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You pick up the scroll labeled “KagomeShikon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xwkee(xwkee)Hatchling (f)5,6551,0982
K5BHc(K5BHc)Hatchling (m)5,6431,1002
j4khl(j4khl)Hatchling (m)5,6271,1143
AuuY1(AuuY1)Hatchling (f)5,6601,1294
HLgv9(HLgv9)Hatchling (m)5,8541,1483
XJCeD(XJCeD)Hatchling (f)8,5181,3756
j4FTX(j4FTX)Hatchling (m)7,0271,3142
1pG6D(1pG6D)Hatchling (m)7,7511,3943
tDoClShiny Pretty Silver TinselAdult (f)10,5191,3718
pYU4kAnother Shiny Silver TinselAdult (f)6,8271,2255
u5yx52nd u5yx5 MAdult (m)7,1781,12314
3HO4e2nd 3HO4e MAdult (m)7,7481,2841
GrAH52nd GrAH5 MAdult (m)10,7071,2316
jUGgl2nd lumina jUGgl MAdult (m)7,8361,4405
rfGGe2nd rfGGe MAdult (m)7,7081,3386
sP3kG2nd sP3kG MAdult (m)8,8031,2214
nkpa22nd Luminous Pooky nkpa2Adult (m)7,5121,2705
WzJVQ2nd Luminous Pookster WzJVQ MFAdult (f)7,8361,2054
0mAL72nd 0mAL7 FAdult (f)10,5451,4347
5E8cT2nd 5E8cT FAdult (f)10,5151,7307
ug4vp2nd shadow walker ug4vp FAdult (f)9,1241,4346
HVIss2nd HVIss FAdult (f)14,7471,2196
q17Vi2nd q17Vi FAdult (f)9,9701,1404
0dn8Y2nd 0dn8Y FAdult (f)11,2631,1458
yR1gDLady of Destiny's Daughter IryaAdult (f)8,2351,4818
2OLOl3rd Luminous Pooky 2OLOl MAdult (m)7,5511,1613
S51pW3rd Luminous Pooky S51pW MAdult (m)7,6731,0013
u6h0t3rd Luminous Pooky u6h0t MAdult (m)10,1621,1194
3s1gr3rd Luminous Pooky 3s1grAdult (m)9,7541,3649
9CQzQ3rd lumina 9CQzQ MAdult (m)10,8201,4448
CkkRr3rd Pooky's Clark Kent RRAdult (m)8,3291,4106
qylaf3rd Tilly on Holiday qylaf FAdult (f)9,6811,4496
NSlzbDawn's 3rd Silver MarrowAdult (m)9,7571,5735
Ml0Hb3rd Celestial MollyAdult (f)12,0391,3014
smHUc3rd Mulder's LamentAdult (m)10,2001,63518
9AM1t3rd stair 9AM1t FAdult (f)11,3771,0884
tYHLq3rd stair celestial tYHLq FAdult (f)8,9898874
DHpZg3rd Celestial DHpZg FAdult (f)9,0221,4234
Rmx4yLord Myst's Grandson RoximAdult (m)8,7731,5673
ZMA3fDawn's Medal Grandson ZomaAdult (m)8,6181,5278
KYkmh3rd nhiostrive KYkmh FAdult (f)6,0311,19910
4GWql3rd celestial 4GWql MAdult (m)10,1891,1277
1pxo2Royal Princess Paxia 3rdAdult (f)7,8131,4757
YbBlQElise's Granddaughter YsabeauAdult (f)9,4061,54512
dEOR5Telere's Deori GranddaughterAdult (f)10,0061,5524
Y9AP2Danny's Fiery GrandsonAdult (m)9,5371,4845
VK0nf3rd Heartstealing VK0nf MAdult (m)9,1951,4594
udU21Resplendent King's Grandson UduAdult (m)8,4001,48210
adHPU3rd Copper Happy adHPUAdult (f)10,4941,4845
NqTeq3rd stair marrow NqTeq FAdult (f)8,9091,4517
Cr1HF3rd stair royal blue Cr1HF FAdult (f)9,7141,6075
OEJOMVimvi's Oejom GrandsonAdult (m)9,2111,5188
MgabgShao Shi's Granddaughter MaggieAdult (f)9,6611,4164
