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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kitty4761,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
jlhKZ(jlhKZ)Adult (f)5,7175650
XXj4U(XXj4U)Adult (f)4,4356181
0Dm5H(0Dm5H)Adult (m)4,3886160
w3iSB(w3iSB)Adult (m)4,3316200
re8JY(re8JY)Adult (m)4,3576180
XPe04(XPe04)Adult (f)4,3526200
KUTJl(KUTJl)Adult (f)4,3086270
xInfo(xInfo)Adult (m)4,7446280
D25qf(D25qf)Adult (f)5,8065321
KfTtZ(KfTtZ)Adult (m)5,9584961
CKu0X(CKu0X)Adult (m)5,7735160
A4phI(A4phI)Adult (f)5,9124950
RzqUg(RzqUg)Adult (m)5,6515400
kjMiY(kjMiY)Adult (f)5,9104981
7U3aq(7U3aq)Adult (f)5,9255010
qj3BM(qj3BM)Adult (m)5,8525290
ifgQz(ifgQz)Adult (f)5,6355671
gdSMf(gdSMf)Adult (m)5,7325630
1s1Ba(1s1Ba)Adult (f)5,5875791
OnD0R(OnD0R)Adult (m)5,6125721
QCc69(QCc69)Adult (f)6,0775072
XfOsc(XfOsc)Adult (m)5,0246889
k3PJH(k3PJH)Adult (f)4,6146163
FUfZg(FUfZg)Adult (m)4,9465781
ohbCp(ohbCp)Adult (f)5,5003740
9hgSY(9hgSY)Adult (m)5,1563593
lZIdAway From The SunAdult (m)3,4861,51954
1dC9Mr Bake-OAdult (m)2,7511,04732
6FJ1I'm So WastedAdult (f)2,58899637
ebnhYou're Pretty When I'm DrunkAdult (m)2,9021,09239
Pi6ENightmare At The Apollo DorkfaceAdult (m)3,9111,31532
OlZ5The Dragon Under The StairsAdult (f)2,38893126
GW57BleachbagelAdult (f)2,96399531
IAlLShaving CreamAdult (f)2,8231,26716
d94MLegally DrunkAdult (m)8,6591,64121
BAsOVanilla Me BadAdult (f)6,9861,40418
HaQk7Stuck Inside A CreamsicleAdult (m)5,28077312
uRvOlRai-Dei The BladeAdult (f)6,48475912
CmoEBMeringue-A-Dang-Ding-DongAdult (f)5,64595717
aQ2eYRun Parsnip RunAdult (m)5,84696318
lVmbCall Me When You're SoberHatchling (f, F)2,35790222
a1SEy(a1SEy)Adult (m)4,9265892
fHB3X(fHB3X)Adult (m)5,5605950
l7RxR(l7RxR)Adult (f)5,4086311
TUwKw(TUwKw)Adult (f)5,3706571
u13GV(u13GV)Adult (f)4,8336510
ItlPo(ItlPo)Adult (f)5,0795321
02MfW(02MfW)Adult (m)5,2676461
7Vr8s(7Vr8s)Adult (m)5,5174980
qK6NW(qK6NW)Adult (f)3,9586650
3OkQY(3OkQY)Adult (m)4,4176010
fjuDi(fjuDi)Adult (m)5,9215560
xIgxV(xIgxV)Adult (f)5,5496141
9a3Vu(9a3Vu)Hatchling (f, F)4,6045001
uMEP2(uMEP2)Adult (m)4,6346450
QqHht(QqHht)Adult (f)4,6176400
KVRYB(KVRYB)Adult (f)5,3326211
z6ZzY(z6ZzY)Adult (f)5,8606310
wQGAX(wQGAX)Adult (f)5,8106261
FOKWS(FOKWS)Adult (f)5,7096271
qypNg(qypNg)Adult (m)7,0306480
XS4WK(XS4WK)Adult (f)6,9526550
pLY9I(pLY9I)Adult (m)5,8856091
J4lyC(J4lyC)Adult (m)5,5605762
TnWXh(TnWXh)Adult (m)6,0176261
7Xsem(7Xsem)Adult (m)6,2756250
7Lskf(7Lskf)Hatchling (m, F)3,9507360
