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You pick up the scroll labeled “Katherine_Rose,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
x6ba(x6ba)Adult (f)1,35453113
B5RN(B5RN)Adult (f)1,17546315
pXz4(pXz4)Adult (f)1,19346015
EUCJ(EUCJ)Adult (m)1,20045417
5ifu(5ifu)Adult (f)8554266
j9dZ(j9dZ)Adult (m)2,15830910
33uz(33uz)Adult (m)2,2464584
v26A(v26A)Adult (f)3,1266206
CZNp(CZNp)Adult (m)3,3091,87828
ElAv(ElAv)Adult (f)3,0561,47030
Cs9s(Cs9s)Adult (f)4,4481,59346
FvDt(FvDt)Adult (f)4,3451,65146
eBWQ(eBWQ)Adult (m)4,2942,32635
t7bX(t7bX)Adult (m)3,8132,38236
19eV(19eV)Adult (f)3,27093237
zW65(zW65)Adult (m)2,92384240
t6fS(t6fS)Adult (m)3,22597759
BSyb(BSyb)Adult (m)2,77184024
R5ef(R5ef)Adult (f)3,14289926
466u(466u)Adult (f)1,81766129
H3iF(H3iF)Adult (f)1,15355527
Az9a(Az9a)Adult (f)1,55161923
RZn1(RZn1)Adult (f)3,44798634
u3uA(u3uA)Adult (m)1,9619579
QeVr(QeVr)Adult (m)1,6227936
ySiX(ySiX)Adult (m)1,5657617
IRhm(IRhm)Adult (f)1,6098317
4fj0(4fj0)Adult (f)9115472
5ii5(5ii5)Adult (f)1,6307954
SbC8(SbC8)Adult (m)1,2236621
Gxue(Gxue)Adult (f)1,3676091
042Z(042Z)Adult (m)1,3975262
HUJN(HUJN)Adult (m)1,3595212
Ytq2(Ytq2)Adult (f)1,4885730
muXo(muXo)Adult (f)1,1364676
WwZi(WwZi)Adult (m)1,0554842
H23H(H23H)Adult (m)1,4905852
QWGB(QWGB)Adult (m)1,3345172
rntb(rntb)Adult (m)1,4285482
5xyb(5xyb)Adult (f)1,2475033
vfYj(vfYj)Adult (m)1,9666827
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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