anRVT3rd stair gemstone blue anRVT MAdult (m)11,7051,6206
AA4AbEpic's Great Granddaughter AvaAdult (f)7,6231,38512
rEkdZEpic's Great Granddaughter RekiAdult (f)8,8211,6015
hZdY14th lumina hZdY1 MAdult (m)7,8281,1833
OS0oR4th lumina OS0oR MAdult (m)10,3451,4384
UyiiD4th stair Celestial UyiiD FAdult (f)10,1711,5337
T02ue4th stair T02ue FAdult (f)12,0351,2914
0rifp4th Marrow 0rifp MAdult (m)8,2931,41911
j2hgu4th Celestial j2hgu FAdult (f)8,6271,3686
2xzQj4th Marrow 2xzQj MAdult (m)7,2651,2725
9pmAu4th Celestial 9pmAu MAdult (m)8,9291,3695
U3zaC4th celestial U3zaC MAdult (m)10,0641,1267
w2XI24th Heartstealing w2XI2 MAdult (m)7,8571,2284
xj38S4th stair Heartstealing xj38S MAdult (m)9,6401,4525
Vrevq4th Celestial VrevqAdult (m)8,9201,4215
Z4fSz4th stair Royal Blue Z4fSz FAdult (f)7,6031,2873
Zv0gx4th skywing Zv0gx MAdult (m)10,1101,5273
vA5FT4th Sunset over 99999Adult (f)8,7011,3408
BpRqS4th brimstone BpRqS MAdult (m)8,6021,4083
ruOzS5th stair radiant angel ruOzS FAdult (f)9,3131,4975
swlnT5th stair Celestial swlnT FAdult (f)7,7981,2774
U8p9u6th stair holiday U8p9u MAdult (m)8,1241,4048
oTlN07th stair ribbon oTlN0 MAdult (m)8,6941,4135
muP8Q5th celestial muP8Q MAdult (m)8,6981,4226
BD15R10th stair moonstone BD15R MAdult (m)8,8631,4366
yxpC25th Royal Smaug's Great-grandsonAdult (m)9,3671,3896
XLYe4CB XLYe4 MAdult (m)7,6861,2824
719O7CB 719O7 MAdult (m)12,3871,26410
kWTLyCB kWTLy FAdult (f)7,3061,24710
d1qYNCB d1qYN FAdult (f)7,3301,2105
JlgrxCB Jlgrx FAdult (f)8,3931,3537
7Az552nd Celstial 7Az55 MAdult (m)8,5821,41214
BOa012nd pure BOa01 MAdult (m)8,5091,3568
8vRDf2nd Khusa 8vRDf MAdult (m)4,0937958
Dcw7a2nd Soulstone Dcw7a MAdult (m)3,8728596
xz0A52nd Silver Heart StealerAdult (m)9,0841,4196
glcXw5th Queen of Silver MarrowsAdult (f)7,8641,3267
ZLu35(ZLu35)Adult (m)6,6681,3532
8bvkJ(8bvkJ)Adult (m)6,6391,3622
CWajd(CWajd)Adult (m)7,4131,3993
v41M5(v41M5)Adult (f)7,3871,4093
7qrwA(7qrwA)Adult (f)7,0021,3424
uTX4f(uTX4f)Adult (f)6,8251,3823
kQL9x(kQL9x)Adult (f)7,9061,4123
1BnhU(1BnhU)Adult (m)6,5521,3081
sCzE4(sCzE4)Adult (m)7,4081,3704
UmP57(UmP57)Adult (f)8,1891,4541
pzGfk(pzGfk)Adult (m)7,7671,4153
dfm3c(dfm3c)Adult (m)8,4011,3855
wxaYP(wxaYP)Adult (m)10,6191,5743
NvzdO(NvzdO)Adult (m)9,9241,4794
pcdGs(pcdGs)Adult (m)7,1351,1523
9TjIW(9TjIW)Adult (m)9,7941,4474
TzG8o(TzG8o)Adult (m)13,3191,3056
jSmytCB jSmyt MAdult (m)10,2061,1853
O8O19CB O8O19 MAdult (m)10,8031,4564
rf1gA(rf1gA)Adult (f)7,9381,3656
w6uAg(w6uAg)Adult (m)7,9721,3837
8H6y1(8H6y1)Adult (f)7,7971,3775
fD2aC(fD2aC)Adult (f)6,9781,3044
tEvvh(tEvvh)Adult (f)7,0701,3066
Aa6Tn(Aa6Tn)Adult (f)6,3411,2316
6HQob(6HQob)Adult (f)11,6791,5143