XfPbb(XfPbb)Hatchling (f, F)5,3337533
L85i9(L85i9)Adult (m)5,5456191
noEsa(noEsa)Adult (f)5,6666320
8JdIX(8JdIX)Adult (f)5,6076300
CC3WZBirds Don't Come In Pez FormAdult (f)5,3816330
FvD8o(FvD8o)Adult (f)5,7345741
bZEHJ(bZEHJ)Adult (f)5,6415751
9wnnf(9wnnf)Adult (m)4,1147140
Gj6E8(Gj6E8)Adult (m)4,0217140
ziQAU(ziQAU)Adult (m)5,5175991
lQdCV(lQdCV)Adult (m)5,7855781
rOl79(rOl79)Adult (m)5,5495810
sllEL(sllEL)Adult (m)5,5505450
0k5Os(0k5Os)Adult (f)5,1926052
mCgAa(mCgAa)Adult (f)6,1615831
VeqRt(VeqRt)Hatchling (m, F)3,9635692
nuWFSateenAdult (f)3,026921124
b56fDeunanAdult (f)2,85378368
qovyGovyAdult (f)1,6821,00513
trIpDont Let Me Get MeAdult (f)2,22083113
qL1tPeri-en-westetAdult (f)2,6141,20632
LQQBU(LQQBU)Adult (m)5,6025721
nSnA3(nSnA3)Adult (m)5,5825681
FT6OL(FT6OL)Adult (f)5,5906241
Mn7gp(Mn7gp)Adult (m)5,7616112
3YQ0Z(3YQ0Z)Adult (m)4,9965952
EgtEZ(EgtEZ)Adult (m)5,0236201
SNCfM(SNCfM)Adult (m)4,6047111
TvQRAlia Of The KnifeHatchling (f, F)2,0561,03725
RywPh(RywPh)Adult (f)6,8329413
YjT2YOr Your Money BackAdult (m)6,5111,0572
R4e4iSee The DifferenceAdult (f)6,2719980
AHA4m(AHA4m)Adult (m)4,8671,2510
THQQA(THQQA)Hatchling (f, F)5,6681,1210
phIHU(phIHU)Adult (f)6,3181,0052
3WBlb(3WBlb)Adult (m)6,2631,0302
V21Ec(V21Ec)Adult (m)7,5271,0220
upBIo(upBIo)Adult (f)4,9341,2401
6sEpT(6sEpT)Hatchling (f, F)8,1137540
rtZIH(rtZIH)Adult (f)3,9211,2231
qEZ9b(qEZ9b)Adult (m)4,9661,1633
tlAAQ(tlAAQ)Adult (m)3,8741,2441
NwjjQ(NwjjQ)Adult (f)8,2678901
jxOWL(jxOWL)Hatchling (f, F)5,6851,1191
93KKn(93KKn)Adult (f)4,9585992
bynK1(bynK1)Adult (f)4,3936051
tXZA9(tXZA9)Adult (m)4,3595261
0T6ob(0T6ob)Adult (m)5,0355391
03eku(03eku)Adult (f)5,3746491
oapkO(oapkO)Adult (m)6,0236300
G2mbY(G2mbY)Adult (f)5,2766552
Y0nGO(Y0nGO)Adult (m)6,0814950
p5huH(p5huH)Adult (f)5,8395070
WGwPF(WGwPF)Adult (m)5,3534891
P94XI(P94XI)Adult (f)5,7905060
ryxe7(ryxe7)Adult (f)7,2164871
hbB4n(hbB4n)Hatchling (m, F)4,2165651
Ue5gMacy's Day ParadeAdult (m)2,7401,53931
CXubWe All Float Down HereAdult (f)3,4381,49930
1GccCANNONBAAALLLAdult (m)3,4911,44645
IfZUA Clown In The SkyAdult (f)2,8891,09238
cGqiGiant Inflatable WombatAdult (f)3,7731,28834
LrOjThe Way Of The BobAdult (m)2,7971,00432
VZt3Nerf BallAdult (m)3,2261,33128
BpGnRaspberry Soccer BallAdult (f)4,8321,82129
XOW0The 98th Red BalloonAdult (m)3,9921,37532
IbkSAirline FoodAdult (f)5,3771,09622
bEU4Inflatable PurseAdult (m)4,5261,17716
5tYBTripping HydrogenAdult (f)4,2051,18512
KVK1Don't Burst My BubbleHatchling (f, F)1,48584127
imofFlikkerAdult (f)3,144934126
