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You pick up the scroll labeled “KaisaSelene,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qbnqo(qbnqo)Adult (f)3,0593878
6lICpBest Christmas 2014Adult (m)3,1744022
oqnYj(oqnYj)Adult (f)3,3164332
aH6oE(aH6oE)Adult (f)3,3504252
K5tPS(K5tPS)Adult (f)3,5024537
9NpfR(9NpfR)Adult (m)3,9864962
eUAzH(eUAzH)Adult (m)3,7374343
oNrbw(oNrbw)Adult (f)2,4908132
UIpnO(UIpnO)Adult (f)2,4927962
tqmUp(tqmUp)Adult (f)2,5857802
qQXx1(qQXx1)Adult (f)2,6017752
lG6Dl(lG6Dl)Adult (f)1,7186691
gNcU9(gNcU9)Adult (m)3,0028523
022Jc(022Jc)Adult (m)1,8666561
jRnYF(jRnYF)Adult (f)1,7766250
BZRRX(BZRRX)Adult (f)1,5625950
trmRh(trmRh)Adult (m)2,9268381
6RZfG(6RZfG)Adult (m)1,9956320
QrRmU(QrRmU)Adult (m)1,8076330
a51ip(a51ip)Adult (f)1,6406791
9Ay5C(9Ay5C)Adult (m)1,8367061
JytVX(JytVX)Adult (f)1,3535990
PMaoy(PMaoy)Adult (m)1,7686780
zieCl(zieCl)Adult (f)2,4228130
U0c0a(U0c0a)Adult (m)1,3786071
aF16I(aF16I)Adult (f)1,8225782
d4q7b(d4q7b)Adult (f)1,6685801
S6BMk(S6BMk)Adult (m)1,5476210
Ichpi(Ichpi)Adult (m)1,4025480
v2s9t(v2s9t)Adult (f)1,6366220
ew0c1(ew0c1)Adult (f)1,7116450
oCnlu(oCnlu)Adult (m)1,1855701
QE5fk(QE5fk)Adult (m)2,5268391
BTfhk(BTfhk)Adult (m)2,8358810
kK3kH(kK3kH)Adult (f)1,5836300
xHnRx(xHnRx)Adult (m)1,5585920
fQ4MG(fQ4MG)Adult (m)1,4335990
qeJrH(qeJrH)Adult (f)1,5686790
GlAip(GlAip)Adult (m)1,6476370
415Dm(415Dm)Adult (m)1,6486650
XT2Zd(XT2Zd)Adult (m)2,1905870
KMbMR(KMbMR)Adult (m)2,1216140
SSVdP(SSVdP)Adult (f)2,1466851
Gzupx(Gzupx)Adult (m)2,0286471
qbmwC(qbmwC)Adult (m)1,8556481
mKqB1(mKqB1)Adult (m)1,9646250
jbIui(jbIui)Adult (m)1,8366970
iDJuu(iDJuu)Adult (f)1,7886860
hEKsq(hEKsq)Adult (f)2,0425531
kJSvQ(kJSvQ)Adult (m)1,7646461
9v6mH(9v6mH)Adult (m)1,5816020
f53wK(f53wK)Adult (m)2,2167761
mNkSP(mNkSP)Adult (f)1,6046171
uf2OQ(uf2OQ)Adult (m)1,5465840
P1FWa(P1FWa)Adult (m)2,0246390
BBN44(BBN44)Adult (f)1,7595501
u5KSD(u5KSD)Adult (f)1,8075930
TPJQM(TPJQM)Adult (m)1,8025682
WDwxp(WDwxp)Adult (f)1,8105872
jiRjkBlood Colored Rain Falls DownAdult (m)1,8895990
0PU3pPlanet Hell - NWAdult (m)1,6476140
P7gsgCynthia VelasquezAdult (f)2,2026331
hv35OPhantom of the Opera - NWAdult (m)2,2376182
bMi6EThe Islander - NWAdult (m)2,1476121
u4Iw5Lumiose City DragonAdult (f)3,3187563
KqC9TShowtime StorytimeAdult (f)1,5755970
5b0UtAcceptance - SHAdult (f)1,5506651
jCg6QWaiting For You - SHAdult (f)1,6836722
KE7eIOne More Soul To The CallAdult (m)2,0307042
7r7BhSilent Scream - SHAdult (f)1,5866662
1xiGuWhen You're Gone - SHAdult (m)1,8366651
TPpNxAlways On My Mind - SHAdult (f)1,4956112
ol6B3My RealityAdult (m)2,0676192
r2c1PEmpty Hallowed Ground In My HeadAdult (f)2,1026404
