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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kauhana,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Jtel(Jtel)Adult (m)3,0831,20947
g5WQ(g5WQ)Adult (m)1,2688722
7xsC(7xsC)Adult (f)3,2441,08963
YjMB(YjMB)Adult (m)1,51772928
2Xoi(2Xoi)Adult (m)1,0267194
Gg1b(Gg1b)Adult (m)9556953
sptX(sptX)Adult (m)2,54335914
LJuk(LJuk)Adult (m)1,52472723
8jLb(8jLb)Adult (f)1,1238332
JLFI(JLFI)Adult (f)1,3538993
RbQt(RbQt)Adult (m)9837382
43vC(43vC)Adult (f)1,5314588
UNYL(UNYL)Adult (m)1,8439383
Vv73(Vv73)Adult (f)2,8751,21037
c6Tw(c6Tw)Adult (f)1,64067525
1LmB(1LmB)Adult (m)1,3018617
MMgJ(MMgJ)Adult (m)1,9204422
uIAe(uIAe)Adult (m)2,3464046
Z7el(Z7el)Adult (m)1,5974705
LxXy(LxXy)Adult (f)94770126
1VF5(1VF5)Adult (m)1,60650227
nVl5(nVl5)Adult (f)2,25890639
48YM(48YM)Adult (f)3,3514647
Z34o(Z34o)Adult (m)1,7464105
scHC(scHC)Adult (f)1,6364834
KOBU(KOBU)Adult (f)1,49647327
k41P(k41P)Adult (m)3,5861,24457
2Qsz(2Qsz)Adult (f)1,0477353
bB6B(bB6B)Adult (f)1,8784773
8sHP(8sHP)Adult (m)1,52862123
AIdh(AIdh)Adult (f)1,8504244
v8zg(v8zg)Adult (m)1,55462724
orYC(orYC)Adult (m)6965433
49Bk(49Bk)Adult (f)1,12040329
kShK(kShK)Adult (m)2,0704753
0AdT(0AdT)Adult (m)1,0837583
4DLH(4DLH)Adult (f)1,02552023
c3kx(c3kx)Adult (m)1,54761923
5Xvd(5Xvd)Adult (m)1,6414874
eAYv(eAYv)Adult (m)1,4349334
EkeA(EkeA)Adult (m)3,0711,20046
62sR(62sR)Adult (f)1,7084244
INqy(INqy)Adult (m)2,5513933
s3c9(s3c9)Adult (m)1,07753830
TScH(TScH)Adult (m)1,5675032
DnDE(DnDE)Adult (m)2,7106694
E0o2(E0o2)Adult (f)3,3264558
s375(s375)Adult (m)2,5413917
fEOX(fEOX)Adult (f)1,5604544
sBPY(sBPY)Adult (m)1,8074063
KFUQ(KFUQ)Adult (f)1,2598484
Ya54(Ya54)Adult (f)1,73779129
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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