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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kittrel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YwNo(YwNo)Adult (f)2,7681,44431
BPKl(BPKl)Adult (m)1,5946395
VsYR(VsYR)Adult (m)1,5074714
fLrW(fLrW)Adult (m)1,4605472
S5m6(S5m6)Adult (f)1,4715946
IThI(IThI)Adult (m)2,1034454
mgnP(mgnP)Adult (m)1,5785653
tFiu(tFiu)Adult (f)1,1734867
OTgK(OTgK)Adult (m)1,5031,05812
k8mm(k8mm)Adult (m)1,7736725
OAAM(OAAM)Adult (f)1,8457069
AhsF(AhsF)Adult (f)1,3585196
me9J(me9J)Adult (m)2,7301,41726
9D2e(9D2e)Adult (f)92967512
Cbrp(Cbrp)Adult (m)1,4804622
Rh24(Rh24)Adult (m)2,9831,00419
Tcin(Tcin)Adult (m)1,6111,07717
2mrV(2mrV)Adult (f)1,0503943
qMev(qMev)Adult (m)1,55157111
9UoQ(9UoQ)Adult (f)2,7261,41332
vFdX(vFdX)Adult (m)1,7714623
GV8d(GV8d)Adult (m)1,22583615
ODHl(ODHl)Adult (m)1,6934646
GhAW(GhAW)Adult (m)1,11653612
CYdc(CYdc)Adult (f)1,3255832
hQDB(hQDB)Adult (m)1,2474864
PMKD(PMKD)Adult (f)1,7724692
g0G9(g0G9)Adult (m)2,0628319
KCxS(KCxS)Adult (f)2,4561,34518
p2Yy(p2Yy)Adult (f)2,14574116
0JSf(0JSf)Adult (f)1,41156115
vlQl(vlQl)Adult (m)1,8334869
qmZi(qmZi)Adult (f)1,6404126
lPfH(lPfH)Adult (f)2,2171,39822
cBHJ(cBHJ)Adult (m)1,2874973
kJMw(kJMw)Adult (f)2,33881520
YhXd(YhXd)Adult (m)1,4045322
JaCU(JaCU)Adult (m)1,9644612
uZq4(uZq4)Adult (m)1,2694883
4PGv(4PGv)Adult (m)1,60660414
ZKV3(ZKV3)Adult (f)1,21586114
Fdft(Fdft)Adult (f)1,2455694
OXpR(OXpR)Adult (f)2,0961,05912
FARf(FARf)Adult (m)2,33780923
lQu7(lQu7)Adult (f)1,7604673
rIsc(rIsc)Adult (m)1,5151,06610
fek8(fek8)Adult (f)1,7857286
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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