j7FrMMy Dying HeartAdult (f)2,2306331
wt5OqMy Inner MindAdult (m)2,2866330
xrJLfMy Actual LifeAdult (m)2,0185610
GgjI3My Flying DreamsAdult (f)3,3495721
zuSqrMy SanityAdult (m)3,3574823
zIIk9Burning FirewoodAdult (m)2,8396041
2iutGA Shattered MemoryAdult (m)2,8976232
afHHVKing NoblebloodAdult (m)3,0333602
oPh0YWill Things Get BetterAdult (m)5,4574602
OoVTFLady StinkAdult (f)4,9894113
aVhZ8Queen NoblebloodAdult (f)3,2952792
UtfA9Mary McGlynnAdult (f)3,7172973
jGC5eGrandpa NoelAdult (m)3,4883936
0r7rvNoel Noel NoelAdult (m)3,1813596
QsCItLovely RiverAdult (f)3,0819781
SBQHbFor All The BrokenheartedAdult (f)2,0067051
YbJCDFluttershy Spike RarityAdult (f)3,1907214
jMkm7Shyvana DragonbornAdult (f)3,4956823
u9lhMSpitfire DragonponyAdult (f)3,4356924
f7ZMSStripes The SwiftAdult (m)2,8076512
GafrIB and Y B and YAdult (m)3,6793726
Bi141Captain TeemoAdult (m)4,5474375
OVJClAcidtripAdult (f)4,0003905
rJFHJDark BifrostAdult (m)3,1493044
lQKGaVenus In Her BloodAdult (m)3,5453264
GRurnAllucentAdult (m)3,4312892
EOCGNLenore JohahnAdult (f)2,5202242
4rPd6BruffAdult (m)2,7872501
eSs5kQueen SolarflareAdult (f)2,8922422
hjdESFollow Into The DarkAdult (f)3,9442751
RjoSOLook To The SunAdult (f)2,9993200
HOo1AHope's LightAdult (f)4,1032741
kIiCYMischievous Little ShadowAdult (f)4,7321,35610
sthFNSleepless In TimeAdult (f)2,7632953
LvuIFSabrina KaisainenAdult (f)3,7993025
utIUKPrincess Spring Returns EarlyAdult (f)5,2513988
odBBNBloody DanteAdult (m)3,9772987
6Kd4FMoonlit AdventureAdult (m)4,5903084
OF5XRDreams In The MoonlightAdult (f)3,7442500
pop5oInvadersAdult (m)3,6602441
KJGvqInnocence of LoveAdult (m)4,2772864
XljqGLove's PassionAdult (f)3,4302325
fdO1oCherry Red RoseAdult (f)4,1612795
d8FrmLoneliest ValentineAdult (f)3,4382315
D32rRNothin' Gonna Break My StrideAdult (f)3,0163183
qFBtnPink Lemonade TooAdult (f)3,7672523
HWV9DLast Of The Wilds - NWAdult (f)4,2632863
ZKXq9Matthias JohahnAdult (m)3,6232463
FJGaiWild Berry Pop-TartAdult (m)3,3332263
GajU8Baby New Year 2012Adult (m)3,8662594
2kEFhFirst Lonely New YearAdult (f)3,8812605
QUF0nAll My Love For You Shall StayAdult (m)3,8642597
EsoJGWonderful ChristmasAdult (m)4,1562785
XFKlEOkamiden ChibiterasuAdult (m)4,4172954
cpvrCHis Guardian AngelAdult (f)4,0462713
CkdTCBest Christmas Ever 2011Adult (f)4,6893134
Qnu6ASan Sebastian - SAAdult (m)4,3533224
YSsLYIn My Eyes You're A GiantAdult (f)4,0962744
DVuFZAranelAdult (f)3,3942273
dTqVPFlag In The Ground - SAAdult (f)3,7022483
rInMSI Am The Land And The Land Is MeAdult (m)2,9422393
q0OG1FainaurielAdult (f)3,6501,3173
mOfF4Kog'MawAdult (m)3,1512115
ih2SFMr TenticlesAdult (m)3,5652391
