLord Nobunaga OdaAdult (m)8,83777612
C4PTLi JerniganAdult (f)1,7625506
AkP4Bedwyr JerniganAdult (m)1,8104944
CXqwRhisiart JerniganAdult (m)1,8856227
hct5Eifion JerniganAdult (m)1,4395266
MEueGriffith JerniganAdult (m)2,9865044
ttu2Tristan JerniganAdult (m)2,1002965
Oj4WOn Black WingsAdult (m)1,56739514
UgrSNobutada OdaAdult (m)4,3801,26617
C9q2Sofiya JerniganAdult (f)2,95482713
kEBvMia JerniganAdult (f)5,9511,19517
NHQfPeter z Piekla RodemAdult (m)6,50693121
6sP1Phoenix z Piekla RodemAdult (m)6,38388821
opleJet's JoannaAdult (f)3,45498425
Ohe3Lu ChanAdult (f)3,8551,14417
A3apBad News Comes on Black WingsAdult (m)2,51660015
RLrWrManya GwynAdult (f)2,7021,1513
291v0The first non Alt of This FamilyAdult (m)3,0919284
V1Q68Sandor Clegane the HoundAdult (m)3,4691,1313
jcneeAdele JerniganAdult (f)2,3498955
aOVrVNon Alt reporting for DutyAdult (m)3,8128551
xpGgTXaviera JerniganAdult (f)4,3749332
4nfr1Lord YuanAdult (m)3,7071,1302
9JJOnwill fade awayAdult (f)5,1411,0260
VinNOVincent NOAdult (m)3,2415960
siTq1Harold M A 802Adult (m)4,0695823
ZjhnkZjhinaekAdult (m)3,9855671
Au2oLittle DeathwingHatchling (m, F)1,8961,07931
niqPLittle SinthariaHatchling (f, F)3,2871,27019
BF00Lu Xiang ShangHatchling (f, F)4,5366005
Lh95Victor NefariusAdult (m)2,9591,55642
MDwGLu BuAdult (m)4,0021,08023
7M3tLady AyakoAdult (f)1,5905886
Wd8UIKaterina GwynAdult (f)3,5081,2293
UJPsfInstead I become a AltAdult (m)2,9391,0232
R03Z1Lady MargaritaAdult (f)2,8169992
eAVvdAnd I am a Alt as WellAdult (m)2,3859121
TjcYlBoris GwynAdult (m)2,4539712
fvKDXRemember the death before warAdult (m)4,4951,1712
fs6BrArthur GwynHatchling (m, F)3,8631,1253
PiKl7Look Mama I'm a Alt tooHatchling (f, F)3,0151,0881
7iBUaBrennus the ProphetAdult (m)5,4771,5923
LCaXLMorrigan AmahiraAdult (f)5,5491,6203
7AAQHGwrtheyrn the Dark KingAdult (m)2,8561,0662
bDyWrBaedywrAdult (m)3,0827753
jMGDHSkull full of RosesAdult (f)3,4021,1205
lKHwjMy lineage is messy and awesomeAdult (f)2,9819148
W4mohAaliyah the SeerAdult (f)3,5877611
lMaH9E'aitarn the Dark CallerAdult (m)3,6668102
wOlxtAutumnal Bone EaterAdult (m)3,6368292
gglRYI can sense the shadowAdult (f)3,1468102
eI1qWVeil of Gloom and DoomAdult (m)4,0911,3692
XfG6mAlone in the halls of darknessAdult (m)4,5441,3691
9jaZcBurns of the DeadAdult (m)4,9541,3012
VFz7SVictor HillisAdult (m)4,9421,2641
X7x4zJadran CrockAdult (m)5,0001,2472
MFtxIMoriarty is Ice ColdHatchling (F)1,2701922
RTnaTHurricane MarrowHatchling (F)1,2262211
oJMORCare for a cup of TeaAdult (f)1,6337672
mCSDtPeppermint Black TeaAdult (f)2,6439706
B556UJinxed Oaken LeafAdult (m)2,5647901
x8t1vHmmm Cinnamon Apple teaAdult (f)3,4368503
Ps4oqRainbow TeaAdult (f)5,5891,1781
q2xISSweet Tea anyoneAdult (f)3,4479105
x6zVnWant some tea my friendAdult (f)2,7206080
lDNwnIda NorwaonAdult (f)4,8511,0473
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