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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Kehinde,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    XXa6(XXa6)Hatchling (f, F)1,41360572
    FcY7(FcY7)Adult (f)2,2391,121134
    tkrv(tkrv)Adult (f)2,040953117
    9dMm(9dMm)Adult (f)2,3091,106119
    kA6k(kA6k)Adult (f)1,900960100
    AkIZ(AkIZ)Adult (m)2,1301,072134
    6qbC(6qbC)Adult (f)1,258638116
    pPIc(pPIc)Adult (m)1,460763121
    HHhG(HHhG)Adult (m)1,365693135
    CFuE(CFuE)Adult (m)1,350672130
    sUdx(sUdx)Adult (f)1,141573122
    EJj4(EJj4)Adult (m)1,053470115
    tKo5(tKo5)Adult (m)1,290603126
    Iows(Iows)Adult (f)1,239559117
    4tP4(4tP4)Adult (f)1,174538106
    Avr2(Avr2)Adult (m)4,4372,09630
    YIBB(YIBB)Adult (f)2,5571,54094
    Nj17(Nj17)Adult (m)2,9451,54475
    vgA7(vgA7)Adult (m)4,8512,59437
    6vPB(6vPB)Adult (f)4,2282,42115
    RSDU(RSDU)Adult (m)3,2661,9069
    1Djn(1Djn)Adult (m)1,6669248
    xJqc(xJqc)Adult (f)1,9261,2547
    bSs6(bSs6)Adult (f)1,9401,25111
    okZQ(okZQ)Adult (f)81953418
    vojy(vojy)Adult (m)2,31199731
    ebn9(ebn9)Adult (f)1,57784115
    mjRo(mjRo)Adult (f)2,39599814
    DneU(DneU)Adult (m)3,9731,88115
    uXL3(uXL3)Adult (f)3,6941,78713
    JpgP(JpgP)Adult (f)3,4511,25262
    Qoej(Qoej)Adult (f)2,32968061
    CmZ6(CmZ6)Adult (m)3,3751,24862
    S4Ta(S4Ta)Adult (m)3,4672,10628
    1erE(1erE)Adult (m)3,3862,46413
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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