uv56bNightwalker GodAdult (m)3,6152413
h70moThe Forest Spirit GodAdult (m)3,8012546
LNY2fUriel the Archangel DragonAdult (m)4,3882946
TaYjvOlive Juice TooAdult (m)3,8662585
XCfU9Orange-LimeAdult (m)3,5912406
sDpZYGabriel the Archangel DragonAdult (f)4,0542743
VheKjFireslammerAdult (m)4,0522816
NpYIYForce of DemaciaAdult (f)3,9792694
nutm6Wondrous Beauty of The NightAdult (f)4,0392734
Mg8YkDemacian JusticeAdult (m)3,6862473
OmCr3Might of DemaciaAdult (m)4,2743093
HLQ9NDemacian CourageAdult (m)4,7923533
ton3gHope Grows StrongAdult (f)2,9404353
X6asbDemacian WillpowerAdult (m)2,6222822
838F1DemaciansAdult (m)3,3583391
OKNSeSun King SerosAdult (m)3,0203163
5CNAdMichael the Archangel DragonAdult (m)3,1253232
SPMtaKing LeonidasAdult (m)3,0533062
EZVo1Waiting Through The SeasonsAdult (m)3,9522661
CYKauLonely WinterAdult (f)4,1512771
rTdCOPainted A Painting Of My SoulAdult (f)4,3662921
aiHsrWitch At The GallowsAdult (f)4,5283061
eGGNIHurricane IreneAdult (f)4,6293142
6MNQBMoonstone391Adult (m)4,5823064
r02eJSun Princess CelestiaAdult (f)4,3212892
3eQICToo Many Female PigmiesAdult (f)4,2592857
6mWhRPrimary FlyerAdult (m)4,3842937
6KIDSChild of DragonsAdult (m)3,9092614
08RO2Redwood's SebastianaAdult (f)4,4883032
hWov3Wild FireboltAdult (m)4,1552822
is81sEnd of This ChapterAdult (m)3,8392612
u9gFgBlack SheepAdult (m)3,0672062
TZOmfRefusing To Give UpAdult (m)3,9932672
SZEeQHarsh Embers of LoveAdult (f)3,4532556
lkbecLove's Fire Still ExistsAdult (f)3,5692647
jSGuDragon Named SabrinaAdult (f)3,9433111
7KJ6For The Heart I Once Had - NWAdult (f)3,6823141
rO7tDragon Named MatthiasAdult (m)3,0902353
hGhJWonderful BeautyAdult (f)3,0282063
gJ5vHoly Diver - Under Too LongAdult (m)3,6803027
tLmqSadness With The Last GoodbyeAdult (m)3,8972601
4qmEMISTER FLUFFY OF DOOMAdult (m)3,6492441
K5lQKureno the Red SparrowAdult (m)3,7352495
3S2fLittle Baby Summer BreezeAdult (f)4,5093034
pSblMr SquishAdult (m)3,3632342
KFMoGalio the Sentinel's SorrowAdult (m)3,6132436
FYSqMayumi the New TigerAdult (f)3,3162226
shTRSurvived Near-deathAdult (f)3,0242366
3PgeIssac and TatsuoAdult (m)3,5932627
oM0QLizzy RyuuriAdult (f)3,6762464
6tFfIn The Line Of FireAdult (m)3,2842211
LhINSoraka the StarchildAdult (f)4,3202892
kEZpAkali The Fist of ShadowsAdult (f)4,3802932
N25ZKisa the Silent TigerAdult (f)2,9661994
hqrTTristana the Megling GunnerAdult (f)3,4352304
aDMrLee Sin the Blind MonkAdult (m)3,1412103
ejNnHatori Dragon SoumaAdult (m)2,6722035
nvKqAkito SheMale SoumaAdult (f)3,3042261
pEJbTohru Outsider HondaAdult (f)3,7522522
D7FHHiro the Dragon-CatAdult (m)3,6612452
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