cq8Rx(cq8Rx)Adult (m)11,5371,4853
Sfr1RCB Sfr1R MAdult (m)10,2261,2724
I9fiZCB I9fiZ MAdult (m)14,3781,5121
t5DfGCB t5DfG MAdult (m)11,2451,6041
p1BqI(p1BqI)Adult (f)6,8861,2232
Lgebr(Lgebr)Adult (m)8,4571,2561
psFq5(psFq5)Adult (m)9,4631,3515
3c0ak(3c0ak)Adult (f)7,8581,2533
V3ETJ(V3ETJ)Adult (m)8,4311,2862
X54Ld(X54Ld)Adult (f)6,9931,3733
MNEpf(MNEpf)Adult (m)10,4191,4513
J7z68(J7z68)Adult (m)6,7851,4123
jjL2Y(jjL2Y)Adult (m)10,7171,4893
WEkle(WEkle)Adult (m)10,5331,4523
hRlmf(hRlmf)Adult (m)8,2451,4973
iiQ9l(iiQ9l)Adult (m)10,8341,4744
TpdBW(TpdBW)Adult (m)10,7581,4515
V8XSx(V8XSx)Adult (f)7,9831,3583
1lkgrCB 1lkgr MAdult (m)8,0341,3654
6mPy9CB 6mPy9 MAdult (m)13,8721,5344
oDJGoCB oDJGo FAdult (f)11,0411,2226
DIa3u(DIa3u)Adult (m)11,5241,71510
uSisH(uSisH)Adult (f)9,3471,3974
CZXbp(CZXbp)Adult (m)8,3061,3893
uJQLK(uJQLK)Adult (f)7,7351,2844
OROwd(OROwd)Adult (m)7,5851,4005
XdPPP(XdPPP)Adult (m)7,8331,3094
1cxZ5(1cxZ5)Adult (m)8,0211,2866
n3IUY(n3IUY)Adult (f)4,6699088
fkdH0(fkdH0)Adult (m)6,0141,09314
Na0hX(Na0hX)Adult (m)9,3881,3972
9QFmDCB 9QFmD MAdult (m)11,3531,2481
C8frK(C8frK)Adult (f)10,1351,4644
bpspk(bpspk)Adult (f)11,5681,69812
L60AB(L60AB)Adult (f)8,1541,2433
hE1f9(hE1f9)Adult (f)8,5251,3872
oWX8z(oWX8z)Adult (m)7,0021,2071
KjGvy(KjGvy)Adult (f)9,0431,3005
pwt4dCB pwt4d MAdult (m)11,4201,6423
5tVcSCB 5tVcS MAdult (m)11,1871,6034
mTYZJ(mTYZJ)Adult (m)11,5201,5939
LGnrB(LGnrB)Adult (f)11,3171,5308
6aq5D(6aq5D)Adult (m)11,4111,5326
28YGj(28YGj)Adult (m)7,0101,1472
P1XcT(P1XcT)Adult (m)7,8321,3784
Xz96P(Xz96P)Adult (m)9,9051,4463
Kxc7O(Kxc7O)Adult (f)9,2071,4242
VlBde(VlBde)Adult (f)10,1801,4603
ZVp8u(ZVp8u)Adult (f)7,8081,3304
buoB0(buoB0)Adult (f)9,7851,5063
FFBUU(FFBUU)Adult (f)6,2631,3117
xmqxf(xmqxf)Adult (m)8,0131,5345
zPEXv(zPEXv)Adult (f)7,9511,5507
p6BB5(p6BB5)Adult (m)7,9161,5863
FoqdL(FoqdL)Adult (m)10,9351,6463
7eh0O(7eh0O)Adult (f)9,7641,5321
9c67R(9c67R)Adult (m)9,6251,5431
IHtyx(IHtyx)Adult (m)7,7591,4474
MsSeC(MsSeC)Adult (m)7,9501,5014
Dq9Co(Dq9Co)Adult (f)7,7831,4231
M6R8H(M6R8H)Adult (f)7,6471,4414
wmtvn(wmtvn)Adult (m)8,0491,6073
lbsMI(lbsMI)Adult (f)8,0691,5482
GPUFo(GPUFo)Adult (m)7,9591,5755
TWzQI(TWzQI)Adult (f)7,9771,5744
v0mM9(v0mM9)Adult (f)
p0Vh7(p0Vh7)Adult (m)7,2011,3574
bn0LG(bn0LG)Adult (m)7,2151,3891
XShRk(XShRk)Adult (m)7,2101,3975
9LYNs(9LYNs)Adult (f)7,2741,3967
5BSl0(5BSl0)Adult (f)7,2831,4194
ZnJTE(ZnJTE)Adult (f)7,1651,3924
ctlra(ctlra)Adult (f)7,7391,4484
lWCt2CB lWCt2 MAdult (m)8,1611,3643
4rGTj(4rGTj)Adult (m)10,1761,4985
SOlbc(SOlbc)Adult (f)10,8051,5596
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