X2VsBreaggAdult (m)2,63378563
Nvf6GenariAdult (m)2,29576073
kpcSSmirgol ThuwedAdult (f)3,312842104
zSNBIxu's HopeAdult (f)2,6271,51120
4rsbPotatoes Of The CaribbeanAdult (m)2,6161,63819
ewbwUh-HuhAdult (f)3,0061,39722
HE5HAsylumAdult (f)2,3921,07315
bP4FChild Of The LagmonsterAdult (f)1,9446933
QvoFThat Cough Came With A PrizeAdult (m)3,15599119
A9i2The Meat PuzzleAdult (f)3,6531,43437
tZ1AOne More Last ChanceAdult (f)4,7611,51938
91G8Jadora DorkfaceAdult (f)6,8141,48224
p4vpNo One Told Me I Was A DorkfaceAdult (m)6,4581,22735
49QPSockful Of PeanutsAdult (m)3,20795716
0fBlWet Biscuit McGeeAdult (m)7,4331,06830
aLQgKArgyle's Got Street CredAdult (m)5,04096913
9JidlRiiiiicooollaaaaa DorkfaceAdult (m)5,02297526
tK7TqDucking Auto CucumberAdult (m)3,2579647
RRe18Ferret On SteroidsAdult (m)3,0717294
9gxXWDiggin' a HoleAdult (f)2,8177492
8JOcRDangerous PilatesAdult (f)3,3228042
ETh01Eyeballs Fell OutAdult (f)3,2067982
hHeQQBetter Than A Wet BurritoAdult (m)3,0808002
EDRYUSinging In The TarAdult (m)2,2086203
cD7qTBlack Messenger AngelAdult (f)2,2796340
kl4SgPrecious FragmentationAdult (f)2,0766451
gF7ZwTiddleywomp BattleshipAdult (m)3,9121,1872
LsXVj(LsXVj)Adult (m)5,6776771
PNO1R(PNO1R)Adult (f)4,0988440
rfUFj(rfUFj)Adult (f)5,1966721
YMIq7(YMIq7)Adult (m)5,1106640
fytTFrozen FightHatchling (m, F)2,6031,11816
FUhYHonk Kong Fooey ThuwedHatchling (m, F)2,01578216
SNsEToll Booth WillieHatchling (f, F)2,24888830
t1L6Tempest Mine ThuwedAdult (m)3,5341,181106
9zAUWrecking Ball ThuwedAdult (m)3,1091,38338
gaAOPi OiAdult (f)2,4811,06840
DnTGMy Name Is Darth VaderAdult (f)2,57888018
v35NGKick Them With The ChickensAdult (m)4,68895626
BqkE1Your Fancy Pastry WaysAdult (f)6,2031,1116
rlKPMoyda ThuwedHatchling (m, F)2,31186716
aVWOGAbout Freaking TimeHatchling (m, F)4,79678617
oKCoUThe Puddle CoalitionAdult (f)4,2821,0112
KlHziThe Sad Bumblebee SocietyAdult (m)4,1741,0101
t1bXjMessy HoneyAdult (f)4,2039781
a741vNo News Is No MossAdult (m)2,8418680
5biprHeavenly Frog ShrineAdult (m)2,7868790
Uy0NjPool Of BumblebeesAdult (f)2,6948861
A4AxySad HammerAdult (m)2,9916911
8cVe4Mellow Mustard CorporationAdult (m)3,0987000
udevENew Peasant VengeanceAdult (f)3,0667190
RrqjCForgotten Bakery FeverAdult (m)2,1347050
aAdmwAimless Crayon ExitAdult (m)2,2536930
x96bxMonday's Frostbite RangersAdult (f)2,1706880
0XOUCDeserted Bulldozer SupervisorAdult (f)2,7897082
L6z2BMarooned Pottery FishermenAdult (f)2,4766960
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